'Felliani’ van Nico-Jan Koenders - Westervoort 1st nat. and NPO Chateauroux Prov. 8 against 6.028 pigeons - 2009

The national race from Chateauroux last Saturday was predominantly the race for the big men and specialists. The results clearly show that. The victory in province 8 goes to such a specialist, namely Nico Jan Koenders from Westervoort in Gelder.

That we are talking here about a real specialist  is proved by the following honorary titles over the last few years:
1st Dagfondspiegel 2005 Cat. 4 – 1st Dagfondspiegel 2006 Cat. 5 – 1st Dagfondspiegel 2007 Cat. 5 – 2nd Dagfondspiegel 2008 Cat. 05 – 1st Champion Extreme Middle Distance Prov. 8 2006 – 1st Champion Extreme middle distance Prov. 8 2007 – 2nd Champion Extreme middle distance Prov. 8 2008.
And what do you think about this: 1st National Champion Youngsters 2002 – Best Fancier from the Netherlands WHZB 2003- 5th National Champion Extreme middle distance 2006 – 6th National Champion Extreme middle distance 2007 – 2nd National Ace pigeon Sprint 2008 – 6th National Champion Middle distance 2008.
Honours lists to make your mouth water! 2009 has also been a tremendous season and many titles will be going to Westervoort. They Koenders family showed once again from National Chateauroux that they are not to be played around with. With 19 toppers in the race, 12 prizes were earned with 4 pure leading pigeons. In addition to the first National and NPO in Province 8, won by ‘Felliani’, also the 7th National and NPO was taken with ‘Cancellara’. A magnificent closing to a wonderful season with the old birds!

Short introduction
As the attentive reader knows, the pigeon sport at the Vredenburgstraat 9A is above all, a family sport. Together they enjoy the pigeons and everybody contributes when or if necessary. Wonderful that this can. They race under the name Nico Jan Koenders, who is a member of the ‘De Vredesduif’ in Duiven. But also grandfather Theo and son Niek play a major role in the daily care of the pigeon colony. Furthermore, Niek has lost his heart to the overnight long distance and for this he has his own small loft of pigeons. The basis pigeons for the programme races come from: Joop van Buren, Dieren ( Verbart/Broeckx/Camphuis) – Alwin Petrie, Brummen – Raymond Schipper, Babberich – Frans Timmermans, Wehl.
‘Zlatan’ and ‘Salinero’ are the current stock pigeons of the loft. They also supplied other fanciers with NPO victories!
The racing team consists of 40 cocks, which are raced according to the classic widowhood. The preparation is simple: coupling beginning of January – raise youngsters – couple again in March – remove eggs after the last hen has laid and into widowhood. All the pigeons are basketted weekly up to the first extreme middle distance race. Then the racing team is divided. Twenty for the extreme middle distance, the rest middle distance. Except the Saturday after Chateaudun, when all the extreme middle distance pigeons are also raced weekly. The food is as follows: up to 300 km. Gerry Plus + Superstar from Versele Laga. Above the 300 km. Superstar x Energy Plus from the same firm, for which Nico Jan is a representative. The cocks are fed in dishes in their box. They receive 3 dessertspoonfuls per feed. In the evening any remains are removed and they once again receive 3 dessertspoons. The medical picture is simple here. The pigeons are given an annual separate vaccination against paramixo and paratyphoid. For the rest, they have to stay healthy themselves. How you manage that: no cures, not for tricho and not for coli. Pigeons that become sick are disposed of. If you do this for a few years, then you will see that the colony of pigeons keeps getting stronger and less pigeons have to be disposed of. ‘Medicine weakens the resistance. Get rid of those that don’t recover. The stock then becomes stronger and stronger and the results get better. We select purely on performance. A lot of people don’t believe me, but it’s true. We haven’t given a cure against tricho or coli for years’, says Nico Jan. 

‘Felliani’ is the winner from Chateauroux
‘Felliani’ is a beautiful red cock. His father is no-one less than the old stock father ‘Joop’, who unfortunately died last year. ‘Joop’ can be found in nearly all the stock pigeons of the Koenders family. The mother of ‘Felliani’ is ‘Lin’, a hen originating from Raymond Schipper from Babberich.
During his career ‘Felliani’ has won 27 prizes from the 32 baskettings, which implies a prize percentage of 84%. A very regular pigeon, that still lacked a real top prize in a big race. He more than made up for it from Chateauroux. That evening there was a floral  tribute and further there was an overwhelming response to this victory. Not surprising of course, because Nico Jan is a common appearance in the national pigeon sport. My sincere congratulations and a get well soon for wife Petra!