Przejdź do treści

A report on the British Barcelona Club young bird race from Coutances on 31st August 2020

Eighty-seven members sent six hundred and thirteen young birds to Coutances with the British Barcelona Club. After a two day holdover, they were liberated at 09.00CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
First open

Shaun McDonough of Walsall timed eight pigeons in the top fifteen of the result being first, second, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth open and taking the first eight positions in section E. The winning youngster was on a velocity of 1367ypm. Second to time was on 1366ypm and tenth position was on a velocity of 1294ypm. The winner was sent sitting a five day old squeaker, whilst the second pigeon had been sitting for seven days. This is Shaun's first attempt at racing with the British Barcelona Club so he is over the moon with his result. All the pigeons he clocked were bred by Pieter Oberholster. 

Second open
Edwards & Harris

Edwards and Harris of Gosport were third open and first section A with a youngster on 1347ypm. The partners timed a darkness chequer cock bred from their Paul Eizinger Busschaerts when crossed with their Scottish Busschaerts through Steve Visor of Horsham. 

Mark & Julie Gower

Mark and Julie Gower of Fordingbridge timed a young bird on 1341ypm to take fourth open and first section B. The Gowers timed two further pigeons to also take third and fourth section B. Mark and Julie's first and third birds were bred from a son of Nick Adshead's super racer Patience when paired to an Andy Parsons' hen bred down from his Tarbes bloodlines. Their second section winner is from a Les Green Van Den Bulck cock crossed with a GWP Macaloney hen. 

The Kenny Family

Mr and Mrs Kenny and Family of Wantage were fifth open and first section D on 1322ypm. The Kennys timed two further pigeons on 1297ypm and 1294ypm to also take seventh and ninth open, second and third section D. The section winner was a blue bar cock bred by Richard Elliott and containing Herman Ceusters' bloodlines, being a grandson of Euro Vision, Better and Better, Mighty Wind and Pepsi Cola. Second section was bred from their best breeding cock, 22, the sire of winners from Ancenis and Bergerac. Third section was bred from their Mark Evans' Vandenabeele stock. 

Martin & Kenny Attrill

J Attrill and Sons of Southampton were sixth open and second section A with a youngster on 1314ypm. Martin and Kenny timed the same pigeon that was second open from Coutances with the CSCFC the previous week, a cock bred from a Dave Hawthorne hen paired to a Verhegan cock. 

Graham Clift

Graham Clift of Tirley was eighth open and first section C on a velocity of 1295ypm. Graham had three of his ten entries within forty-five minutes and the sire of his section winner is a grandson of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Supreme, first international Dax. The dam came from a brother to Southfield Jane, first NFC Saintes.

Around the sections

James Fulford

James Fulford of Salisbury was second section B on 1280ypm. James timed a youngster bred from his good Red Barker hen and Crazy John, which contains John Halstead's Ruby x Gaby bloodlines. 

Ken Booker's cock

K Booker of Walsall was second section C on 1284ypm. Ken timed a pencil cock, sent sitting ten days and containing Harry and Kleine Dirk bloodlines via Mick Stone. 

Herbie & Jamie Hine with Demi Johnston

H Hine & Son of Dunstable were the runners up in section D on 1266ypm. Jamie's fiancee Demi manages their young bird team and the young bird they clocked was bred from Herbie's late brother's birds, the dam being a descendant of Forest Gump bloodlines when crossed with a Ceusters cock. 

Dave & Kyle Harris

D & K Harris of Newport were the runners up in section E with a young bird on 1284ypm. Dave and Kyle clocked a grand-daughter of The Gauty Cock, an Evans and Walker Soontjen that is the father of the loft. This cock died last year at the age of twenty and was still filling its eggs when it was seventeen. 

Mick & Lyn Chaplin

Mr and Mrs Chaplin of Woking were first section G on a velocity of 1143ypm. Mick and Lyn clocked a blue cock, raced to the perch and containing Premier Stud's Herman Ceusters' bloodlines. 

Kelsie - M Sallis & Son's loft manager

M Sallis and Son of Brighton were second section G on 993ypm. Daniel timed a Busschaert x Janssen bred by Chris Neve and Daughter of Shoreham. The Busschaert side contains Darkens bloodlines whilst the Janssen side comes from Arthur Abbot of Hove. 

Andrew, Rob & Louie Wilton

D Wilton and Son of Chadwell St Mary were first section J on a velocity of 1151ypm. Rob and Andrew timed a blue hen flown on the sliding door system and bred from their Vandenabeele family that they bought in from the Jutla Brothers. The sire is a son of their good racer The Terminator and the dam was bought from Peter Fox of Syndicate Lofts and is a grand-daughter of Foxy Lady. 

Martin Jones

McDermott and Jones of Stanford Le Hope timed a youngster on 1095ypm to take second section J. Martin's winner was bred by Andrew and Robbie Wilton out of their second open Barcelona winner when paired to a grandson of The Drum. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club young bird race from Coutances.