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Schoors-De Waele (Adegem, BE): the story about 40 years on top of the pigeon sport (part 2)

With 2 x 1st National victories in 2014 and 2018, and titles such as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd General champion of Belgium KBDB, Schoors-De Waele became one of the most successful colonies of the past decade.

Winning the title of 1st General Champion of Belgium opened the doors to national fame for Schoors-De Waele in 2003. In the years that followed they came close twice and each time reached the national podium for the KBDB, in which they were noted as 3. General Champion KBDB in 2009 and 2. General Champion KBDB in 2010. Successive Bronze and Silver finishes, after the Gold in 2003. The ultimate proof of the all-round capacities of the modern Schoors-De Waele pigeon… by the fact that the General Championship at that time was competed for in races from short middle distance to long distance to extreme long distance. In the years that followed, the Schoors-De Waele tridem continued this momentum.

1e National Montluçon 2014 with super crack National Derby

Saturday, June 21, 2014… on the longest day of the year a warm sun rose in the sky, and a moderate wind blew from East to Northeast. A piece of cake for the Schoors-De Waele pigeons. Experts knew that these pigeons were going to be a tough customer that day. Their Van Loon pearls had their chosen weather. Exactly 7 hours and 10 minutes after the release, they clocked their 1st pigeon - also their 1st nominated - the super crack of the racing team at that time, which covered the 544 Km at 1266 m / min. The fastest of the entire field of participants, and good for a national victory… ahead of Roger Mylle's pigeon, who had the 2nd fastest pigeon of the more than 33,000 participating pigeons.

National Derby was ready for this, since in 2013 he already won 1st and 2nd Nat. Zone from Chateauroux and also Montluçon.

National Derby BE11-4087835

1 .Nat Montluçon 14.230 p. ’14 – fastest of 33.528 p. (1266 m/min)
1. Nat Zone Chateauroux 4.288 p. ’13 
2. Nat Zone Montluçon 2.644 p. ’13

S: Super Derby BE05-4121343
Himself a son of Vincke 207 BE01-4200207 (a son himself of the base cock Bonten Vincke) x het Van Loon 492 BE99-6552492 (direct Louis Van Loon… see in part 1 of this report)
D: Last Daughter Blauwen Van Loon BE09-3088757
as her name indicates, the last daughter bred from the base pigeon Blauwen Van Loon BE99-6552488 (direct Louis Van Loon, see part 1) x Eyerkamp Van Loon NL05-2103058.

After this great performance this very beautiful athlete received a retirement from work, and a place of honor in the breeding loft… and almost became the entire dominating and central figure in the stock building of the current generation. Currently, 29 direct children of his reside in the classy breeding stable at Schoors-De Waele. That goes without saying! National Derby is clearly a common thread in the current success story.

1e National Argenton Yearlings in 2018

Back on the top 4 years after National Derby brought in a national victory from Montluçon, the pigeons of Schoors-De Waele struck again relentlessly on the hard race from Argenton on Saturday June 21st, 2018. With their 1st nominated yearling - later renamed National Looney - they already had the fastest pigeon out of a total of 31,683 participating pigeons… good for a national victory with the yearlings. He covered the 533 Km from Argenton, in 7 hours and 13 minutes, at the highest average speed of 1231 m / min. Again with a descendant from that golden Van Loon base crossed with the ace pigeon blood of Johnny Maenhout.

-National Looney BE17-4078447

1. Nat Argenton 19.858 YL ’18 – fastest of 31.683 pigeons(1231 m/min)
23. Prov Blois  2.480 p.
451. Nat Bourges 19.131 p…

S: Inbred Van Loon BE08-4035898
Top breeder from the pairing of father x daughter with base pigeon Blauwen Van Loon BE99-6552488 x As Van Loon 06 BE06-4130439 (this from Blauwen Van Loon 488/99 x As 2000 BE00-4220978: 2. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Meetjesland and 12. Prov Ace Pigeon Hafo KBDB).
D: Mother 1. Nat Argenton  BE16-3138284
Bred from Inbred Maenhout BE15-3149761 (son of the Ace Pigeon Maenhout 682/14: 1. Prov Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance KBDB x Goed Duivinneke 706/10, mother of that Ace Pigeon of Maenhout) x Daughter Rooney BE12-3166142 of Benny Steveninck (daughter of Rooney, himself a son of base pigeon Chipo by Benny Steveninck).

2e National Tulle 2019

Cannot have two without three, one must have thought in Adegem… unfortunately it was "not quite". Because a year after the national victory from Argenton, they were ready to make another one. On the closing race of the national long distance calendar from Tulle (on August 3) - even though it was raced in warm summer weather with a variable wind between north and east - Silver Tulle overcame its demons, but missed a new national victory by one hair. This powerhouse won the final 1st Provincial and ended in 2nd place National. Silver Tulle is another descendant of that golden Van Loon base, as a direct son of 1st Nat Montluçon 'National Derby'!

Silver Tulle BE17-4078583

2. Nat Tulle 6.206 p. ’19 – 1. Prov 1.381 p. (1200 m/min)
30. Prov Issoudun 4.269 p. ’19
17. Prov Chateauroux 1.806 p. ’19
75. Prov Gueret 2.228 p. ’18
194. Prov Bourges 5.662 p. ’20
225. Prov Chateauroux 4.185 p. ’18
3. Chevrainvilliers 238 p. ’19

S: National Derby BE11-4087835
1. Nat Montluçon 14.230 old birds, and fastest of all 33.528 competing pigeons
(himself son of Super Derby BE05-4121343 (winner 1. Prov Tours… from son Bonten Vincke x Van Loon 492/99) x Last Daughter 57 BE09-3088757 (last daughter of base pigeon Blauwen Van Loon 488/99 x Eyerkamp Van Loon 058/05).
D: Mother 2. Nat Tulle BE14-4190500
Granddaughter of sister Super Derby. Her mother is a granddaughter of 1. Nat Argenton 1997 and a 100% Van Loon).

The Van Loon pigeons are excellent crossing material

With the Blauwen Van Loon 488/99 and the Van Loon 492/99 – both direct Louis Van Loon-pigeons– Schoors-De Waele clearly had breeding gold in their hands. To build a broad base around these 2 phenomenal base pigeons, they went in search of solid crossing material in Adegem. Very often with friendly lofts that were able to achieve top performances with crossbred Schoors-De Waele pigeons. In this way you not only bring a fraction of your own blood bred with new top genes into the stock… on the other hand you also have some guarantee that this new contribution "will take hold" of your own pigeons, according to Alex. They already proved that in the loft of their origin.

One of the current toppers and co-standard bearers of the racing team is without a doubt super crack Diamond 885 Limoges. This fantastic bird has already collected the following honors list:

Diamond 885 Limoges BE15-4020885

6. Nat Limoges 7.274 p. ’18
15. Nat Limoges 9.661 p. ’19
28. Nat Brive 9.132 p. ’17
38. Prov Argenton 3.079 p. ’19
21. Prov Bourges 1.963 p. ’16
91. Prov Brive 2.043 p. ’18
98. Prov Argenton 2.654 p. ’16

S: Blue Diamond 476 BE12-3167476
Direct Dobbelaere-De Buck and grandson Jefke (of Hendrik Mortier), winner 1. Nat Cahors ’00 by Van Damme-Boddaert x Daughter 1. Nat Souillac ’02 Van Damme-Boddaert.
D: Daughter Terminator II BE09-4111225
Mother Diamond Limoges 885, grandmother of Simply Remco (see further)… and full sister of National Terminator (12. Nat Chateauroux, 19. Nat Argenton…) and daughter of Terminator II BE05-4121336 x Superke Van Loon 239 BE05-4121239

A new crack pigeon - Diamond 481 Brive - a national topper in the grand middle distance and long distance comes from the same successful lines with the crossing of the Diamond line with the Van Loon pigeons..

Diamond 481 Brive BE17-4078481

5. Nat Brive 4.384 p. ’18
27. Prov Souillac  698 p. ’19 – 133. Nat 3.737 p.
42. Nat. Zone Bourges  6.026 p. ’19 – 285. Nat 24.055 p.
54. Prov Argenton 3.079 p. ’19 – 237. Nat 15.235 p.
42. Chateauroux  1.128 p. ’18 – 265. Prov 5.209 p.
715. Nat Limoges II  9.661 p. ’19

S: Blue Diamond 477 BE12-3167477
Brother of the 6. Nat Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’12 of Dobbelaere-De Buck, with 5. Nat Tulle 6.817 p., 27. Nat Argenton 19.816 p., 41. Nat Souillac 7.760 p., 64. Nat Cahors 8.348 p., 74. Nat Chateauroux 22.718 p… and himself a grandson of Jefke (direct of Hendrik Mortier), winner 1. Nat Cahors by Van Damme-Boddaert.
D: Mother 5. Nat Brive BE16-3014137
Direct Dobbelaere-De Buck from Nestbrother Commander Crowe BE08-3150837… (whose nestbrother won 6 x Top-100 National, with 22. Nat Cahors 8.348 p., 22. Nat Limoges 5.607 p., 22. Nat Tulle 6.817 p., 34. Nat Limoges 10.448 p., 82. Nat Souillac 7.045 p., 85. Nat Tulle 6.695 p…) x a Daughter Superke Van Loon 239 and Terminator II of Schoors De Waele (Terminator won 1. Intprov Chateauroux and 12. National Chateauroux).

Finally, from this excellent team of crack pigeons, of which the Schoors-De Waele colony is so rich, another superior 1st prize winner. A topper bred from a crossing of the line of 1st Nat La Souterraine in 2015 (himself a 50% Schoors-De Waele pigeon) with the very best of the Schoors-De Waele strain with the golden breeding line of National Derby (winner 1. Nat Montluçon ). Who is it that said 1st prize winners descend from 1st prize winners? It's anchored in the genes. Simply Remco is living proof of that;

Simply Remco BE17-4078589

1. Etampes 393 p. ’19
2. Chevrainvilliers 238 p. ’19
6. Etampes 1.402 p. ’19
9. Fontenay  334 p. ’18
37. Nat Gueret  8.517 p. ’18 
27. Prov Tulle  1.381 p. ’19 – 113. Nat 6.206 p.
80. Prov Chateauroux 1.806 p. ’19
248. Prov Issoudun  4.269 p. ’19

S: Brother 1. Nat La Souterraine BE15-4260994
Full brother 1. Nat La Souterraine 4.161 p. ’15 by De Bruycker-De Craene, a50% Schoors-De Waele pigeon.
D: Daughter National Derby 890 BE15-4253890
Halfsister Diamond Limo 885/15 (same mother). Daughter of National Derby BE11-4087835, winner 1. Nat Montluçon 14.230 old birds, and fastest of all 33.528 competing pigeons (himself son of Super Derby 343/05: winner 1. Prov Tours) x Daughter Terminator II BE09-4111225, mother of 6. Nat Limoges ’18, 15. Nat Limoges ’19, 28. Nat Brive ’17… (fromTerminator II x Superke Van Loon 239)

17 x 1e Provincial, 7 x 1e Zone, 3 x 1e National, 1e-2e-3e General National Champion KBDB

More than 20 years ago, Schoors-De Waele was on Louis Van Loon's doorstep. The purchase of the Van Loon pigeons was a bull's eye for the tridem. Coupled with their own old successful pigeon stock, the contribution of the Louis Van Loon pigeons caused an explosion in the performance curve. This resulted in a cartload of 1st prizes and titles even up to Provincial, Zone and National level. You can read the number of wins at each level in the title above. Achievements with which they gained name and fame abroad. Performances based on real 'knights', pigeons of nobility … having to meet a certain condition to get a place in their classy breeding stable in Adegem. Pigeons from Schoors-De Waele guarantee absolute top class, as real killers in the middle distance and long distance up to the national level. This has been going on for almost 40 years, although they never got the attention and publicity they deserved… they never went looking for it themselves. The class of the Schoors-De Waele pigeons spoke for themselves. Mighty super pigeons! Real winners!

Titles KBDB

1. General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2003
2. General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2010
3. General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2009

National victories

2018: 1. Nat. Argenton 19.858 YL  - fastest of 31.683 pigeons (National Looney, 50% Van Loon)
2014: 1. Nat Montluçon 14.230 Old birds - fastest of 33.528 pigeons (National Derby, 75% Van Loon)
1997: 1. Nat Argenton YL (Argenton Duivin)

Provincial victories

2019: 1. prov Tulle with Silver Tulle (2e national)
2018: 1. prov Argenton with National Looney (1. national)
2016: 1. prov Limoges old birds with 646/14
2015: 1. prov Chateauroux old birds with Van Loon 759
2014: 1. prov Montluçon old birds with National Derby (1. national)
         1. prov Montluçon yearlings
2013: 1. prov Marseille with Marseille Primus
2011: 1. prov Orleans old birds with Provincial Louis
         1. prov Orléans yearlings with Provincial Louis
2010: 1. prov Libourne yearlings with De Libourne
         1. prov Chateauroux yearlings with Terminator
2009: 1. prov Argenton old birds with Bleske Derby
2007: 1. prov Tours old birds with Superderby
1997: 1. prov Argenton yearlings with Argenton duivin (1. national)
1995: 1. prov Brive old birds with Brive
         1. prov Brive two year old with Brive
1992: 1. prov Brive youngsters with Carmen

Zone victories (zone A)

2018: 1. national zone A Argenton yearlings with National Looney
2015: 1. national zone A2 Chateauroux old birds with Van Loon 759
2014: 1. national zone A1 Montluçon old birds with National Derby
2014: 1. zone zone A1 Guéret youngsters with 445/14
2013: 1. zone zone A1 Chateauroux old birds with National Derby
2013: 1. national zone A1 Chateauroux youngsters with National Star
2013: 1. national zone A1 Guéret youngsters with National Star

Top performances at other lofts

2016: Dobbelaere – De Buck: 1. Nat. Zone A Limoges + 1. Prov Limoges (50% Schoors – De Waele)
2015: De Bruycker – De Craene: 1. National La Souterraine (50% Schoors – De Waele)