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2021 edition of the Golden Race Algarve

When the Golden Race Algarve began, it was another derby that would try to assert itself in the world of ONE LOFT RACES, and year after year always doubling the number of pigeons and participants.

All because to the well organize, to the well treat of the pigeons, with innovative methods, good people working in the loft, all of them fanciers, being the Loft Manager pigeon fancier for over 30 years, who as a pigeon fancier has been provincial champion in Speed, Medium Fund, and Fund, and national and Iberian champion in some specialties. Because only with the best can succeed,   and especially for 2 weeks after the final race pay all the prizes requested, and for the magnificent place where we are inserted, Monte Gordo, Algarve, Portugal, one of the better tourist destinations in the world, and it is not by chance that Portugal has won the prize for the best tourist destination in the world for two last consecutive years. Thus we have added the useful to the pleasant, and all the participants can bring the family at the end of September and enjoy the pigeons, the beach, the bars and restaurants of Monte Gordo, and the excellent hotels, and especially Monte Gordo has become that weekend of the final race the world center of pigeon racing, ( last years arround 4.000 people )where pigeon fanciers from all over the world are joined for business opportunities, and annual reunion of many friends, and holidays.

This is the presentation of the Algarve Pigeons Golden Race to 2021, where more than 6,000 pigeons are expected, with the winner to win € 120,000, and more than 400 prizes in dispute, including 2 cars, this with the entry price of € 600 by team of 4 pigeons.

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