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Auction weekend ends at 646,550 EURO, average 2,965 EURO / pigeon

These auctions ended on Sunday 17 January: Rino Verheye, Team Van Oss, Marc De Cock, Derek Rooney, Depasse-Lardenoye, Alfons Klaas, Maxim & Xavier Thoné, Pipa Elite Center, Arie Dijkstra, G&H Calis & Performance Pigeon Auction.

Rino Verheye (BE) - 7 pigeons - 1,007 EURO / pigeon
Rino Verheye kicked off today when it comes to the ending auctions. At 10:00 am he sold his Jerommeke, a beautiful checkered cock with a 14th national prize from Gueret to his palmares. The 5 year old brother of Jommeke can now continue his career as a breeding pigeon. Rino ended his auction with an average of 1,007 EURO / pigeon, which means a total proceeds of 7,050 EURO.

Team Van Oss (NL) - 12 pigeons - 3,546 EURO / pigeon
Multiple National / NPO victories and of course the National Championship in the one day long distance of the past year is proof that Team van Oss has been among the top in the one day long distance races in the Netherlands for years. In their auction today also a unique pigeon, namely a full brother of New Bliksem from Gaby Vandenabeele, which was sold as the most expensive for 15,000 EURO. Another pigeon in their auction that drew a lot of attention was Harry Bourges, a nephew of New Harry who managed to win the race from Bourges in his name in the Northern Union game. He moves to his new owner for 11,400 EURO. In total, the 12 pigeons from Team van Oss brought in 42,550 EURO.

Marc De Cock (BE) - 11 pigeons - 1,486 EURO / pigeon
When Marc de Cock has an auction from his best breeders, you can be sure that there will be something from Rockefeller. The 1st National Ace pigeon all-round of 2018 is a fixed value in the breeding lofts of Marc. Today no fewer than three children were sold. One of those three also became the most expensive in today's auction. 3,000 EURO was paid for this checkered cock from the coupling Rockefeller x Daughter Der 593 Roeper. Together with a brother and sister of Rockefeller, child of Bold Eagle and others, the auction ended at a good average of 1,486 EURO / pigeon.

Derek Rooney (UK) - 15 pigeons - 1,603 EURO / pigeon
Derek owns a great breeding colony. He owns children from, among others, Armando, Golden Prince and Harry. If you then organize an auction of a group of youngsters, you will receive a group of 15 gems. Today they were appreciated by buyers. A total of 24,050 EURO was paid for the group of youngsters. The most sought after was Best Armando 024, a blue hen that is both a grandchild of Armando and Harry. The buyer can welcome his new acquisition for 2,100 EURO.

Depasse-Lardenoye (BE) - 10 pigeons - 2,200 EURO / pigeon
For the teams of Stéphane & Alex Depasse and their good friend Jo Lardenoye there is a new quest for National top prizes every season and they are regularly in the spotlight with top results in International classics. They are in possession of a great basic marathon pigeons that have already been successfully integrated into other marathon lofts. They also draw annually from these basic pigeons. They won a few excellent prizes with Francine (7th national Barcelona), Miss Perpignan (7th international Perpignan) and Amby (9th national Barcelona). In short, they have a number of pigeons that many fanciers dream of. Those same dreamers may have been at the appointment today to get something. The 10 pigeons were all valued and brought in a total of 22,000 EURO. The star of the auction was Barca Francine 463, an equivalent of Dark Barca x Francine. It was sold for 3,200 EURO.

Alfons Klaas (DE) - 7 pigeons - 2.086 EURO / pigeon
A compact group of pigeons related to super pigeon Purdey was on the agenda today. With a child of Purdey himself as leader of these seven. The father is a brother of Viktor. She gained a lot of fame thanks to winning the Million Dollar Race. Purdey's child was sold today for 4,000 EURO. This did not make it the most expensive in the auction. That honor was reserved for a daughter from his Super Pair, which makes her a full sister of the 1st Provincial against 13,408 pigeons, but she is also a granddaughter of Purdey. A pigeon with a beautiful background that can try to delight its buyer with 'golden eggs' for 4,400.

Maxim & Xavier Thoné (BE) - 101 pigeons - 1,502 EURO / pigeon
Of course everyone in the pigeon world knows the name of Jos Thoné. But now Maxim & Xavier have also managed to make a big impression. Today was the last day of their auction in which they offered the very best racing pigeons, complemented with a group of youngsters from their top pigeons. The star of their colony is Candira. She is an Olympiad pigeon in the all-round 2020 category. With a list of honor to be proud of, she can now try to pass on her genes to her buyer. He paid 29,500 EURO for the white raven. The auction ended with a total of EUR 151,750. The most expensive pigeons from the auction were:

Candira - 29,500 EURO
Bill - 9,000 EURO
Romea 403 - 7,000 EURO
Super Joe - 6,000 EURO
Victor - 5,000 EURO

Pipa Elite Center (BE) - 8 pigeons - 36,225 EURO / pigeon
Something very special was auctioned today in the PEC auction. Namely a child of Golden Prince with New Kim as mother. Some time ago she caused a furore by becoming the most expensive pigeon ever sold online. Her son went for another milestone today. For an amount of 160,000 he can call himself the most expensive youngster ever sold. The young pigeon, named Golden Kim, will produce offspring on the other side of the canal. He does that at Dean Pallat.

Arie Dijkstra (NL) - 9 pigeons - 1,989 EURO / pigeon
The well-known choco pigeons from Arie made the nice weather in his auction today. The inbred pigeons from Leonardo and Tinkelbel were sold for 4,200 EURO and 6,000 EURO. The most expensive of the two choco pigeons comes from Renoir x Chocco 44 and, thanks to this pairing, is a half-brother of the 1st national ace pigeon one-day long distance but also the 1st provincial ace pigeon. Together with their other seven companions, the auction of Arie ended at an average of 1,989 EURO / pigeon. Thus, the Leonardo x Tinkelbel Special once again became a successful auction which raised a total of 17,900 EURO.

G&H Calis (NL) - 11 pigeons - 2,227 EURO / pigeon
In addition to the well-known names on PIPA, we were able to see the debut auction of Gerard and Harold Calis excel to a successful conclusion today. Their colony is made up of the best lines of a number of successful Dutch fanciers such as Marcel Sangers, Comb. Verbree, Vredeveld-Leemhuis and others. They knew how to forge the tribe in such a way that they have now laid a cast-iron foundation themselves that currently ensures many successes and which has assured the men from Bussum for the future. One of those top pigeons from their colony is The Potential, PIPA asked for something special to be auctioned and Gerard and Harold came across the bridge with The Potential. A beautiful 5-year-old cock with an enormous track record. Today he attracted a lot of attention and ended up with a nice amount of 3,600 EURO. An absolute top breeder in the ranks in Bussum is Red Baron. In his career he has already made a big impression on the breeding loft and today was the very last chance to get something online. They auctioned a son of Red Baron x Vale Bulck who went for a wonderful amount of 6,600 EURO.

Performance Pigeon Auction - 27 pigeons - 1,333 EURO / pigeon
Every year PIPA organizes a few auctions in which super performance pigeons are offered from top lofts. This auction year again flying pearls were selected for these specific auctions with 1st prize winners and national top prize winners. In this edition the pigeons from Rens van der Zijde had a leading role. His 3 grandchildren of Lucky Red coupled with, among others, the pigeons from Maurice Hasendonckx via Foeke Hoekstra ensured that Rens sold the most expensive two pigeons in this auction. The amounts that were paid for these two pigeons are 2,900 EURO and 2,600 EURO. The group of performance pigeons raised a total of 36,000 EURO.