New auction: Jewels of the sky

Monday the 11th of January, this new auction starts: Jewels of the sky.

Jewels of the sky
Exclusive pigeons from our sport's top names

One of the first auctions of the 2021 auction season is part of one of PIPA’s long-standing traditions: the success series Jewels Of The Sky. In this series, the world’s best pigeon fanciers offer for sale the very best pigeons in their collection. PIPA has always been very fond of this auction series, in which you are guaranteed to get top class birds. Understandably, many of the pigeons that were sold through Jewels Of The Sky developed into highly renowned breeders in their new homes.

Our 2020/2021 Jewels Of The Sky features pigeons of such renowned names like Hok Jos Vercammen, Rudi De Saer, Stefaan Lambrechts, Jelle Jellema, Tj. & J. Elzinga, Pieter Veenstra, Jan Hooymans, Sangers Pigeons. F. & J. Vandenheede, Gebr. A. & B. Leideman, Batenburg-VD Merwe, Mark Gilbert, Geoff & Catherine Cooper, Hardy Krüger, Bart Geerinckx, Ganus Family Loft, Tom Van Gaver Pigeons, Chris Hebberecht, Joël Verschoot, Maarten Huijsmans, Jos Cools and Etienne Meirlaen.