Krüger bloodline strikes again

Hardy Krüger and his pigeons continue to live up to their reputation. This was one of the bloodlines that yet again showed its potential in the 2019 South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race. Like we stated in a previous report, these pigeons stand for speed, consistency and relentlessness.

The Krüger pigeons demonstrated their main traits in this One Loft Race, which led to some outstanding results. It is no secret that this pigeon breed combines really well with other bloodlines, and that it is capable of passing on its race winning abilities to future generations.

A total of 5505 pigeons from 38 different countries competed in the "SAMDPR" in the 2019 season. With so many contestants, only the very best birds would be able to stand out and show their exceptional potential.

The pigeons of Hardy Krüger were yet again among the best pigeons in this competition.

The conditions in the final race were again quite demanding. 2531 pigeons were set to complete the closing 521km in 27°C, and less than 20% of the basketed pigeons were able to arrive home on the day of the final. Needless to say, this was not the easiest of races.
It makes the achievements of Hardy Krüger and the other Krüger based pigeon families all the more impressive.

Of the first 50 pigeons in the final race, six were descendants of Hardy's pigeons. And the Hardy Krüger pigeons appear in the pedigrees of several "Grand Averages" winners as well. In addition, four Krüger descendants finished in the top 20. 

Miss Kriss, BG-18-30440 is related to "Nikolay" from her father's side, and Nikolay is in turn a son of "Black Pearl". Black Pearl was an Olympiad Pigeon in Poland, and he ranks among the most renowned breeding birds in the Hardy Krüger loft. Miss Kriss did quite well in the final race, finishing in 6th place and winning 20,000 dollar worth of prize money.

You can find the pedigree of Miss Kriss here.

The bloodline of "Blue Power", a daughter of the famous "Black Power", has shown in a number of races in South Africa that it has some race winning abilities. For instance, a grandchild of Black Power called "The best of South Africa", with ring number 0507-18-501, developed into a highly successful racing bird. This champion claimed a 29th place.

Check the pedigree of The best of South Africa here.

Another top prize winner was "Pilar", a pigeon with ring number 05418-18-42. This pigeon is a grandchild of "00362-10-583", which is in turn the dam of "Sahnebrot". Sahnebrot claimed a 57th place in the final race of the 2012 SAMDPR. and Pilar is related to the bloodline of "Tiger Woods" and "Black Power". This pigeon was one of the fastest in the final race, finishing in 35th place. And Pilar did quite well in the "Grand Averages" as well, finishing in 13th place.

Click here for the pedigree of Pilar.

And let's not forget "Bluebell" with ring number 17756-18-CH. Bluebell worked hard in the demanding final race, winning an 18th place. It goes to show that even Krüger generations further down the line have the strength and intelligence to deliver. The sire is "Blue Shark" of Hardy Krüger, which stems from "Seabiscuit" x "Bella Luci". Seabiscuit wins for instance a 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 9th and 10th prize. Bella Luci was inbred to a hen that stems from Black Power. She is a niece of "Dressage Diva", which won a car in South Africa, after claiming a first prize of 3908 pigeons.

Click here for the pedigree of Bluebell.

Racing bird "G112" with ring number 0999-18-112 is another pigeon from the success story of the Krüger bloodline: she is a grandchild from a daughter of Black Power. This G112 claimed a 48th place in the final of the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2019.

Click here for the pedigree of G112.

Another talented pigeon, bred from a son of Black Pearl, illustrates once again that Hardy's pigeons stand for speed, consistency and relentlessness, and that future generations share these exact same characteristics. This bird with ring number "AU18-Genesis 483" is called Rony Z, and he claims a 93rd prize in the 2019 final, as well as a 20th place in the "Grand Averages".

Click here for the pedigree of Rony Z.

Another pigeon that made quite a splash is "Gusion' with ring number "06967-18-2055". This racing hen stems from two original Krüger pigeons from a good friend who relies for 100% on Hardy's pigeons, and who particularly arppeciates how reliable these pigeons are. Gusion stems from a son of "Andretti" x "Panther Lady". Panther Lady is a granddaughter of "Tiger Woods", the best cock in the union with 14 prizes in 14 races, and a granddaughter of the famous "Black Power". Black Power won a first prize from Ruffec over 740km, with a 13 minute lead. And "Andretti" is related to the bloodline of "Tiger Woods". We were not surprised to see "Gusion" really putting the hammer down in the final race in a strong headwind, claiming a 9th prize.  She also claimed a 19th prize in the "Grand Averages".

Click here for the full pedigree of Gusion.

Hardy Krüger had two top class birds in competition himself as well, with "Sellaomi" and "Lady Legend". Lady Legend was bred from "Blue Swan" x "Miss Romeo", and that brings us back to the inevitable "Black Power" bloodline. She showed in the final race that she is full of energy; she finished in 68th place.

Click here for the pedigree of Sellaomi.
Click here for the pedigree of Lady Legend.

"Sellaomi" performed consistently well through the race, producing great results in the training flights:

1st  place of 2521 pigeons,
2nd  place of 3596 pigeons,
3rd  place of 2494 pigeons,
25th place of 2520 pigeons.

And this talented racing was quite fantastic in the "Grand Averages" as well, claiming an 18th place. A total of 9000 dollar worth of prize money was won in the nominations. And Sellaomi, with ring number "07274-18-404" delivered again in the final race, with a 113th place. This hen stems from "Street Birdy 929" from her father's side. Her dam is "Dark Angel", a daughter of Black Power, which you are all familiar with.

Numerous other fanciers that sent descendants of Harry's pigeons to South Africa were very successful. This illustrates yet again that these pigeons are very eager to win races.