Victory La Souterraine NPO is a crowning achievement after a great old birds’ season for Embregts-Theunis (Hoeven, NL)

Peter Theunis toont met een brede glimlach zijn NPO winnares (foto: Jeffrey Hermans)
Peter Theunis closes the old birds' season in style with a victory in the NPO race from La Souterraine.

One last big effort

With the exception of a few natour races, the NPO race from La Souterraine marks the end of the old birds' season in province Brabant 2000. Peter had already been victorious in Montluçon in rayon 2 of this province but he was unable to take the win at NPO level. So he decided to go all in for the race from La Souterraine. He is not an advocate of trying to get his pigeons extra motivated, because he wants them to do well in each and every race. But for this race, he put his racing team together in the same loft the day before basketing them for La Souterraine. Apparently, it motivated several of the 30 racing birds to try and get back home as quickly as they could. It resulted in a 1st NPO, as well as a 7th and 8th place. Peter can look back on a great race and a very strong old birds' season overall. He claimed the following championship titles in the old birds' competition in his province:

  • 1st Loft Championship one day long distance not nominated
  • 2nd Loft Championship middle distance nominated
  • 2nd Ace Pigeon middle distance
  • 3rd Ace Pigeon one day long distance
  • 4th Loft Championship one day long distance nominated
  • 4th Loft Championship middle distance not nominated

Winner in La Souterraine

The race winner in La Souterraine NPO is NL18-3802226 Witbuiks Blue. She covered the 634km from La Souterraine to Hoeven in less than eight hours, reaching a speed of 1327 m/min. Witbuiks Blue not only takes the win in the NPO competition, she is also 3rd Ace Pigeon one day long distance in Brabant 2000 based on the following results:

1st NPO La Souterraine 2753 p.

17th NPO Issoudun 4110 p.

61st NPO Montlucon 5046 p.

YoungWitbuik and Blue Rocket make the difference

Remarkably enough, there are two bloodlines that feature in the pedigrees of both the 1st, 7th and 8th NPO for Peter and in the pedigree of the 4th NPO Chateaudun of J & S Timmerman in Province 11: NL08-1650231 YoungWitbuik and NL10-3016846 Blue Rocket. These are two exponents of the Witbuik and Rocket bloodline, which helped Peter develop into a top level player over the years. Peter puts it this way: "I have been obtaining quite a number of pigeons from national stars in The Netherlands and Belgium, and the Witbuik and Rocket bloodlines prove the most valuable bloodlines every time, both in the sprint, the middle distance and the one day long distance. Oude Witbuik comes from 1997 and Rocket was born in 1999, which says something about their breeding qualities: these bloodlines are still front and center in the NPO competition. YoungWitbuik comes from 2008 and he still fertilizes every egg, which means he is still full of life."

YoungWitbuik, sire of Witbuiks Blue

NL08-1650231 YoungWitbuik is the sire of Witbuiks Blue, 1st NPO La Souterraine

NL08-1650231 YoungWitbuik is the sire of NPO winner Witbuiks Blue. And YoungWitbuik is also the sire of NL10-1788611 Miss Goldnugget, which won a title of 5th Ace Pigeon in Brabant 2000. Miss Goldnugget is in turn the grandmother of NL19-3911331 Propere Rocket, winner of a 7th NPO La Souterraine.

Blue Rocket plays prominent role in La Souterraine

NL10-3016846 Blue Rocket features in the pedigrees of four top ten finishers in the NPO races of last weekend.

Last weekend we saw another demonstration of the enormous breeding potential of NL10-3016846 Blue Rocket. He is the sire of NL15-3535059 Millennium (the hen of the Millenium pair), which is in turn the grandmother of Witbuiks Blue. As such, Blue Rocket had a share in the team's victory NPO from La souterraine. Millenium is also the grandmother of Millenium King, winner of a 4th NPO Chateaudun for J&S Timmermans. And Blue Rocket is the grandfather of both 19-331 Propere Rocket (7th NPO La Souterraine) and NL18-5135836 Milenium Girl (8th NPO La Souterraine). The pedigrees of these prize winners are included below.

Bingo, 2nd Ace Pigeon middle distance Brabant 2000

NL17-3715060 Bingo, 2nd Ace Pigeon middle distance Brabant 2000

Peter can look back on an excellent middle distance season as well. His eye-catcher in this competition is without doubt NL17-3715060 Bingo, which claimed most notably a 25th Pontoise of 19,730 pigeons. This resulted in a title of 2nd Ace Pigeon middle distance in Brabant 2000. Bingo is another grandchild of Miss Goldnugget, which makes it a great-grandchild of YoungWitbuik.

Excellent with the young birds

Peter has been doing great with his young birds as well. He has done four races in CC Westhoek '70 so far, claiming victory in each one of them, beating 701, 2500, 2271 and 1878 pigeons respectively. It goes without saying that we have another spectacular end to the season coming up, especially now that Peter is focusing all his attention on his young birds.