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Auction weekend ends at 678,475 EURO, average 2,210 EURO / pigeon

These auctions ended on Sunday 29 November and Monday 30 November: Franz-Josef Irmer, Anthony Maes, Hardy Krüger, Davy Tournelle, Jos & Lars Vercammen, Marc Vandevelde, De Smeyter-Restiaen, Roose-Pyra, November auction, Pieter Oberholster, Arie Dijkstra & Kas & Karel Meijers.

Franz-Josef Irmer (DE) - 8 pigeons - 2,263 EURO / pigeon
Normally you expect the red devils in an auction from the Belgian corner. But it was Franz Josef who offered a beautiful collection of red and faded. All inbred to the well-known lines of Dirk van den Bulck. The pigeon that demanded the most attention was the red cock Red Kittel Greipel. He is grandson of the brothers Kittel and Greipel. It was sold for 3,200 EURO. In total, the auction raised EUR 18,100.

Anthony Maes (BE) - 20 pigeons - 1,955 EURO / pigeon
A wonderful offer was waiting for new owners on Sunday. Including three provincial winners led by De Zevenhonderd. A beautiful cock that is good for three first prizes, including a provincial victory. He became the most expensive pigeon in Anthony's auction, namely 6,000 EURO. The youngsters in the auction that appealed the most were a brother of Cent et Deux and a cock inbred to Bonte Crack. Their new owners paid 2,100 EURO and 1,900 EURO. In total, the auction raised 39,100 EURO.

Hardy Krüger (DE) - 24 pigeons - 2.054 EURO / pigeon
The preferred favorite by Hardy in his auction was The One and Only. A hen straight from the Olympiad pigeon Black Pearl. Mouth-watering offer. Various buyers fought hard to get this hen. The observant interested person has no doubt seen that the father was born in 2008, which means that there are not many more opportunities to come. The lucky buyer eventually paid EUR 13,600. Hardy auctioned a total of 24 pigeons that went to an average of 2,054 EURO, an excellent result.

Davy Tournelle (BE) - 23 pigeons- 2,739 EURO / pigeon
The 1st National was won from Argenton, the 2nd National from Gueret and a few weeks later it was again hit with 1st and 2nd National Tulle yearlings. That's Davy's season in a nutshell. If you want to summarize Davy's auction you say: beautiful average with highest turnover ever for Davy.

With an offer from, among others, children Tevez x Miss Torres, brothers Miss Torres and many others, it could hardly be anything but a class auction. So it was with a total return of 63,000 EURO. The most expensive pigeon in the auction comes from Tevez coupled to Miss Torres. This jewel of a hen exchanges owner for an amount of 8,400 EURO. The second most expensive pigeon was sold for 4,000 EURO. This is a brother of Tiësto's Lady, who became 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB in 2020 and won a 1st National from Argenton.

Jos & Lars Vercammen (BE) - 12 pigeons - 2,717 EURO / pigeon
An auction of Jos & Lars Vercammen quickly stands out because of the dark checkered pigeons from the Mustang, Elektro and Samsung lines. This time they managed to break this through with a pure white called White Sugar. This half-sister of the 2nd National Limoges drew almost all the attention and ended up with an amount of 3,600 EURO. This did not make her the most expensive in the auction of Jos and Lars. That honor went to Olympic Mustang 05, a daughter of Mustang x Olympic Eva. Her new owner pays 6,400 EURO for her.

De Smeyter-Restiaen (BE) -15 pigeons - 3,240 EURO / pigeon
The super player Joost De Smeyter-Restiaen has clearly demonstrated in recent years why he is considered one of the very best in the extreme long distance. His auction ended today and there too it was clearly visible that Joost has a golden colony at his disposal. He is in possession of the 1st International Pau 2015 and the 1st International hens from Barcelona. If you also put them together, you get Cas Floor Jr. 712, the most expensive pigeon in the auction. No less than 14,600 EURO was paid for the son of two absolute tenors. The auction brought in a total of 48,600 EURO, which is good for an average of 3,240 EURO / pigeon.

Roose-Pyra (BE) - 6 pigeons - 783 EURO / pigeon
In recent years, Noël Roose and Roger Pyra have repeatedly seized top 3 rankings such as general provincial championship KBDB West Flanders! They made their debut at PIPA with a number of top racers and children of their top breeders. The most expensive pigeon in the auction was De Wouwer 028, which was sold for 1,100.

November auction - 14 pigeons - 993 EURO / pigeon
You could call it happiness in an accident for the interested bidders. Because some bidders may overplay their hand and do not pay for the purchased pigeons, PIPA puts these non-purchased pigeons up for auction several times a year. For example, the auction of the unpaid pigeons from the past period ended today. The compact group was sold for a total of EUR 13,900 and the most expensive became a double grandchild of New Laureaat who moved to its new owner for EUR 2,300.

Pieter Oberholster (UK) - 5 pigeons - 1,160 EURO / pigeon
Pieter put together a small group of Vandenabeele pigeons for PIPA to be auctioned. Pieter is, among other things, in possession of a wonderful son of De Bliksem, from which he also auctioned something today. This also became the most expensive pigeon in his auction. She was sold for 1,800 EURO. In total, the auction of Pieter brought EUR 5,800 which means an average of EUR 1,160 / pigeon.

Arie Dijkstra - 14 pigeons - 1,379 EURO / pigeon
Today was the opportunity to obtain something from Arie's masterpiece. He auctioned a group of young pigeons related to his basic pigeons. It is known that a special color rolls out there sometimes, and so today we saw another chocolate color in the auction. It became the most expensive in the auction of Arie, along with a daughter of Gastorina. Gastorina is a grandchild of Gaston van de Wouwer's Kaasboer and has already brought Arie a lot of fun. Both pigeons were sold for 2,700 EURO.

Kas & Karel Meijers (NL) - 14 pigeons - 1,145 EURO / pigeon
Kas & Karel gained fame for their great results and regularly brought a special performance pigeon to the past auctions. This time again a beautiful pigeon was ready for the buyers. A 1st prize winner against 10,492 pigeons. And you guessed it, related to their Olympic Nicole. Namely a daughter of Olympic Nicole and on his father's side a brother of the 2nd national ace pigeon youngsters KBDB. This winner was sold for 2,500 EURO and could therefore call herself the most expensive pigeon in the auction.

Marc Vandevelde (BE) - 152 pigeons - 2,421 EURO / pigeon
Marc can without a doubt be regarded as one of Gaston's largest branches. In addition, Marc has a number of real trendsetters related to New Kim in his lofts. He offered his collection on PIPA and not without success. No fewer than 152 pigeons went under the hammer and were sold for a total amount of 368,050 EURO. Not unexpectedly, the following pigeons became the most expensive pigeons from Marc's auction

Brother New Kim - 26,500 EURO

Sister New Kim - 20,500 EURO

Brother New Kim - 17,000 EURO