Jürgen & Sarah Jung on schedule in forming a world new super colony!

Just a bit more than a year ago, Jürgen Jung shook the world announcing the auction of almost his total colony at Pipa ... a colony that was considered most impressive of Western Europe ... for many fanciers worldwide a great opportunity to acquire the best of legendary worlds.

As Jürgen kept his racing team and half of his tremendous ‘Aladin’ colony, it was sure the last was not said about the ambitious German ... with help of his daughter Sarah he now builds a new impressive empire in a sensational way; the Jung way!

“My private situation and serious health problems were reason to sell my well-considered collected breeders last year. From the ‘Aladin’ children I sold half and I kept youngsters and my racing team. A much smaller group and therefore for me much more relaxed to manage. Breeding super pigeons for other fanciers and for one loft racing; that was to be goal. However my big help daughter Sarah motivated me to start collecting a new breeding team. ‘Dad, you did it once; you can do it again’ she said. The supreme ‘Aladin’ base was still there and I knew what families I wanted to bring in to create a magnificent new colony; the noble De Rauw-Sablon pigeons and a slice of Schellens!”   

The wonder man ‘Aladin’

Much has been said already about ‘Aladin’, the best son ever to ‘Kleine Dirk’ and according to many even the best breeder ever in the world. Just to refresh your memory; ‘Aladin’ is father to

  • ‘Tips’ (Marijke Vink - father to at least 11x 1. prize winners)
  • ‘Marijke’ (mother 1. Nat. winner & 1. Nat. acebird at Koopman)
  • ‘De 150’ (father to 3 different 1. prize winners)
  • ‘Merlijn’ (father to top racers ‘Cowboy’ & ‘Ranger’)
  • ‘Last Baby’ (father ‘Lucky Hope’, 1. acebird Million Dollar Race)

And many, many more super winners ... the number of 1. prizes won by ‘Aladin  offspring must be enormous, probably hundreds altogether ... and still every week fanciers win big with the ‘Aladin’ offspring. Jürgen & SarahJungare still the best and most pure source of this golden bloodlines ... with offspring to their ‘Aladin’ children also excelling in 2010!

  • Grandchild wins 47. in last training race & 50.-84. in Hot Spot Races Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2010
  • Grandchild wins 59.-88.-357.-372. in Hot Spot Races Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2010
  • Grandchild (from ‘Rummenigge’) won 5. prize Tours  (460 km) final race Belgian Master 2010 & was 12. acebird Belgian Masters 2010
  • Inbred from ‘Casanova’ (son ‘Winnetou’) x ‘Nscho Tschi’ (daughter ‘Aladin’ & nest sister ‘Winnetou’) wins 12.-17.-26. prize to become 5. acebird Delta One Loft Race Hungary 2010
  • Great grandchild to ‘Winnetou’ wins 5. & 10. prizeDelta One Loft Race Hungary 2010

Very close related to ‘Aladin’ is the wonder man DV0254-00-1138 ‘Para Kleine Dirk’ … ever since this cock was bred by Jürgen Jung, it has been one of his top favorites. “He is such a pleasant cock and so many fanciers succeeded with his offspring … that is enormous. Only just, in 2010, his grandchild won 5. prize in the Belgian Masters (final race Tours 460 km) and ended 12. in the acebird competition … the solid proof of this great breeder.” ‘Para Kleine Dirk’ is not bred from just any pairing … his father is ‘Brother Golden Lady’ and mother is ‘Sister Gentil’. In short, that means ‘Para Kleine Dirk’ has exactly the same four grandparents as Koopmans ‘Kleine Dirk’ … now wonder his bloodline is successful and important for the ‘Aladin’ colony of Jürgen Jung.

‘Lucky 848’, best De Rauw-Sablon breeder in the world

Crossing the best of Holland to the best of Belgium pigeon racing – that must bring a type of pigeon who can rule the world of International pigeon racing ... with that thought Jürgen Jung had the deep wish of crossing his ‘Aladin’-family to the indispensible De Rauw-Sablon strain ... and what would be the best move than to bring in the best De Rauw-Sablon breeder alive, BE00-4065848 ‘Lucky 848’ ... bred from a son x granddaughter to Dream Pair De Rauw-Sablon ... and breeder of super class offspring, being father to a/o

  • ‘Blue Ace’ (Erik Limbourg), 2. National acebird long distance KBDB 2007, 1. prov. acebird long distance KBDB 2007 & winner of 7x top 100 on National races ...
  • ‘Cock Bak 17’ (Marcel Aelbrecht), one of the best breeders at Aelbrecht ever, siring many National top performers!

‘Lucky 848’ is also grandfather to

  • ‘Nicole’, 1. Nat. Argenton youngsters 2008
  • ‘Bolleke Watten’, 4. prov. acebird KBDB allround 2008

 ‘Lucky 848’ is brother to many other top breeders, together breeders of a/o

 1. Nat. acebird long distance KBDB 2003
7. Nat. acebird KBDB 1993
7. Nat. acebird long distance KBDB 2006
7. Nat. acebird long distance KBDB 1999 

Purchasing ‘Lucky 848’ was a big investment and Jürgen knew Nikolaas Gyselbrecht was also dying to get this icon to his PiPa Elite Center breeding lofts. “Why not combine our forces and capital?” asked Nikolaas and one of the most impressive breeding corporations in International pigeon racing arose … “Half of the breeding season he is paired to hens of Nikolaas and half of the season to my hens. We already bred sensational from him; I am sure its offspring – that is naturally always reserved for breeding directly – shall produce winners again in the near future!”

In the meanwhile about 30 De Rauw-Sablon based breeders house the breeding lofts of Jürgen and Sarah Jung, with ‘Lucky 848’ as proud head of the master class … the other important De Rauw-Sablon breeding stars are:

  • ‘Motega’, best full brother to ‘New Freddy’ … the 1. Nat. acebird KBDB great middle distance 2010 & winner of 2x 1. prov. - 2. Nat. Zone, 6. prov., 9. Interpov., 10. Nat. et cetera … ‘New Freddy’ was raced by Piere Mathijs and now top breeder for PiPa Elite Center.
  • ‘De Pros’ original Pros Roosen from ‘Freddy’ - De Rauw-Sablon top breeder & father to ‘Dromer’, ‘Kastaar’, ‘Mr. Expensive’, ‘Blauwe Prins’, ‘Grandfather New Freddy’, etc., etc. ‘Freddy’ spend his last years at champion Pros Roosen.
  • ‘Sitala’, original Pros Roosen from ‘Freddy’ x ‘Daughter Blauwe Prins’. ‘Blauwe Prins’ was the Pros Roosen top racer, winning 2. prov. - 4. Nat. - 11. Nat. & sold in auction for 156,000 euro to Nikolaas Gyselbrecht.
  • ‘Adsila’, original Aelbrecht from ‘Perpignan’ x ‘Daughter Limoges’ … the favourite of Marcel Aelbrecht paired to a daughter to Frans Sablon’s favourite & super icon ‘Limoges’… who died last year.
  • ‘Alberta’, original Aelbrecht from his world famous Bak 17  … Bak 17 produced several super National performers for the National championMarcel Aelbrecht.
  • ‘Blue Argentona’, original Aelbrecht & inbred Bak 17 (won 4., 9., 26., 49., 55., … at M. Aelbrecht)
  • ‘Layli’, original Aelbrecht from ‘Smallen 970’ (brother Lucky 848) x Half sister ‘Goede Blauwe’

Extra class injection

The finishing touch is to the new colony shall be maid by bringing in exceptional ‘fresh blood’ toppers. “In our lofts there’s always room for pigeons with extra quality,” says Jürgen Jung. “Always have been and always will be. Sticking to basic lines is important, but a topper always brings new impulses!” Some of the most important ‘outer category’ breeders are

  • ‘Nightrider’
    2. Internat. marathon acebird WENC 2008, 1. prov. acebird overnight racing & 6. Nat. Olympiad bird overnight racing 2009 … he won 1. NPO Perigueux & 10. National Bergerac; supreme.

  • ‘Super Crack 459’
    top racer in 2009 & 2010 with enough ace-points to make it to the 2011 Poznan Olympiad. In 2010 winner of 1.-2.-2.-4.-4.-5.-etc. against average of +1,000 birds (south-east-direction)
  • ‘Miss Teletext
    The very best of Cor Leijtens, winner of 3. NPO Chateauroux 5,022 birds & 5. NPO Montlucon 7,926 birds .. in combine winner 1.-2.-2.-4.-8.-10.-14.-14.-15. against average of 1,500 birds

  • ‘Avanti’
    Half sister to winner of 1. Internat. Barcelona 20,708 birds … and child to legend ‘Nadira’, winner of 1. Internat. Carcasonne hens & 1. Internat. Perpignan hens …

  • ‘Schwarzenegger’
    himself a real fine racer as 1. acebird in the months May and July 2005 .. also crowned as 1. racing cock RV 2004, 1. yearling racer RV 2004 & 2. racing cock RV 2005. His father is 100% Janssen and mother is double granddaughter to ‘National I’ Karel Schellens.

In good hands

In care of his new breeding colony, not much changed for Jürgen Jung. “My father treats his pigeons, like they are his children,” says Sarah. “And he treats them with the greatest care ... for instance:  no hen has to lay more than 4 rounds of eggs every year! Like this pigeons last 10-12 years, not just 5 years of intensive breeding.” At all time the total colony is under supervisionof house veterinarian Ferdi Vandersanden; who ensures a continuous good health. Ferdi checks new acquisitions and first they are totally free from illnesses, they get in the loft. “It is striking to see the good health Jürgen’s pigeons are in,” says Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, next to co-owner of ‘Lucky 848’ a good friend of the family. “I visit so many lofts over the world, I can surely say no other fancier is so keen on health and can therefore always offer super healthy pigeons. That is Jürgen; always correct and honest!” In that perspective also the DNA testing of all Jung pigeons is possible. “Dr. Vandersanden does it for us,” says Jürgen, “I know in my lofts pigeons come from the parents I say they come from. Honesty and trust are for me the most important factors in pigeon racing; offering the possibility to test my birds, underlines the integrity I stand for!”

A future in racing? “Not for the moment,” says Jürgen. “The position of our lofts is situated very badly (see land card) … so sending pigeons to the races will only bring disappointment.” Some racing results of 2007-2008 however show Jürgen Jung how it is like to bring a racing team to top condition … some of the best results over these year:

 Fürth        1,486 birds 1., 9., 10., 30., 33., 34., 43. (13/28)
Geiselwind   1,660 birds 1., 17., 18., 20., 22., 30., 32., 40., 46., 58., 75. (30/47)
Hösbach      1,807 birds 1., 2., 4., 5., 6., 17., 19., 21., 38., 39. (42/79)
Hösbach      1,267 birds 9., 12., 14., 20a., 20b., 22., 23., 24., 25., 26., 27a., 27b. (40/63)
Rottendorf     776 birds 3., 4., 5a., 5b., 7a., 7b., 9., 19a., 19b., 21., 22., 23., 24., 25., 27. (40/65)
Tennenlohe     777 birds 9., 10., 42., 47., 48., 63., 66., 99., 101. (25/64) 

Sarah Jung “Because we feel the need for our pigeons to be tested thoroughly, our youngster will be raced by Belgium fanciers in Belgium 2011 and we will send youngsters to different One-Loft-Races in different countries. For us necessary to decide the precise breeding potential of several stock birds. Only selecting on pedigree is for us not an option!” Because of not entering for racing, references from other fanciers with Jung-pigeons or offspring to Jung pigeons has been very important to Jürgen & Sarah … and they have been fantastic! Some of the very best since 2000:

  • 2. Ace-cock Federal level July 2002 as one year old, including 1. prize 350 km, 1. prize 520 km 8 minutes ahead, 1. prize at last-race 620 km, 3. prize, 8. prize,… at Mr. Dillmann from Olpe
  • 1. RV champion & 1. Racing-Community-Champion 2000 … 1. RV champion, 1. Racing- Community-Champion, 1. CFP champion 2002 … at Hans Brühl from Bonn
  • 1. best youngster at the 400 – 500 – 600 km races in 2000 … at B. Camphuis from Eefde (NL)
  • 1. European bird Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2001 … at T. Joksch from Oberhausen
  • 1. best old hen 2002 RV Westerwald; Fastest hen in regional-union … at A. Hain.
  • Winner of 1., 1., 1., 3., 3., 4., 15., 44., 88. prize in 2006 cock in 1 season … at M. Wessinghagen
  • 2. & 3. best youngster in RV Ortenau 2008 … by Sarah Jung
  • 1. best youngster in RV Ortenau 2008… by Robert Sommer
  • 1. RV - Champion with 80% of Jung-pigeons bloodline 2010… by Robert Sommer
  • 16. Nat. youngster for Olympijská kategorie SPORT  F RV  VALAŠSKO… by Team Hlavica
  • 2.-14.-84. prize Blois against 298 birds with 3/3 cocks, all original Jung-birds in 2010 … at Dominique Velghe
  • European championship Mira 2010 winner from Austria … at Essbüchel - Königshofer - Ivanschitz
  • 5. prize final race Belgium Masters, also 12. acebird … for SG Jung-JUPID (Jung’s pigeons dreamland)
  • 12., 17. & 26. prize & 5. acebird Delta One Loft Race Hungary 2010 ... along with the winner of 5. & 10. prizeDelta One Loft Race Hungary 2010 ... for SG Jung-JUPID
  • Winner of 2.-3.-15.-19.-21.-22.-etc. against avg. 2,000 birds & breeder 2. acebird combine ... at C. & M. van Koppen
  • ‘Zander’ 05369-06-714 won 2007 on the final race of Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race (South Africa) the 6. prize and was 3. acebird Grand Average (mother original Jung-pigeon)… at Hans-Paul Eßer.