Alin Karscu (Germany): 1. International Barcelona 2020

We witnessed one of the hardest, if not the hardest Barcelona race in history. The climate change influences more and more the pigeon sport worldwide, especially the long distance and marathon races.

In the past the thoughness of the weather influenced also the Barcelona race, but not like in the last 5-6 years, when we had very very difficult races each year, that in the past we didn't thought there were possible. We had Barcelona from 1987 won by Vanoppen to be considered the hardest one until than. 6 years later we had another really hard one, won by the living legend Jan Theelen. And so on. But now, year after year, the things are getting more and more difficult for our feathered friends.

And year after year we have some really magical and stunt results from some pigeons, results that in the first place seem unpossible, but not if you look back with a clear mind and objective intention towards the last editions. And in many ways all this unbelievable of hard Barcelona series that seemed impossible 10 years ago, started few years back with the now legendary "Special One", being the single pigeon arrived in the day of the release from Barcelona. Everybody need few days back than, to realise that all was … REAL!

Alin with 'Queen of the Night'

Before we describe this unique hen, we must know that Alin is a well known name in Romanian pigeons sport, especially because he was already National Champion Marathon FCPR 2011 together with his brother!  They succeded in winning this prestigious national title flying from West to East in races like Leipzieg (920km), Berlin (955km) and Magdenburg (1039 km). He moved only few years ago in Germany, to make a better living for his beautiful family, and from the beginning he built a pigeon loft, with the wish in his heart to won an international marathon race, especially Barcelona. He brought some pigeons from his old Romanian lines with him, and he crossed them with top german marathon pigeons and not only. And maybe his biggest bless and luck in this new starting point in his life, was for sure his wife who understood and supported his passion all the way !!! Many times we forget about the importance of the woman in our lives and their positive influence also into our pigeon passion.

It was a crazy week in all aspects after "Queen of the Night" won the classical from Barcelona, from the arrival and the beautiful and correct official statement of Dr. Brockamp, until her arriving at their new owners last night - Hugo Batenburg and Nikolaas Gyselbrecht. And in all this week of news, fake news and negotiations we will like also to mention the name of Dr. Tudor Catuna, Romanian veterinarian established near Hamburg, were he is the manager of a big pig farm and he races pigeons also with great success in sprint and middle races! He helped Alin in making the pedigrees, trough him, Alin got in contact with me (Pipa Romania) and further to PIPA.

Queen of the Night, 1. Internat. Barcelona 2020

It was a very interesting season for Alin, with a very nice 19 national Marseille from 2.033 and 38 international from more than 8.000 pigeons with a yearling, again in a very hard race! And here the beautiful story starts with the "3 Musketeers" from Barcelona, because they were all 3 entered on the race from Bordeaux too, a race that -again- was very difficult in Germany, with only 22 pigeons arriving on the first day in zone 2 (above 800 km), all 3 birds of Alin arrived home on the first day! This says a lot! They were ready for Barcelona!

Karscu Alin :"Until this year, from the moment I arrived in Germany, I have raced my pigeons on double widowhood, having two compartments for cocks, and one for hens. But I have noticed quickly that on double widowhood I lose many yearling cocks on races above 800 km. So this year I have changed something in my approach. They started the season on widowhood, and after the race from Limoges,  around 625 km for me, they were put together! The beautiful part for me is that as a preparation for Barcelona the team of 3 was entered on Bordeaux (800km) were they arrived on the first day in a very difficult race! I really dedicated all of my season to the Barcelona race, and I succeeded to have "Queen of the Night" in the nest position that I've wanted - 7 day old youngsters. The second arrival from Barcelona was first nominated by me, it is the pair of the international winner and also he is a halfbrother of her. The third pigeon that arrived, a hen, was on eggs for 5-7 days. They're all 3 in the Top-50 National Germany Barcelona 2020."

The wing of Queen of the Night

"Queen of the Night" / DV 07236-18-41 - 1. International Barcelona (1005 km) 2020 against 12.323 pigeons

  • the only pigeon with a speed above 1000 mpm
  • 22. International Bordeaux zone 2 in 2020, in a very hard race 3 weeks prior to Barcelona
  • 22. International Bourges zone 2 in 2019
  • Halfsister 19. National Barcelona Germany 2020
309/17 - 19. National Barcelona

 "309/17" - 19. National Barcelona Germany (1005 km) 2020

  • halfbrother (motherside) with 1 International
  • 265. National Barcelona Germany 2019
  • 51. National Perpignan Germany 2019(13 national zone 1)
  • 7. International zone 2 Bordeaux 2020 (above 800km) in a very hard race 3weeks prior to Barcelona
85/18 - 23. National Barcelona

"85/18" - 23. National Barcelona Germania(1005km) 2020

  • 11. International Bordeaux zone 2 Germany 2020, in a very hard race, 3 weeks prior to Barcelona

Congratiulations again Alin! For sure this is only the beginning of a beautiful marathon journey! Best regards to you and to your beautiful family!

In the end, because each and every single time when such a pigeon is born and such record performances are established, it is still in human nature(unfortunelly), to judge before understand.
So in my humble opinion, especially in this hard times world wide, we must, more than ever to understand, rather than to judge, and if we are not capable to understand, better to move on. Or like the buddhism wisdom says -"Be kind. But if you can't be kind, at least do no harm". We all can be kind! Read between the lines!

The last word is for Alin himself: "Thank you very much Hugo Batenburg for your invitation and very warm welcome during our visit. For me it was really a dream that became reality … to be able to handle 5 International Barcelona winners. I had also the privilege to meet and discover the human Hugo, not only the fancier, a very nice, warm and modest man. Thank you very much Nikolaas for everything, and to all PIPA-team, especially Pipa Romania trough Dr. Dinu Mihai. From now on "Queen of the Night" is yours…  for me this is a great reward after 20 years of pigeon racing! I would also like to give proper thanks to my friend Narcis Afrasinei and his team for all the help during last weekend."