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Schoors-De Waele (Adegem, BE): the story about 40 years on top of the pigeon sport (part 1)

No less than 3 x 1st National victories, and national titles including 1st, 2nd, 3rd General champion of Belgium KBDB brought Schoors-De Waele into the national spotlight.

Titles and victories with which the Schoors-De Waele team enjoys a reputation far beyond our borders, as an (inter)national star in the pigeon sport. A very strong pigeon stock, built up with superior crack pigeons, ace pigeons and toppers up to a national level… in short, a stock based on real “artisans.”

History of the colony

The Schoors-De Waele team was created in 1979 when the late father Odiel Schoors and Maurice De Waele decided to form a tandem together. In 1980 son Alex Schoors also joined the ranks and the Schoors-De Waele tridem was a fact. After the death of father Odiel (in 2011) Carmen (daughter of Alex) joined the ranks so that the formation remained intact as a tridem.

With Alex, the call of the grand middle distance and the long distance also came into the team. The switch came in the period 1983… where a rush to the absolute top of the national pigeon sport started. With a performance curve that shot straight up. In 1996 they were already honored as 'Keizer of the Meetjesland' (championship to be won over 30 municipalities with 1st + 2nd nominated and ace pigeon old and youngsters in sprint, middle distance and long distance), because they became 'General Champion' 3 years in a row in these championships (1994-'95 and '96)… and in 1997 General Champion Long Distance of the Meetjesland. The year in which they won their first national victory with the 1. Nat Argenton 2.185 YL, with a hen that a year earlier as a young bird also won 20. Nat La Souterraine against 10,530 youngsters. The team continued their winning streak.… and in 2006 they succeeded again by claiming the title of "1st Champion" in all categories of the Long Distance championships of the Meetjesland. Although in between, we saw the absolute highlight of their pigeon career as they became the "national number 1" of Belgium in 2003, as 1st General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2003… the dream of every pigeon fancier. Also the best proof of the 'all-round' capacities of the Schoors-De Waele pigeons that playfully won 1st prizes and top prizes from sprint to long distance.

The main pillars of the old Schoors-De Waele stock - including numerous big names that still have an impact on the current stars - are super class pigeons such as the 'ATLEET', the PROVINCIAALKE '(2nd Prov Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB),' ANGOULEMERKE 'and the 'BONTEN VINCKE', the pigeons that at the time were the basis for obtaining the title of 'Keizer of the Meetjesland' in 1996. One of the base sires, bred from the old stock lines is without a doubt the 'BONTEN VINCKE', incidentally a grandson of the infamous DERBY '83 (who won no less than 6 x 1st prize with respectively 1. Dourdan, 2 x 1. Blois, 1. Argenton, 1. Chateauroux, 1. Poitiers). The BONTEN VINCKE has both middle-distance and long-distance blood in his pedigree… which means that his descendants can be used for almost all distances. This super breeder is the father of:

1. National Argenton 2.185 Yearlings ‘97 (with base breeder ‘Argentonduivin 931/96’)
8. National Perpignan
20. National La Souterraine 10.530 d. in ’96 (also with the ‘Argentonduivin’)
35, 77, 79. National Argenton ‘98

Grandfather of :
1. Prov Tours ’07
7. Prov Tours ’07
1. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old Birds ‘Meetjesland ’06
1. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Meetjesland ’07 etc...
BONTEN VINCKE can be found in the pedigree of many top pigeons at this moment, up to 2021.


The top investments in the Louis Van Loon-pigeons

These successful lines were paired to pigeons for the "one day long distance". With a view to the discipline with the youngsters and the long distance races up to, say, Limoges-Brive, reinforcement was sought from pigeon celebrity Louis Van Loon from Poppel, whom they met through Staf Theeuwes.  Louis Van Loon… a pigeon icon worldwide, famous for his many years of tough performances in the middle distance and the one day long distance races in Belgium. Pigeon racing from another planet, "in a league of their own". He was in fact so strong that several clubs wanted to keep him out. He was simply excluded from the competing area. Because he was too "strong", too "dominant" ... too "superior" to the competition. He claimed provincial and national victories and brought the Van Loon colony into the international spotlight. Top performances that had not escaped the watchful eye of the outside world… and that sent many fanciers on a pilgrimage to Poppel. Looking for reinforcement, they hoped to find, and also found the "top class" Louis Van Loon. Among them pigeon icons such as the Eijerkamp family from Brummen (NL), Gerard Koopman from Ermerveen (NL), and therefore… Schoors-De Waele. An investment that piloted the Schoors-De Waele tridem to the highest echelons of the national pigeon sport.

Schoors-De Waele took their chance in 1999, when 4 Louis Van Loon pigeons made the transfer from Poppel to the East Flemish Adegem, of which 2 would develop into phenomenal stock pigeons, with the BLAUWE 'VAN LOON' 488/99 and the 'VAN LOON 492' in the lead roles, straight from the stock couples of grandmaster Louis Van Loon. Perhaps the most successful contribution ever, because these Van Loon pigeons are anchored in almost all pairs for the one day long distance. Real killers in real pigeon weather - under steel-blue skies - and / or races with a head wind (say at speeds of up to 1300 meters per minute or less), almost unbeatable!

Speaking of Louis Van Loon… the world famous super breeder and golden stock pigeon "KLEINE DIRK" from Gerard Koopman… is himself a son of the Olympiad pigeon in Basel: the GENTIL… and this star had 50% Van Loon blood in his veins, didn't he? By the way, that other "flying miracle" by Koopman, called "MISTER ERMERVEEN", also contains a large part of Van Loon's pedigree! This is how it happened to Schoors-De Waele who discovered stock pigeons from their Louis Van Loon pigeons.

One of Louis Van Loon's most striking statements is without a doubt: 'You get no points for style in pigeon racing, it's simply about being the fastest!' Pure pigeon wisdom from a simple working man, but an oh so 'fine pigeon fancier', the basis of a 'world strain! This is also the case at Schoors-De Waele!


-‘Blauwen Van Loon’ B99-6552488

Excellent breeding cock coming from 'Son Stamduif 347/90' (from the 'stock pigeon' Blauwen 84 '954/84 x' Daughter National I Schellens 787/89 ') x' Daughter 530 '615/92 (from base couple 2 Van Loon: 'De 530' 530/90 x 'Daughter Blauwe van 81' 541/87)… with which this 'Blauwen Van Loon 488/99' descends from a pairing 'Son Base Couple 1' x 'Daughter Base Couple 2' by Louis Van Loon!

This ‘Blauwe Van Loon’ developed into a real base pigeon in Adegem and is the father of 2 x 1° prize winners Argenton, 1° Gueret, 2 x 1° Prize Bourges, 5° Nat Gueret 2006, 19° Nat Bourges 2008, 1° Ace Pigeon Long Distance Meetjesland ’06, and also grandfather of 1° Ace Pigeon Long Distance Meetjesland ’07… but also of the super breeding hen ‘Daughter Marseille 799’ (mother of 1° Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Meetjesland ’07).  He is, for example, father of super pigeons such as

  • The ‘Superke Van Loon 239/05’: won a.o. 5. Nat Gueret 2.633 p. in ‘06
  • The ‘As 2006 Van Loon’ 439/06: 1. Argenton 162 p., 1. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Youngsters ’06 Meetjesland
  • The ‘Van Loon 639/07’; a.o. 1. Bourges in 2007
  • The ‘Van Loon 140/05’: a.o. 19. Nat Bourges 11.875 p. in 2008

And there is more ... because Blauwen Van Loon is the grandfather of the toppers of the current generation with the 1. Nat Montluçon 2014, 1. Nat Argenton 2018, great-grandfather 2. Nat Tulle 2019 ... A real class pigeon, a ' white raven ' as a stock pigeon, and showpiece of the Schoors-De Waele colony. A star breeder with a piece of gold on every feather!


-The‘Van Loon 492’ B99-6552492

A ‘super breeding hen’ comes from ‘Zoon Blauwen 84’ 119/93 (from base couple 1 formed out of base pigeon ‘Blauwen 84’ 954/84 x ‘Daughter Nationaal I Schellens 787/89’) x ‘Daughter 530’ 055/94 (daughter of base couple 2:  ‘De 530’ 530/90 x ‘Daughter Blauwe van 81’ 541/87).

This ‘Van Loon 492’ is a breeding hen out of a thousand, and is mother of, among other things:

1. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old Birds ‘Meetjesland’ 2006
1. Provincial Tours in 2007
15. Nat. Bourges in 2008
1. Vichy, 1. Tours, 1. Bourges, 2. Tours, 2. Argenton, 2
. Tours, 2. Chartres, 4. Limoges, 5. Bourges, 5. Tours, 5. Poitiers etc…

She is further the grandmother of 1. Tours, 1. Tours, 1. Argenton and of the 1. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Youngsters!

Some of her most famous children are:

-‘Super Derby’ BE05-4121343, he won a.o.:

1. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Meetjesland 2006
1. Prov Tours 1.953 p. ’07
7. Prov Tours 1.867 p. ’07
11. Nat Limoges 3.619 p. ’06 – 51. Nat. 15.507 p.
22. Prov Chateauroux 3.349 p. ’06
51. Prov Chateauroux 3.114 p. ’06
123. Prov Tours 2.503 p ’08
2. Club Orleans 372 p…

Super Derby immediately showed his breeding talents… one of his best-known sons is National Derby: winner 1. Nat Montluçon in 2014, 1. Nat. Zone Chateauroux in 2013 and 2. Nat. Zone Montluçon in 2013 ... and progenitor of the current generation (see part 2)

-‘Bleske Derby’ B06-4130375, who won 3 x top at Tours Prov and
1. Interprov + 27. Nat Argenton Old in ’09 etc..

-‘De Super 2008’ B04-4090943

Bred from ‘Sir Angouleme 870/00’ (halfbrother 1. Nat Argenton Yearlings 1997) x ‘Van Loon 492/99’. Super 2008 was a real crack pigeon, with an impressive prize list. Winner of:

  1. Intprov Bourges 210 p. (3 Provinces) – 10. Nat Zone 2.315 p. – 15. Nat 11.875 p. ’09
17. Prov Tours 2.874 p. ’08
27. Intprov Limoges 2.281 p. ’09
36. Prov Poitiers 1.227 p. ’08
37. Prov Limoges 2.660 p. ’07
38. Prov Chateauroux 3.082 p. ’06
68. Prov Chateauroux 2.831 p. ’05
222. Nat Bourges 19.084 p. ’08

With the "Blauwen Van Loon" and " Geschelpt Van Loon 492", Schoors-De Waele held breeding gold. Two superstars in the breeding stable, which formed the basis for an immense series of highlights, including national successes winning the 1st Nat Montluçon 14,230 old birds in 2014 (with National Derby) and the 1st Nat Argenton 19,858 Yearlings in 2018 (with National Looney), and national titles such as 1. General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2003, 2. General Champion of Belgium KBDB in 2010, and 3. General Champion of Belgium KBDB in 2009. The Van Loon pigeons, which the Schoors-De Waele team has have propelled 'national stages'! More about this in part 2, about the performances and top pigeons from the last decade (period 2010-2020).