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Tjeerd and Jouke Elzinga (Harkema, NL) can look back on another great 2020 season

Tjeerd and Jouke Elzinga have won as many as three victories at NPO/provincial level this season. These victories, and many of their other successes, were won with descendants of the fantastic breeder Esmee.

Jouke made a fresh start in this new pigeon loft in 2019, relying on a group of descendants of the fantastic Esmee, paired to some other renowned pigeons. It was with these pigeons that he competed in ten sprint races that year. They achieved some great results, and they proved to be quite successful again in 2020, this time as one year olds. For instance, the team claimed a 1st and 7th NPO in the one day long distance race from Sens (18th of July) of 6,629 pigeons, and they also had the fastest pigeon in S4 of 12,703 pigeons (reread our earlier report here). They took as many as three first prizes at NPO/provincial level. We take a look at some of their best results and their championship titles this year.

Provincial (800 lofts)
1st General Not nominated
5th Middle distance Not nominated
4th One day long dist. Not nominated

S-Provincial (300 lofts)
1st General Not nominated
1st Long Distance Not nominated
1st Natour Not nominated
2nd Middle distance Not nominated

Rayon (100 lofts)
1st General Not nominated
1st long distance Not nominated
1st Middle distance Not nominated
1st Natour Not nominated
1st Ace Pigeon Allround (NL19-4200623, grandchild Hallilujah)

4th Champion not nominated (Northern Union)

1st and 7th NPO Sens 590 km 6,629 pigeons and fastest of S4 12,703 pigeons
1st Provincial Arlon 390 km 8,768 pigeons and fastest of Prov. 10 & 11 of 17,209 pigeons
1st and 4th Provincial Gennep 168 km of 13,300 pigeons
1st, 6th, 12th, 14th and 15th Fay Loges 650 km 781 pigeons and 7th NPO 4,643 pigeons
1st and 2nd Sittard 240 km 2,065 pigeons and 2nd and 4th Provincial 20,003 pigeons
3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th S.Prov. Burdinne 300 km 4,576 pigeons

Like we said, many of today's best racing birds are still descendants of Esmee. She had been paired to some other highly renowned breeders, including the legendary Harry, his son New Harry (both Jan Hooymans) and Porsche 911 (PEC), and together they bred quite a few highly successful descendants. We will be looking at a few of these race winners in a moment, but we would like to start by putting Esmee in the spotlight one more time.

Super class hen Esmee was born in 2012, and she marked the breakthrough of Tjeerd and Jouke's pigeon racing career. She was already 9th National ace pigeon allround in the TBOTB competition as a yearling in 2013. And her most prestigious victory was her 1st NPO Châlons, where she claimed victory with a 100 m/min lead (or 23 minutes) as the fastest of 11,000 pigeons, racing in 33 degree temperatures. She won an impressive 17 prizes 1 per 100 over the course of her career. We take a look at her best achievements and titles:

1st NPO Châlons en Champagne 479 km 4,269 p.
2nd Sittard 241 km 6,763 p.
4th NPO St. Truiden 274 km 20,435 p.
7th Duffel 259 km 4,022 p.
8th Gennep 168 km 2,788 p.
21st Weert 169 km 3,706 p.
37th Sens 590 km 6,036 p.
43rd Sens 590 km 8,725 p.
67th Gennep 168 km 2,788 p.
70th Auby lez Douai 374 km 12,133 p.

2014 Olympiad Pigeon Budapest allround
2014 1st Ace Pigeon allround WHZB/TBOTB
2014 1st Pigeon Champion one day long distance Prov. Friesland
2014 2nd Ace Pigeon general long distance Prov. Friesland
2014 2nd National pigeon champion one day long distance NPO
2013 9th Ace Pigeon allround (5th hen) TBOTB
2013 11th yearling allround (9th hen) TBOTB

After what had been a very strong racing career, Esmee developed into an excellent breeding hen. But she got sick in the winter of 2017-2018 and she died a short time later. However, despite having only spent a few years in the breeding loft, she has bred some absolutely fantastic descendants, often crossbred with the cream of the crop of other Dutch fanciers. Tjeerd and Jouke were particularly successful with pigeons that they bred together with Jan Hooymans. Esmee was paired to Jan's legendary Harry, combining two national ace pigeons as well as two national winners. Esmee also combined really well with New Harry, and there was also a joint breeding involving Esmee x Porsche 911 (PEC), which proved very successful too.

NL15-1850078 Hallilujah x NL12-4245276 New Hope

One of the products of the joint breeding of Esmee x Harry was Hallilujah, which has become one of the leading names in Harkema. To begin with, he is the sire/grandfather of several top ten winners NPO. Hallilujah has been paired to breeding hen New Hope, and together they have bred several strong racing birds, including the fantastic Prince Esmee, winner of 2 x 1st NPO in just two weeks' time. And a brother of Hallilujah is also proving to be a successful breeder for Jan Hooymans: one of his youngsters has a 10th NPO to his name in Kerkdriel.

Hallilujah is now the sire or grandfather of:

1st NPO Sens 4,666 p. (and 1st 8,762 p.)
1st NPO Morlincourt 8,939 p.
2nd Nat. Châlons 6,919 p.
2nd Asse Zellik 4,122 p.
3rd NPO Morlincourt 7,318 p.
3rd Gorichem 19,430 p.
4th Heusden-Z 8,905 p.
5th NPO Morlincourt 7,318 p.
8th Deurne 17,128 p.

NL17-4289807 Prince Esmee

Prince Esmee is a son of the aforementioned breeding pair Hallilujah x New Hope, making him a grandson of dream pair Harry x Esmee.

Prince Esmee was sensational in 2018, claiming two victories NPO in just two weeks' time (click here for our report on this sensational victory). He came to the fore already as a young bird, winning a 2nd Asse Zellik of 4,122 pigeons. And he is proving to be an excellent breeder as well; he is now the sire/grandfather of:

1st Monforte 4,178 p. (olr Algarve)
1st Sittard 2,057 p. (and 2nd Prov. 20,003 p.)
7th S.Prov. Bierges 5,546 p.
10th Gennep 1,067 p.

NL17-1410114 New Esmee

Like we said, the combination of Esmee and New Harry (of Jan Hooymans) was a great success too. For instance, a daughter of this combination has won a 6th NPO Roye for Jan Hooymans (raced by Christian v.d. Wetering). And Tjeerd and Jouke have a talented new breeding hen in their collection, bred from Esmee x Harry. She is called New Esmee, and she is already the dam of:

1st Morlincourt 1,878 p.
7th NPO Vierzon 2,945 p.
7th Issoudun 946 p.
9th Morlincourt 2,057 p.
9th Orleans 1,631 p.
15th Quievrain 2,173 p.
20th Gennep 7,634 p.
78th Peronne 10,473 p.

A full sister of New Esmee is the dam of:
4th Nat. Chateauroux 2,721 p.
7th Nat. Chateauroux 33,833 p.

NL13-4242338 Mr. Sky

Mr. Sky was the first telltale sign of the many breeding qualities of Esmee and her most important sons. He won for instance:

1st Quievrain 20,469 p.
1st Hapert 567 p.
4th Tilburg 6,429 p.
10th NPO Souppes 6,888 p.
17th Gennep 19,701 p.
16th Nat. Ace Pigeon cocks WHZB/TBOTB 2015

And he turned out to be a great breeding bird himself as well; he is now the sire/grandfather of:

1st S.Prov. Ace Pigeon YBs 2016
1st Reg. Ace Pigeon YBs 2016
1st S.Prov. Weert 4,768 p.
1st NPO Laon 2,657 p.
1st Weert 4,668 p.
1st Sittard 3,368 p.
1st Quievrain 2,214 p.
11th Nat. Ace Pigeon YBs 2016
6th Prov. Ace Pigeon YBs 2017
27th Best young bird PIPA Ranking 2017

BE17-4062707 Daughter Porsche 911 x Esmee

One particularly special pairing of two super class birds was that of Porsche 911 x Esmee. We already discussed Esmee's list of achievements, but we also wanted to include the palmares of Porsche 911. He won the following prizes:

5th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB one day long distance YLs 2015
7th Nat. Chateauroux I 25,710 p.
11th Nat. Bourges 21,522 p.
52nd Nat. Montlucon 16,982 p.
38th Nat. Zone Argenton I 5,327 p.

Porsche 911

Grandchildren of Porsche 911 won two national first prizes in 2020 alone, besides a 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Zone/prov. Meanwhile, a daughter of Porsche 911 x Esmee appears to have inherited the breeding qualities of both her parents in her early career as a breeder. She is already the dam of:

3rd Sittard 3,368 p.
7th Burdinne 4,576 p.
9th NPO Chateaudun 2,625 p.
17th Morlincourt 2,057 p.
18th Deurne 17,128 p.
9th Prov. Ace Pigeon (long)
17th Prov. Ace Pigeon (long)
1st Ace Pigeon (allround)
5th Ace Pigeon (allround)
5th Ace Pigeon (middle distance)
1st Morlincourt 301 p.

NL14-1373376 The Only One

The Only one is a full brother of the phenomenal Esmee.

He plays an important role in the lofts of Tjeerd and Jouke as a breeder. He is for instance:

Sire of : 1st Prov. Gennep 13,311 p.
Sire of : Only Sensation 650/15
: 5th Reg. Ace Pigeon one day long distance 2017
: 1st Gien 590 p. (and 10th NPO 4,830 p.) 2017
: 82nd NPO Chateauroux 2,379 p. 2018
: 68th NPO Issoudun 3,319 p. 2016
: 4th Pontoise 193 p. (and 30th 1,515 p.) 2017
: 65th Fed. Morlincourt 1,102 p. (and 348th Prov. 7,246 p.) 2017
: 76th Fed. Chimay 1,440 p. (and 210th Prov. 11,301 p.) 2017
: Winner of a total of 32 prizes
Sire of : 806/17
: 8th Fed. Gennep 1,506 p. (and 22nd Prov. 12,323 p.) 2017
: 10th Fed. Asse Zellik 1,163 p. (and 35th Prov. 10,579 p.) 2017
: Total 5x top 100 Fed.

NL15-1848864 Blue Harry

Besides the joint breeding involving Harry and Esmee, there was another son of Harry that moved from Kerkdriel to Harkema: Blue Harry. He is a direct son of Harry x Daughter Harry. And Daughter Harry is in turn a full sister of Beauty Harry.

Blue Harry has lived up to the reputation of his predecessors; he is already the sire/grandfather of:

1st Niergnies 5,079 p.
1st Venlo 4,165 p.
1st Burdinne 2,680 p.
1st Tongeren 2,542 p.
1st Weert 719 p.
3rd Weert 719 p.
6th Prov. Weert 21,740 p.
8th S-Prov. Quievrain 5,971 p.
9th S-Prov. Quievrain 5,971 p.
40th NPO Morlincourt 5,643 p.
41st NPO Morlincourt 5,643 p.
40th Prov. Quievrain 13,249 p.
1st Club Ace Pigeon YBs 2017
1st Club Ace Pigeon middle dist. 2018
4th S-prov. Ace Pigeon YBs 2018
6th S-Prov. Ace Pigeon YBs 2017
11th Prov. Ace Pigeon YBs 2017
22nd Best young bird PIPA Ranking 2017
3rd Distr. Ace Pigeon middle distance 2018
14th S-Prov. Ace Pigeon YBs 2017
5th Reg. Ace Pigeon YBs 2016

NL13-1630238 Special Vita

The last pigeon that we wanted to introduce here is Special Vita. She is a 100% Pieter Veenstra bird and she is related to some big names, including Mr. Blue, broer Dolce Vita etc.

She is the dam of two provincial winners in 2020 alone: a 1st Arlon of 17,209 pigeons and a 1st Gennep of 13,311 pigeons. Her youngsters and grandchildren have won the following prizes:

1st Arlon 17,209 p.
1st Gennep 13,311 p.
1st Chimay 4,148 p.
1st Sittard 2,298 p.
2nd Menen 4,661 p.
2nd Weert 4,397 p.
3rd Menen 2,355 p.
3rd Weert 1,133 p.
5th Quievrain 2,679 p.

Outstanding in other lofts as well

In the wake of the fantastic results of Tjeerd and Jouke, we also saw some excellent results from other fanciers with descendants of those same breeders. We take a look at the list of references from pigeons bred directly from the Elzinga bloodlines, including nothing but first prizes in major races in 2020:

Jan Hooymans : 1st NPO Chateaudun (2,860 p.) and the fastest in the N.U. (15,639 p.)
: Bred from Son Harry x Esmee (bull brother Hallilujah)

Team Hooymans B.E.: 1st Prov. Chateauroux (5,117 p.) and 7th Nat. (33,833 p.)
: 4th Nat. Chateauroux (2,721 p.)
: With a granddaughter of Esmee. Bred from a daughter of New Harry x Esmee

Scheele Brothers : 1st Prov. Melun (10,418 p.) with NL19-3908080
: 1st Prov. Peronne (7,823 p.) with NL19-3832111
: two grandchildren of Esmee (the sire is a son Esmee)

Foeke Hoekstra : 1st S. Prov. Venlo (4,165 p.)
: 1st S. Prov. Burdinne (2,360 p.)
: the two winners are a brother and sister. The dam is a daughter of Blue Harry x grandchild Esmee

Harry Gutman : 1st S. Prov. Venlo (7,700 p.)
: The sire is a son of Blue Hope and the dam is a daughter of Sven x daughter Hallilujah

Comb Lokhorst : 1st Quievrain (2,214 p.)
: The dam is bred from Mr. Sky x daughter Blue Hope

Arie Dijkstra : 1st Hotspot 2 Derby Sevilla (1,229 p.)
: 4th semi final Derby Sevilla (753 p.)
: The sire is a son of Sven x daughter Hallilujah

Ype Hemstra : 1st Gennep (3,928 p.) with NL20/891
: 8th Sittard (3,531 p.) with NL20/891
: The dam of this race winner is a daughter of stock breeder Blue Hope

Comb. Fokkinga : 8th N.U./NPO Fay aux Loges (4.230 d) 650 km
: Bred from a full brother of Prince Esmee (from Hallilujah x New Hope)

D. & P. Soepboer : 1st Monforte Race 2 OLR Algarve Golden Race (4,178 p.)
: The sire is a son of Prince Esmee