Stef Bals (Wouwse Plantage, NL) has a great loft of pigeons with base sire NPO men at the foundation

Stef Bals made his way to the top thanks to NPO men
Stef Bals discovered an exceptional breeder with NPO men. With children and grandchildren of that phenomenon, Stef has formed a fantastic line of performance pigeons.

Strong from the starting blocks

Stef Bals has been playing a leading role in the Brabant 2000 department for several years in his favorite discipline the sprint and middle distance game. IIn 2020 he got off to a strong start when the season finally got underway on June 13th. At department level, no less than 25 of the 30 basketed pigeons obtained a place in the results from Peronne. With four pigeons in the top 30 of 20275 pigeons basketed by members of the Brabant 2000 department set the tone. With a prize percentage of over 60%, including a 9th NPO La Souterraine, with performances in also the one day long distance. The final statement Stef made on the late-tour races already promises a lot of good for the 2021 season. In the RCC Roosendaal the loft championship was won in that discipline and the entire podium of ace pigeon champions was taken over by pigeons from Stef. An overview of some nice results of 2020;

Peronne 202 km - 20275 p. 23-25-27-30-81-87-etc.(25/30) Brabant 2000
Morlincourt 235 km - 11790 p. 12-13-14-27-39-40-46-70-80-etc.(59/106) Brabant 2000
Quiévrain 130 km - 1256 p. 2-3-4-14-17-19-21-23-25-36-37-39-40-etc.(52/121) RCC
Peronne 202 km - 1071 p. 1-2-7-8-18-22-24-30-31-34-48-etc.(37/88) RCC

NPO Men the undisputed base sire of the loft

NL10-2047584 NPO men the base sire of the loft of Stef Bals

The common thread in the entire pigeon colony of Stef Bals is formed by NL10-2047584 NPO men. The year 2020 is no exception. NPO men came from the loft of pigeon friend Maarten Huijsmans. NPO men is a grandchild of Miss Universe, in turn the founder of the loft of Maarten Huijsmans himself. Miss Universe is mother and grandmother of an innumerable number of first prize winners. Her grandson NPO men follows in her footsteps as a breeder. He became (grand) father of, a.o.;

1e Sens 8503 p. (Middle Distance teletekst race Brabant 2000)
1e Sens 4971 p. (Brabant 2000)
1e Niergnies 6295 p. (2e Brabant 2000 against 20420 p.)
1e Quiévrain 2510 p. (fastest 11565 p.)
1e Quiévrain 5899 p.
1e Peronne 1071 p.
1e Issoudun 537 p. (13e NPO 7183 p.)
1e Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Brabant 2000 '19
2e Sens 4971 p. (Brabant 2000)
3e Melun 5678 p.
4e Melun 5678 p.
4e Sens 4971 p. (Brabant 2000)
5e Fontenay 7798 p.
5e Pt.St.Maxence 13240 p. (Brabant 2000)
7e St.Quentin 24121 p. (Brabant 2000)
9e NPO Souppes 14695 p.
9e NPO La Souterraine 2753 p.
NL18-1185822 Jody, a fantastic granddaughter of NPO men, won victories from Quiévrain (2510 p.) and Niergnies (6295 p.)
NL17-1367450 Isa, granddaughter of NPO men, won in the RCC a.o. 1st Issoudun of 537 p. (13e NPO against 7183 p.)

Success on the one day long distance with Father Flash

In 2020 Stef participated very successfully in the one day long distance races. Of the 31 pigeons that were entered, no fewer than 19 won their prize. The best result was achieved by NL 16-1617668 Father Flash, who won a 9th NPO La Souterraine (1st RCC against 327 p.) flying at the head of the result. Father Flash (grandson NPO men) has the Flash as his father, who was 1e Niergnies against 1403 pigeons (5e against 19539 p.), also proven as a breeder. The performances of Father Flash can be seen below:

1e Ace Pigeon Middle Distance RCC 2018 (7e Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Brabant 2000)
1e La Souterraine 327 p. (9e NPO 2753 p.)
1e Gien 361 p. (RCC)
1e Peronne 241 p. (2e RCC 1397 p.)
1e Melun 223 p.
NL16-1617668 Father Flash, 9e NPO La Souterraine against 2753 p.

Young talent wins Peronne

With NL20-2006951 Eva, the young team of 2020 won a victory on the late-tour race Peronne, for which 1071 (young and old) pigeons competed for the win in the RCC. Eva is again a daughter of NPO men and thus once again proves the class of the founder of the Bals loft.

Superboy wins the ace pigeon championship late tour

NPO men is a grandson of Miss Universe, the top hen of Maarten Huijsmans. With NL20-1574106 Superboy Stef again has a grandson of Miss Universe under his roof, who showed himself beautifully by finishing as 1st ace pigeon in the RCC. Superboy (100% Huijsmans) performed as follows on the three late-tour races;

4e Quiévrain against 1256 p.
29e Morlincourt against 1020 p.
34e Peronne against 1071 p.

With confidence in the future

Stef is already looking forward to the 2021 season. He has another promising racing team ready to race against the competition. In his breeding loft, work continues to expand his colony to an even higher quality level. For example, Jody (granddaughter NPO Men) can now show her breeding skills.