Was it the best season ever for Lubomir Kubacek in 2020?

It seems very much like it. Because for the first time in history of pigeon racing in Czech Republic all most important Championships were won by one fancier!

Check the results..

1st National General Champion Old bird 2020 1st National General Champion Yearling 2020 1st National General Champion Youngsters 2020

In this difficult “corona” season it was not easy for all pigeon sport. Same like in other countries also fanciers in Czech Republic were very nervous before the season started. Nobody knew when the season would start. Fanciers in Czech Republic normally start the racing season by the end of April, beginning of May. The green light for racing pigeon again came exactly on time. So the fanciers in CZ didn't lose any races and had a full season, just like every year.

And it was Lubomir who seemed to have perfectly prepared his team of 100 birds (old and yearlings).

Here are the best race result of Lubomir in the 2020 season:

08.5.2020 2-7-8-9-9-… 2.996 birds 186 km Prov. 09.5.2020 1-2-3-6-7-10-… 2.527 birds 186 km Prov. 30.5.2020 1-3-4-4-6-7-7-9-10-12-13-… 8.218 birds 348 km I.Prov. 07.6.2020 1-1-1-4-5-5-7-9-10- … 2.567 birds 186 km Prov. 13.6.2020 1-3-4-7-13- … 2.125 birds 348 km Prov. 21.6.2020 1-2-7- … 595 birds 644 km Prov. 28.6.2020 1-9-13-19- 2.057 birds 365 km Prov. 4.7.2020 2-20-26- … 3.193 birds 724 km Nat. MSS 12.7.2020 3-5-6-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15,... 7.301 birds 336 km I.Prov. 19.7.2020 3-27-33-63- … 953 birds 746 km I.Prov. 19.7.2020 1-2-3-4-7-8-9-13-… 1.847 birds 365 km Prov. 26.7.2020 6-7-9-10—11-12-13 … 1.759 birds 365 km Prov. 1.8.2020 4-5-6-7-12-13-14-15-17-… 3.311 birds 529 km I.Prov.

First Interprovincial race of the season was won by “Blue Lens”, a direct son of base breeder “Blue Toni”. This cock was followed by his half-sister “Number One”, also daughter of “Blue Toni” with 3rd prize against 8.218 birds!

The season of the youngsters wasn´t worse:

16.8.2020 1-2-3-4-6-6-8-8,… 1.970 birds 157 km Prov. 22.8.2020 2-2-4-4-6-6-8-10-… 2.230 birds 186 km Prov. 05.9.2020 1-2-2-4-5-6-7-8-8-10 2.325 birds 186 km Prov. 12.9.2020 1-2-3-4-4-6-7-7-9-10-… 2.152 birds 239 km Prov. 20.9.2020 1-2-3-3-14-16-17-18-… 2.005 birds 260 km Prov.

As You can see the team of the youngsters was very strong this year, in the National Ace competitions this resulted in following results:

1st Nat. Ace “Bulck Toni” son “Blue Toni” – lowest coef. ever in CZ 2nd Nat. Ace “20-5831” son “Olympic Bull” with “Blue Nelly” 8th Nat. Ace “20-5847” “Port 460” ( 2 x 1st ) with g.daughter “Blue Toni” 12th Nat. Ace “20-5841” “White Porsche” with best “579” full sister “Blue Toni” 18th Nat. Ace “20-6066” G.daughter “Blue Toni

“Bluck Toni” 1st Nat. Ace young birds 2020 exploded on his last three races with following results: 2nd prize Mochov 186 km against 2.325 birds, 1st prize Slany 239 km against 2.152 birds and finally 1st prize Rakovnik 260 km against 2.005 birds. So during 3 weeks he won 2 x 1st and one 2nd prize!

Bulck Toni

The yearling competition was won with three of the best yearlings. Leader in Lubomir´s loft was “19-3315” a super yearling hen that won 2nd Nat. Ace yearlings 2020 and 1st Nat. Ace hen 2020! She is nothing else but again a granddaughter “Blue Toni”! In fact in her pedigree we find 3 times a 1st National Ace bird (father is 1st Nat. Ace youngsters 2018/Team Jurasek-Chmelar), including “Blue Toni”, so you can see once again: good blood never lies. Her best results:

1st Prov. Mochov 2.515 birds 186 km 4th I.Prov. Krajkova 8.218 birds 348 km 5th I.Prov. Tachov 7.301 birds 336 km 8th Prov. Mochov 2.996 birds 186 km 8th Prov. Rakovnik 1.225 birds 260 km 13th Prov. Cheb 1.759 birds 365 km 15th Prov. Cheb 1.847 birds 365 km 39th I.Prov. Wertheim 3.131 birds 562 km

This super hen was accompanied by the hen that won 6th place in the National Ace competition yearlings. Another super racing hen “19-3332”. This super hen is direct daughter Olympic super star “Gregorian”, bronze medal winner from last Olympiad in Poznan 2019! “Gregorian” was paired with a newly introduced breeding hen from the loft of Stefaan Lambrechts named “Lambrechtka”. This hen is also mother of “Bluck Toni” 1st Nat. Ace youngster 2020 with 2 x 1st prize! Her best results:

1st Prov. Cheb 1.847 birds 365 km 6th I.Prov. Krajkova 7.266 birds 348 km 9th Prov. Mochov 2.567 birds 186 km 9th Prov. Cheb 1.759 birds 365 km 45th I.Prov. Tachov 7.301 birds 336 km

The last member of the winning team in the yearling Championship was the yearling cock “19-3455”, ranked as 11th in the National Ace competition. This cock is a grandson to Olympic bird “Gregorian” and g.son “Blue Hardy”. “Blue Hardy” comes from the combination Kubacek with Kruger and won 5 x 1st prize!

One of the best old pigeons in the past season was the 3 year old “Tomio”, grandson base breeder “Toni” ( father of “Blue Toni” ) and “Rudy” from Gaby Vandenaabele. “Tomio” was ranked as 1st Nat. Super Ace pigeon 2020 (the 10 best races in one year).

Another star of the 2020 season was “Blacky”, great grandson to base breeder “Toni”, which was nominated as 2nd Nat. Olympic bird long distance category “C”. This super racer won a lot of prizes. Here his best results won on races over 500 km:

3rd I.Prov. Eisenach 2.928 birds 529 km 5th I.Prov. Eisenach 3.311 birds 529 km 7th I.Prov. Wertheim 4.499 birds 562 km 20th Nat. MSS Cloppenburg 3.203 birds 724 km 25th I.Prov. Koblenz 2.237 birds 704 km 27th I.Prov. Leverkusen 953 birds 746 km 26th Prov. Wertheim 1.238 birds 562 km 27th I.Prov. Schweinfurt 3.103 birds 505 km 41th I.Porv. Leverkusen 2.024 birds 746 km 65th I.Prov. Schweinfurt 3.839 birds 505 km

Last, but not last is another grandson of base breeder “Blue Toni” named “Magnum”. This star represented Lubomir´s loft on Pre-Olympiad in Brno last year!

As you can see the blood of “Blue Toni” is very important in Lubomir´s loft, year after year his descendants are responsible for the best results. This year not only the 1st Nat. Ace hen, the 1st Nat. Ace young birds and many first prize winners are descendants of Blue Toni. At the end of the season 2 grandchildren of Blue Toni also won an amazing 2nd and 3rd place in the Final Race of the One Loft Race FCI Talent Quatro against 758 birds (510 km).

Blue Toni himself