Now it's the time to supply your pigeons for the new edition of the Derby Arona Tenerife

In the weekend of 24th & 25th October you have the last opportunity to supply young pigeons to the Rolls Royce of one-loft races, the world-famous Derby Arona Tenerife.

Many Brave winged gladiators, will be entered by fanciers participating from many countries around the world, they will fight against the elements and each other, in one of the world's most  challenging environments; flying over land and sea of Tenerife the mighty Atlantic Ocean from neighboring islands  called the  Canary Islands. With such a demanding and testing program  Racing over land and sea from island to island, over volcanoes and open seas, a route only suitable for the bravest and strongest .

Participation consists of a team of 5 pigeons, 1 of which is activated plus 4 reserve pigeons. The initial team investment is 220, - euro on entry to the loft (excluding transport costs).

After the first series of short training sessions in Tenerife starting at the beginning of December, the activation period follows in which the owner is given the unique opportunity  to activate his or her remaining reserve  pigeons for € 220 per pigeon. 

Following  the owners and third party  period, the intensive island training program will be resumed followed by a minimum of  two training sessions from the open sea. From there on, the main tournament will commence with the  exciting first car race flying from Gran Canaria to Tenerife, the so-called survival race. This is followed  by two more car races before the last big island jump which will be a double island flight In the build up to the highlight and biggest event, in the ultimate grand final, which  will be held on Friday 27th March 2021.

A unique event, a huge prize pool, possibly the biggest challenge in the field of one-loft races.

With Every training, & hotspot races plus grand  final professionally portrayed live to the world on screen, transparency in optima forma.

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Jacky & Jelle Creemers
Email: Tel: +32 475639828 – Diestersteenweg 403 – 3680 – Maaseik

Roger Mertens
Tel: +32498143220 Zepperenweg 221 – 3800 Sint-Truiden – Belgie mail:

The Netherlands

Sjaak Buwalda
Email:  Tel: +31 6 27106716 – Wytlansdykje 11, 8566 JG Nijemirdum


Tomasz Wiczling
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Hendrik Wilpers
Tel: 01703804886