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Auction weekend ends at 995.978 EURO, average 4.149 EURO/pigeon.

These auctions ended on 22 and 23 November: Vermeerbergen-Wilms, Stefaan Lambrechts, Gevaert-Lannoo, Bart Geerinckx, Maarten Huijsmans, Pieter Veenstra, Joël Verschoot, Rik Cools, Lubomir Kubacek, Alwin Petrie, Verweij-De Haan & Dean Pallatt.

Vermeerbergen-Wilms (BE) - 10 pigeons - 2.820 EURO / pigeon
The specialists of the young pigeon game sold after their matchless season, 10 lucky guys of their 2020 selection. With an average of 2.820 EURO pigeon it became an excellent auction for the trainers of young talent. The most sought after pigeon became a double race winner who is a grandchild of Ornat and Best Kittel. He was sold for an amount of 6.600 EURO. In total the auction brought in 28.200 EURO.

Stefaan Lambrechts (BE) - 8 pigeons - 4,513 EURO / pigeon
Never before was the average for the auction of Stefaan as high as this one. No less than 4,513 EURO pigeon. Stefaan brought a compact group of 8 pigeons in the auction which are all créme de la créme. He sold two children of Lincia and two children of Venus. Both Lincia and Venus became 1st National ace pigeon. They turned out to be the four most expensive pigeons in the auction:

Daughter Lincia - 5.000 EURO

Son Lincia - 5.800 EURO

Son Venus - 8.200 EURO

Son Venus - 6.800 EURO


Gevaert-Lannoo (BE) - 101 pigeons - 6.323 EURO / pigeon
For many years Paul and Carlos built one of the best lofts in Belgium on the mid- and large half-round. On Sunday this colony was auctioned, and not without success. The years of effort was rewarded with a beautiful auction result of 6.323 EURO pigeon and a total proceeds of no less than 638.650 EURO. In advance the pigeons Olympiad Ivanka, Enable and Platinum were considered the best pigeons. This was also apparent from the auction result:

Olympiad Ivanka - 87.000 EURO
Enable- 78.000 EURO
Platinum - 42.000 EURO

However, these three did not only make the result. Twiggy (mother Enable) was sold for 38.000 EURO and New Rudy changed hands for 32.500 EURO. All in all a great auction which we will undoubtedly hear about in the future.


Bart Geerinckx (BE) - 10 pigeons - 7.500 EURO / pigeon
The Little Star special was led by an inbred daughter of Little Star herself. For 22.000 EURO she can make her new owner proud. Her father is Super Yearling and a grandson of Little Star. He won 2 first prizes and in the auction we also found a full sister of him. This one was sold for 8.600 EURO. The third most expensive one we don't want to keep from you is Acy's 259, a beautiful yellow ogre cock from Acy. She became 1st Olympiad pigeon LD in Budapest. She was paired to a brother of Little Star. A beautiful clutch and a beautiful result in the auction. For 7.400 EURO he can make his new buyer happy.

Maarten Huijsmans (NL) - 7 pigeons - 3,357 EURO / pigeon
Olympic Roel, Doutzen, Super Cees etc. It was all in there. And that did not go unnoticed, a lot of interest came for Maarten's young gems. Maarten plays phenomenal on the middle distance for years and basically always kept his top pigeons. That makes it easier to put together a couple of unique couples for PIPA. The result is a great auction that ended on an average of 3.357 EURO/ pigeon. The most attention was given to a pigeon that resembles her father Olympic Roel like two drops of water. She became the most expensive in the auction and her new owner paid 5.200 EURO for her. 5.000 EURO was the last bid on a son of Super Cees x Blue Pearl. In total the auction brought in 23.500 EURO.

Pieter Veenstra (NL) - 23 pigeons - 1.835 EURO / pigeon  
23 ready to breed pigeons were waiting for a new owner on Sunday. A series of pigeons from the line of Return Flojo but also children of National ace pigeons. A very nice mix of pigeons from the best breeders of the Veenstra family. Not a day stands still that the family is not trying to strengthen their colony. Many buyers also saw their chance to add clean reinforcement to their own colony. The pigeon that was sold as the most expensive was a daughter of Shamrock Ike (father Return Flojo) coupled to a daughter of Prince Esmee x Return Flojo. She was sold for 4.400 EURO. In total the auction brought in 42.200 EURO.

Joël Verschoot (BE) - 20 pigeons - 2.600 EURO / pigeon
1st Nat. ace pigeon KBDB 2018 (record coefficient), 1st Olympiad pigeon, 3rd Nat. ace pigeon KBDB 2017 and 1e-2e-10th National. That is something you want to own offspring from your loft. That was also known by the buyers who interfered in the auction of Joël. With an average of 2.600 EURO the 20 pigeons were sold. All 20 connected to Armando and all shiny on the picture. The most expensive pigeons in the auction were the double grandchildren of Armando. They were sold for 5.000 EURO, 4.200 EURO, 4.000 EURO etc.

Rik Cools (BE) - 11 pigeons - 1,164 EURO / pigeon
Year after year Rik performs in the heavy middle-distance at a level that is only given to a few, this is of course partly due to the abundant presence of the Vandenabeele breed. Something of that was available, the team from the best pigeons of Rik yielded a total of 11.700. The best paid pigeon in the auction became a son of De Kleinen. He was sold for 1.900.

Lubomir Kubacek (CZ) - 6 pigeons - 2,275 EURO / pigeon
The Czech superstar Lubomir Kabacek became famous thanks to his miracle grower Toni. What followed was Blue Toni. The auction that ended today or with a performance pigeon that won 5 (!) first prizes against an average of 2,458 pigeons. This excellent four year old cock was sold for 5.000 EURO. He did not demand all attention because the average today was 2,275 EURO which means that the other pigeons were also sold for good amounts. For example, a daughter of Blue Toni was sold as the second most expensive for 2,500 EURO. Now that the auction of Lubomir is over, he will undoubtedly focus again on the season 2021. A year in which we will certainly hear from him.

Alwin Petrie (NL) - 9 pigeons - 1.153 EURO / pigeon
Alwin Petrie got more motivation when his daughter also became a fanatic. Together they prepare their pigeons every week and not without success. Every week they are at the head of the results and still with descendants of his Gigi and others. The pigeon born in 2009 came, saw and conquered. Today was the very last chance to get something from her. Alwin auctioned for the last time a child of hers. Paired on New Brummenaar she took care of Last Gigi. It ended today at an amount of 3.000 EURO. The average of Alwin's auction was 1.153 EURO pigeon which brought him to a total of 10.375 EURO.

Verweij-De Haan (NL) - 20 pigeons - 2,045 EURO / pigeon
Milos, the pigeon with which Verweij-De Haan definitively stormed the world top. For years he was and is central in the colony of the Dutch combination. Meanwhile, the descendants are starting to take over from Milos. And not entirely without merit. Milos gave the right genes, proven by pigeons like Red Rose, Miss Milos and many others. That the marathon fanciers like to buy pigeons showed from the successful auction that finishes at a total of 40.900 EURO. 'Of course' the most expensive pigeon in the auction became a son of Milos. He was sold for 9.800 EURO.

Dean Pallatt (UK) - 15 pigeons - 1,580 EURO / pigeon
Dean owns a magnificent collection of Jelle Jellema pigeons from which he auctioned some on PIPA. One of his signs of the Jellema collection is Silke's brother. This cock of 2015 became father of the most expensive pigeon in Dean's auction. It will not only have been due to him because the mother is a daughter of Silke. A beautiful clutch that ensured that the cock was sold for 2.600 EURO. The auction ended on a total of 23.700 EURO.