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Maarten Huijsmans (Hoogerheide, NL) overwhelmingly strong again in 2020

Maarten Huijsmans
Maarten Huijsmans can look back on a rather fantastic racing season with many highlights. And judging from the many references that were sent in, the Huijsmans pigeon has become a trusted name in many other lofts as well.

The 2020 season

We had had a shortened racing season in 2020, which meant that Maarten Huijsmans's favourite competition counted just 17 races. He managed to stand out nonetheless, in the wake of an already very successful 2019 season, in which Maarten claimed a National title middle distance (not nominated). This title was a crowning achievements after a long series of top results in that championship, which began in 2015.

2015 5th Nominated and 10th not nominated national champion middle distance

2016 1st Not nominated and 2nd nominated national champion middle distance

2017 2nd National champion middle distance

2018 3rd Not nominated national champion middle distance

2019 1st Not nominated national champion middle distance

         5th Nominated national champion middle distance

With his 20th place in the 2020 national loft championship middle distance not nominated, he maintains his place as one of the leading names in The Netherlands. And he lived up to his reputation in the Golden Pigeon competition as well: he finished in 4th place in the sprint category in June/July thanks to a successful race from Peronne, while finishing in 9th place in the middle distance based on a great result from Sermaises.

His best results of 2020

We take a look at some of his most impressive achievements from 2020, just to give you an idea of the sheer strength of his racing team.

Brabant 2000

13 June Peronne 196 km 20275 p. 9-10-15-29-31-32-36-45-58-60-61-etc.(42/47) 15 x 1 :100

19 September Morlincourt 230 km 11790 p. 8-9-15-17-18-28-32-35-68-87-89-etc.(86/101) 22 x 1 :100

Province 2 Rayon 1 ZUF

11 July Sermaises 384 km 1445 p. 1-3-4-7-11-17-29-30-33-51-59-60-67-etc.(23/28)

18 July Bierges (young birds) 82 km 4124 p. 2-3-4-5-9-17-18-19-20-21-23-24-25-etc.(57/62) 14 x 1 : 100

5 September Quiévrain 124 km 2377 p. 3-5-8-9-10-13-15-16-17-20-21-22-23-etc.(77/102) 13 x 1 : 100

Miss Universe one of the cornerstones in this success story

Miss Universe with her youngsters and grandchildren

Even in 2020, Maarten's unique breeding hen NL08-1633110 Miss Universe is still playing a pivotal role in the team's biggest achievements. And her descendants have been quite successful in other lofts as well. Maarten's breeding loft, which is reserved only for NPO race winners and national ace pigeons, has been home to several direct youngsters and grandchildren of Miss Universe. We would like to zoom in on a few of them.

Blue Dream, outstanding again in 2020

NL17-3724604 Blue Dream, winner of a 1st Sermaises of 1445 p. in 2020

NL17-3724604 Blue Dream is one of those racing birds in Maarten's team that you can always rely on. She is a daughter of NL12-1698913 Super Cees (Son Miss Universe) x NL13-1316012 Doutzen (granddaughter Miss Universe). Super Cees was 4th Best cock in the national competition WHZB in 2015, and Doutzen was 2nd best hen WHZB that year. Blue Dream was in turn 13th in the PIPA ranking for best sprint/middle distance pigeon in The Netherlands with 10 prizes. And in 2019 she won for instance a 1st Melun of 2693 p. She adds a victory from Sermaises of 1445 pigeons to her palmares in 2020.

Click here for the full pedigree of Blue Dream.

Olympic Roel 3rd int. Olympiad Pigeon (Cat. G) Brussels

NL15-1777271 Olympic Roel, 3rd int. Olympiad Pigeon (Cat.G) Brussels

NL15-1777271 Olympic Roel, a grandson of Miss Universe, gained international fame. He was sent to the 2017 Brussels Olympiad thanks to the following achievements: a 1st Creil (1160 p.), 2nd Sezanne (9118 p.), 3rd Strepy Thieu (10995 p.) and 4th Roye (3652 p.). And we saw some excellent references from Olympic Roel as well. For instance, G&S Verkerk win a 10th Fontenay (467km) of 15,396 pigeons with a grandchild of Olympic Roel. And Lorenzo van Russel wins a 3rd provincial Peronne of 11,370 pigeons with racing bird NL20-1498707, a granddaughter of Olympic Roel.

Super Yearling, 8th National ace pigeon PIPA ranking best sprint pigeon in The Netherlands 2016

NL15-1777319 Super Yearling, 8th national ace pigeon PIPA ranking best sprint pigeon in The Netherlands - 5prizes 2016

NL15-1777319 Super Yearling is is a full brother of Blue Dream (Super Cees x Doutzen), and hence a grandson of Miss Universe. Super Yearling was 8th national ace pigeon in the 2016 PIPA ranking for best sprint pigeon in The Netherlands with 5 prizes. He was also victorious in Sezanne in province Brabant 2000, racing against as many as 9118 pigeons. And you can tell from his grandchildren that he is an exceptional breeder as well. In 2020, Geert-Jan Meuwese wins a 1st Niergnies of 583 pigeons (2nd provincial of 3226 p.) and a 1st Pont St. Maxence of 805 pigeons with grandchildren of Super Yearling. Meanwhile, Stef Bals (Wouwse Plantage, NL) has a 1st ace pigeon in the natour races in his team with NL20-1574106, which is another grandchild of Super Yearling.

2nd Nat. Ace. YBs 19, a great racing bird bred from Super Cees x Doutzen

NL19-3920765, 2nd national ace pigeon allround YBs WHZB 2019

The third top class descendant of super class pair Super Cees x Doutzen that deserves an introduction is racing bird NL19-3920765. This 19-765 was 2nd National ace pigeon allround YBs WHZB 2019. His best result is without doubt a 1st Lorris of 1006 p. (5th NPO of 4372 p.). Keeping in mind the breeding references of his brother and sister, expectations are high for this 2nd Nat. ace pigeon YBs from 2019.

Achievements in other lofts

In addition to the references that we already talked about, Maarten's pigeons have also done well for many other fanciers:

G & S Verkerk win an 8th NPO Vierzon of 9031 p. with NL18-5166987 (grandchild Miss Universe)

Tomasz Wiczling wins a first prize in the big final race (Poland) of 9495 pigeons (the winner was bred from a grandson of Super Cees x Doutzen)

Stef Bals wins a 1st Peronne of 1071 p. with NL20-2006951 (grandchild NPO Man)

Nico van Noordenne finish in 28th place in the 2nd ace pigeon race (262 km) and an 8th place in the 3rd ace pigeon race (314 km) in Derby Rias Baixas in Spain with a brother of Doutzen

Team GPS wins a 1st Vervins of 366 p. (80th prov. 3 of 10949 p.) with NL20-4099433

John van Dongen wins a 2nd Chateaudun of 501 p. (51st provincial 6277 p.)

John Rockx wins a 1st Sens of 884 p.

F. Damen and son win a 1st s-provincial Roye of 3128 p. That same pigeon had already won a 2nd s-provincial Quiévrain of 6509 p.

Jan van de Pasch & daughter win a 1st Chimay of 1617 p. and a 12th Mettet of 1369 p. with NL20-1649898 (a grandchild of Super Cees x Doutzen)

The Van Wanrooij combination (Geffen, NL) have a fantastic breeder in their team with a daughter of Super Cees x Doutzen. This hen was the dam of a 1st Laon 963 p. (5th province 3 5477 p.), a 5th Nanteuil province 3 of 16191 p. and a 10th province 3 Laon of 5477 p.

A great ending

It was a short racing season but Maarten Huijsmans had quite a bit of success nonetheless. In addition, he closed the natour competition of ZUF Brabant 2000 with a title of 1st Emperor, and 7 of the first 9 ace pigeons in this championship belonged to Maarten as well. In other words, this fancier can look towards the upcoming 2021 season with quite a bit of confidence.