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Soon the treasure chest of the late Roger Mylle (Bellegem, BE) will open one more time

Roger Mylle's colony was growing and improving to the best of its ability. The result of a well thought-out stock structure, based on winners and ace pigeons in their own loft.

The name of recently passed away sports friend Roger Mylle was a household name at the top of the international pigeon sport. Long distance and extreme long distance were the chosen field of action for the Mylle pigeons, on which they wrote a nice piece of pigeon history in recent seasons
In 2018 ‘Ata’ won the title of 5. Nat Ace Pigeon Long and Extreme Long Distance YL KBDB. With ‘Pau-Joël’ Roger also had the 1. Best Perpignan Pigeon of Belgium over 2 years (2017-18) (PIPA Ranking) under the roof in 2018, something that he was already successful with the ‘St.Vincent’…who became the 1. Best St.Vincent Pigeon of the country over 2 years, and a year later the best over 3 years (PIPA-ranking) in 2016. The Roger Mylle pigeons just kept going, with champion-style performances. For example, Roger managed to reach the national podium again in 2019 as 14. Nat Champion KBDB and with his super crack ‘Bagatelli’ he had the 9. Nat Ace Pigeon Long and Extreme Long Distance YL KBDB.

Due to the troubles around Covid-19, the 2020 racing season only got off the starting blocks at the end of June. Week after week, and with increasing distance, the Roger Mylle pigeons grew to peak form. The Mylle pigeons were working on a particularly strong series in both long distance and extreme long distance. No extra care, given the circumstances, where both Roger and Jeannine had their share of physical suffering, and sometimes saw more of the inside of the clinic than of their own pigeon loft. Yet the pigeons were on pace for a title, until… yes, until fate struck, and Roger suddenly died unexpectedly on Thursday August 7th7th  The last 3 races were still completed, even though it was without their "boss" at the helm. No one can say whether the end result would have looked different. Maybe Roger would have chosen others as 1st and 2nd nominated, maybe not. Still, the late Roger Mylle's team confirmed its "national topper" status by taking another 3 national titles, such as

9. National Champion Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2020
13. General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2020
21. National Champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2020

Titles that prove that the Roger Mylle pigeons are real top class. Pigeons that could no longer be beaten away from the top of the national long distance and international extreme long distance races. Wonderful athletes who combine both being "beautiful to perfect in the hand" with "great performances" in the lead group in (inter) national long distance and extreme long distance races. The result of smart and well thought-out stock building

An approach that pays off

Roger Mylle has been working hard on the potato fields of his parents from an early age. And he gradually developed a passion for the world's most popular tuber: the potato. He got his passion from his parents, two born and raised farmers. Roger then gradually got involved in the world of trade, working as a distributor for agricultural products, eventually focusing on the potato trade specifically. It had been his dream to launch a completely finished potato product one day. And in 1988, Roger founded the Belgian Mydibel company, with the help of 30 years of experience, a lot of determination and a sense for adventure. He worked passionately and his company eventually became an international player on the market. In 2009 Roger decided to hand over the company to his sons Bruno and Carlo Mylle

Roger Mylle was able to apply the experience he gained on a professional level perfectly to his hobby, the pigeon sport. He knew better than anyone else: you can only achieve the best end product with top quality. To this end, he installed a series of breeding boxes at the rear of his spacious racing lofts. There was only room for an elite group of breeding pigeons… stock breeders, superior long distance cracks with serious nobility to their name, and winners in the long and extreme long distance, with performances delivered in their own loft. Pigeons that did not shy away from the hard work, were able to distinguish themselves in hard racing weather, at least to be able to classify themselves within the national "top-100". Only then did a pigeon in Bellegem qualify to become a "breeding pigeon". "Easy" is different…
The breeding principle was simple, only the proven hitters in the breeding boxes provided the offspring, in addition to a round of youngsters from the best racing pigeons. Breeding from the absolute top pigeons, the elite pigeons in their own loft, provided a 'boost' to quality. Something that was immediately reflected in the performance curve. What followed were provincial and zonal victories, a lot of high places of honor in the national classics (including 2 x 2nd National), national title wins and ace pigeons up to the national level! An impressive honors list. Such performances and title wins portrays the enormous top quality in the lofts. The circle is round.

Feeling for top quality

Roger Mylle had a good nose for top class. That's the least you can say. One day sports friend Frans Labeeuw was at the door with a basket with 2 pigeons, of which Roger could choose one.  Roger choose the ‘Labeeuw’ BE10-3076207, a grandson of the Primus-inter-pares Barcelona. An instinct feeling, because it became a major base breeder.
Within his first year of breeding, he immediately gave birth to a giant of a super crack, with the St.Vincent BE11-3047804:

1.Best St.Vincent Pigeon of Belgium over 3 years 2014-15-16
1.Best St.Vincent Pigeon Internationaal over 2 years 2015-16
1.Best St.Vincent Pigeon of Belgium over 2 years 2015-16

10. Nat St.Vincent 2.562 p. – 61. Internat 103643 p. ‘16
38. Nat Pau 1.661 p. ’14
40. Nat St.Vincent 3.037 p. ’15
45. Nat St.Vincent 3.240 p. ’14
83. Nat Cahors 7.140 p. ‘14

A hitter of iron and steel. What a super crack! It is not surprising that after these exploits St. Vincent got a pioneering role in the breeding loft, and grew into a true top breeder.

The dominant breeding genes of the Labeeuw left their mark on the development of the Roger Mylle colony. We also find this golden base sire in powerful long distance racers such as Bagatelie (9. Nat Ace Pigeon Long & Extreme Long Distance YL KBDB ’19), Francis (59. Nat Brive 3.850 p., 64. Nat Libourne 5.024 p…), Alfred (14. Nat Narbonne 3.873 p. – 41. Intnat 9.813 p., 48. Intnat Agen 12.433 p…), Patrick (60. Nat Narbonne 4.047 p…), Lucas 264 (18. Nat Souillac 7.514 p. ’20), Ajan (1. Barcelona 121 p., 349. Nat Barcelona 7.301 p. ’19 and 531. Nat Barcelona 6.178 p. ’20),  Alessio  (58. Nat St.Vincent 3.038 p. ’20), Arel (double grandchild Labeeuw and winner 75. Nat Narbonne 3.873 p. also 106-203-222-256. National) etc… more on that later.

The belief in their own top pigeons can be deduced from the success story of the second dominant base breeder, with Mathieu Pau BE06-3003346, himself winner of 2. Nat Pau 2.283 p., 61. Nat Tarbes 4.818 p., 133. Nat Bourges 20.589 p… a complete pigeon, with everything in it, near perfection. Another golden move by Roger Mylle was to make him a key figure in the breeding stable.
One of his most famous sons is without a doubt the Pau Joël BE13-3004108, winner of:

1.Best Perpignan Pigeon of Belgium over 2 years 2017-18
1.Prov Narbonne 527 p. ’14 – 29. Nat Narbonne 2.802 p. – 84. Intnat 8.360 p.
17. Nat Perpignan 4.620 p. ’17 – 56. Intnat 14.851 p.
20. Nat Perpignan 3.966 p. ’18
78. Nat Limoges II  7.274 p. ‘18
85. Nat St.Vincent 2.562 p. ’16

The Mathieu-Pau is also (grand)father of a whole series of toppers in the long distance and extreme long distance, such as Zorro (31. Nat Aurillac 2.849 p., 36. Nat Jarnac 5.371 p., 38. Nat Chateauroux 4.389 p…), Bagatelie (9. Nat Ace Pigeon Long & Extreme Long Distance YL KBDB ’19), Lucas (80. Nat Agen etc…).

Somewhat in the shadow of Labeeuw and Mathieu Pau, but no less important in his share of many top pigeons, is Son Stijn… a direct Etienne Devos, who descends from Stijn (himself 9. Nat Brive 17.456 p., 50. Nat Montauban 5.438 p…), a grandson of Stanics (1. Nat Limoges 10.737 p.) and Halfbrother Witpen Rivaldo (1. Nat Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB).
This Son Stijn is mainly found in the 2nd generation at the basis of a series of mighty top racers and crack pigeons in the lofts of Roger Mylle. So he is (grand)father of:
-Ace Stijn BE14-3132579: 34. Nat Libourne 5.365 p. ’18, 60. Nat.Zone Limoges 5.360 p. ’18, 93. Prov Limoges 3.090 p. ’17, 167. Nat Angoulême 4.525 p. ’18 etc…
-Blauwen Crack BE18-3071278: 12. Nat Libourne 4.354 p. ’19, 39. Nat Brive 3.755 p. ’20, 160. Nat Souillac 6.668 p. ’20 etc…
-Alessio BE17-3031257: 58. Nat St.Vincent 3.038 p. ’20 etc..
-Ajan BE17-3031887: 1. Reg Barcelona 121 p., 349. Nat Barcelona 7.301 p. ’19, 73. Prov Barcelona 945 p. and 531. Nat Barcelona 6.178 p. ’20 etc…
-Alfred BE17-3031307: 14. Nat Narbonne 3.873 p. – 41. Intnat 9.813 p., 48. Intnat Agen 12.433 p…
-Arel BE17-3031339:  75. Nat Narbonne 3.873 p. also 106-203-222-256. National

Finally, a last pillar in the stock building, was long distance crack Libello. A proven Ace pigeon himself and winner in the long distance, with a lot of winner's blood in the veins as a descendant of Kleine Didi (Etienne Devos: 1. Nat Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB ‘97), Paris (Sylvere Toye, 1. Prov Limoges 2.222 p.), Libelle (1. Nat Bourges).

Libello BE09-3136673

1.Prov Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2010
9. Prov Argenton 3.250 p. – 22. Nat Argenton 19.816 p.
16. Nat Tulle 8.323 p.
17. Nat Limoges 6.810 p.
85. Nat Limoges 14.211 p…

Some of his most notable descendants are:
-Robbe BE14-3132069: 9. Nat Limoges 7.274 p. ’18
-Andorra BE17-3031256: 48. Nat Zone Argenton 7.382 p., 31. Prov Agen 1.170 p. and 169. Intnat Agen 12.433 p.
-Zuul BE16-3006829: 36. Nat Limoges 13.569 p., 76. Nat Angoulême 4.525 p…
From a combination of the breeding lines of Mathieu Pau x Son Stijn x Libello also produced Blauwen Crack: winner 12. Nat Libourne 4.354 p., 39. Nat Brive 3.755 p. etc…

The combination of the base lines Labeeuw, Mathieu Pau, Son Stijn and Libello propelled the Roger Mylle colony to the top of the national pigeon sport, to a series of national ace pigeons and a lot of national title prizes on the national podium of the KBDB.

Good blood never lies

With the necessary dose of patience and professional knowledge, sports friend Roger Mylle managed to make his way to the absolute top of our (inter) national pigeon sport. His colony was based on proven top pigeons, real ‘experts’ as it is sometimes described. Roger did not do any harm. In recent seasons he has been able to reap the rich fruits of his breeding and selection policy. His colony was growing to the best of its ability. With this he sat on roses for years. It is a pity that he could not fully enjoy it anymore due to his sudden death. His life's work is now under the auction hammer, with a treasure trove of long distance talent in the auction, including more than 30 pigeons with at least 1 or more prizes within the national "Top-100"… in addition to the promising and successful team of yearlings that still managed to win the title of 9. Nat Champion Long Distance Yearlings KBDB in 2020. This is your chance to make your move. Because it is undeniable that many fellow fanciers will soon follow successful long distance routes with descendants of this particularly classy pigeon strain of Roger Mylle.

Loft Roger Mylle, Belgian top-performer from 500-1000 Km

1. Best Perpignan pigeon of Belgium over 2 years 2017-18 (with Pau Joël)
1. Best St.Vincent pigeon International over 2 years 2015-16
1. Best St.Vincent pigeon Belgium over 3 years 2014-15-16
1. Best St.Vincent pigeon Belgium over 2 years 2015-16

1. Provincial Ace-Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2010 (with Libello)
5. Nat Ace Long Dist & Extreme Long Dist YL KBDB 2018 (with Ata)
5. Nat Champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2016
9. Nat Ace Long Dist & Extreme Long Dist YL KBDB 2019 (with Bagatellie)
9. National Champion Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2020

11. Nat Ace Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2016
13. General Champion KBDB 2020
14. Nat Champion Long Dist & Extreme Long Dist YL KBDB 2019
21. National Champion Extreme Long Dist. Old KBDB 2020
1. Provincial Narbonne 527 p. 2014 (with Pau Joël)
1. Provincial Gueret 3.318 p. in 2012
1. Provincial La Châtre 1.615 p. in 2011 (with Jonas)
1. Provincial Montluçon 1.840 p.
1. Nat Zone Gueret 7.174 2012
2. National Pau 2.338 p. in 2011
2. National Montluçon 14.230 p.
2. Provincial Perpignan 937 p. in 2017 (with Pau Joël)
2. Prov Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB West-Fl 2016
2. Best pigeon of Belgium Extreme Long Dist. – 3 Intnat races 2016
2. Ace pigeon Jan Breydel Marathon 2016
3. Provincial Ace Long Distance YL KBDB 2019
4. Best European pigeon Extreme Long Dist – 3 races 2016