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Tjeerd and Jouke Elzinga (Harkema, NL) take the win in NPO race Sens Province 11

The yearlings of Tjeerd and Jouke continue to demonstrate their racing potential from son Jouke’s new loft. The highlight of the season so far is a victory NPO in Sens in Province 11, against a strong field of 6,629 pigeons.

In late 2018, following the sale of father Tjeerd's house, the entire collection of old racing birds was sold in a successful PIPA auction. The fanciers decided to keep their breeding team, including most notably the descendants their fantastic Esmee paired to some super class birds. Tjeerd and Jouke were also involved in a joint breeding with Jan Hooymans, and the two lofts agreed to pair Esmee to the legendary Harry: they put together two national ace pigeons/two national winners. And she formed a successful combination with New Harry as well. Another joint breeding consisted of Esmee x Porsche 911 (PEC), which bred several successful descendants as well. The youngsters of these breeding combinations allowed team Elzinga to make a successful new start in 2019, racing from Jouke's new home. In 2020, the pigeons were released from his new loft in the attic for the first time. The racing birds have had a very strong early season, with many remarkable results in the last couple of weeks. We introduce you to a few of the pigeons that played a pivotal role in this strong early season, including of course the winner of a 1st NPO Sens in Province 11.

Jouke's new lofts, including the old birds' lofts in the attic

NL19-4200556, 1st Sittard 2,057 p. (as well as 2nd 20,003 p.)

This one year old hen claimed victory in Sittard of 2,057 pigeons. The team took the win but they also had a great result overall.

Sittard Entente D1 240 km 2,057 p.: 1-2-15-22-31-50-etc. (28/46)
Sittard Prov. 11 240 km 20,003 p.: 2-4-33-50-86-178-180-etc. (31/46)

The sire of the NL19-556 is NL18-053, and he is a pigeon from the successful joint breeding between Elzinga and PEC, involving Prince Esmee x Sister Porsche 911. Prince Esmee won a 1st NPO twice in just two weeks' time (1st NPO Sens 4,666 p. and 1st NPO Morlincourt 8,939 p.).

Prince Esmee is in a league of his own, both as a racing and as a breeding bird. Prince Esmee had a sensational 2018 season, winning two first prizes NPO in two weeks' time. Still, this achievement was perhaps not a complete surprise, since he had already had a successful young birds' season, winning a 2nd Asse Zellik of 4,122 pigeons. Prince Esmee is a son of Hallilujah x New Hope, which makes him a grandson of the fantastic Harry x Esmee breeding pair.

NL19-1176703, 1st NPO Sens of 6,629 pigeons

This promising young racing cock claimed a 1st NPO Sens. And the rest of the team had a strong day as well:

Sens 591 km 6,629 p.: 1-7-20-82-117-152-169-200-302-331-391-etc. 30/36 (13x 1:10) (30x 1:4)

The sire of NL19-703 is Blue Hope, himself winner of a 4th NPO La Ferte Bernard, and the sire of a few talented racing birds. The dam comes from Richard and Dylan Hilbrands (Finrsterwolde, NL); she was a fantastic racing hen, with a title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon (Fondspiegel) and 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon 2016 (WHZB/TBOTB) on her palmares.

This 1st NPO is not his first important result; this promising racing bird has demonstrated his potential in a number of races already:

1st NPO Sens 6,629 p. (and fastest of 12,702 p. Prov. 10 + 11)
8th Bierges 5,546 p.
19th Deurne 17,128 p.
117th Chimay 16,773 p.
180th Sittard 20,003 p.

NL19-4200557, 7th NPO Sens 6,629 pigeons

The 7th spot NPO goes to NL19-557, a full brother of the aforementioned Prince Esmee, which means he comes from dream pair Hallilujah x New Hope.

Successful in other lofts as well

The descendants of Esmee and others have not only excelled in their own loft; hey have been very successful for other teams as well:

The Scheele Brothers win 2 x 1st Provincial this season with a grandchild Esmee
Melun 1st of 10,418 pigeons (NL19-3908080)
Peronne 1st of 7,823 pigeons (NL19-3832122)
The race winners are two full brothers, and they are bred from a son of Esmee
And they are also full brothers of NL16-3615271 of Simon van Hoeve, which was
2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon Zeeeland both in 2017 and 2018.
Team Hooymans BE wins a 7th Nat. Chateauroux 33,833 pigeons (1st Prov. 5,117 p.) with a granddaughter of Esmee
(the dam is a daughter of New Harry x Esmee)

Super class hen Esmee was born in 2012, and she led to a major breakthrough for Tjeerd and Jouke. She was 9th National Ace Pigeon allround in the TBOTB competition in 2013, when she was still a yearling. And her best result was without doubt a 1st NPO Châlons, where she claimed victory with a 100 m/min lead (23 minutes) in 33 degree temperatures, as the fastest overall of 11,000 pigeons. She has an impressive 17 prizes per 100 to her name.