Hardy Krüger (Rommerskirchen, DE): a new super class breeding pair!

Even though they are still fairly young, these two birds have already developed into a very special breeding pair. Hardy Krüger refers to them as the 'Giant Couple' but that does not tell you much about them of course. What we do know, is that this pair had already bred quite a number of outstanding pigeons.

We start with the male partner. He is a blue coloured cock called Armani, with ring number DV0507-15-626. He is an original Alfons Klaas, and he was bred from 05369-10-399, a son of the 1st Ace Cock in Germany in 2010 and Olympiad pigeon in Poland in 2011 in category D for Hans-Paul Esser. The dam of Armani is 0507-10-768, which is a hen of Alfons Klaas. It is worth noting that the dam of this hen, the 07274-06-647, is in turn an original Hardy Krüger: her grandfather is the renowned Black Power 07274-00-1245 of Krüger, which we will talk about later.

And that brings us to the hen in this fabulous breeding pair: Black Fantasy 07274-14-2776. She is a full sister of Black Diamond, winner of the regional race from Sourdan of 4,046 pigeons, with an 8 minute lead. And the sire of Black Fantasty is none other than Black Pearl 07274-08-879, a son of the fantastic breeding bird Black Power 07274-00-1245. Black Pearl was 1st Olympiad Cock in Posan in 2011, in category H. He has a 1st prize in the Europe Cup 2010 in Dortmund in the middle distance to his name as well. The dam of Black Fantasy is Danedream 0672-09-1322 of Rudi Heinen, which is an exceptional breeding hen as well.

You now know what Hardy Krüger's world class pigeon breed looks like. And that brings us to the many fantastic descendants that this pair has bred. We will talk you through some of the best birds of today.


Outstanding descendants of the 'Giant Couple'

A particularly successful descendant is Armani Black Fantasy, 07274-17-174. He was the best yearling of 2018, with 13 prizes and 899 ace points. He wins a 1st from Sens (398km) of 242 pigeons, a 5th from Chalons (284km) of 309 pigeons and a 6th from Bouillon (184km) of 337 pigeons. And there is more: his palmares also includes a 7th, 9th, 9th, 14th, 19th, 19th and 28th. This is quite a list of achievements.

The pigeon loft of Schroll, Kleekamp & Weber have a young bird of Hardy Krüger in their collection as well: the 07274-17-175 wins 6 top prizes in 6 races in 2017, and it became 13th best young bird in RV Recklinghausen Süd.

Two youngsters of this breeding pair were basketed for the Thailand Grand Race 2017/2018. They had ring numbers 07274-17-949 and 948, and they both did really well. The 949 won a 5th prize in Hot Spot 1 over 330km of 872 pigeons, as well as a 9th place in Hot Spot 2 over 400km of 638 pigeons. The 948 did great as well, finishing in 24th place in Hot Spot 2 over 400km of 638 pigeons, and a 94th place in the 530km final race of 607 pigeons.

Click here for the pedigree of 'Armani Black Fantasy' DV07274-17-174, son of Giant Couple.

Those are just a few of the many top results that were won with the descendants of the Giant Couple. The list goes on and on and it would be too much to discuss in detail in a single article.

The inevitable Black Power

Black Power and his descendants are still omnipresent in this team today. Black Power was, and still is the superstar of the Hardy Krüger pigeon loft, and one of the stars of the 21st century. And he is still fertile today. His ring number is 07274-00-1245, and he stems from two one year olds. His sire is 07274-99-950, a grandchild of Carl Lewis from his mother's side. His dam is B 99-6264813 of Kris van Massenhoven. Black Power was 4th ace cock in the district of about 40,000 pigeons. As you know, Black Power was not only a great racing bird, he was an exceptional breeder as well.

One of the highly talented sons of Black Power is Black Jack 07274-05-504, a highly gifted racing bird. He wins a 3rd prize from Pithiviers (453km) against 2,331 pigeons, an 8th from Rekkem (251km) of 2,096 pigeons, a 21st from Rethel (230km) of 3,853 pigeons and a 68th from Sezanne (327km) of 2,573 pigeons. The 504 wins 11 top prizes in 2007, and he was 4st Ace Cock in the region.

In 2008 Black Power bred Black Pearl 07274-08-879 (the sire of Black Fantasy), a cock with several first prizes to his name. He wins for instance a 1st Orléans (499 km) of 1,788 p., a 1st Sezanne (330 km) of 1,403 p., a 1st Vierzon (542 km) of 1,196 p., a 1st Blois (543 km) of 745 p., a 1st Pithivier (450 km) of 1,136 p., a 2nd Sezanne (330 km) of 2,361 p., a 9th Blois (546 km) of 925 p, etc. Black Pearl represented Germany in the 2011 Olympiad in Posen!

The following season, Black Power bred Black Soul 07274-09-2100, which has also won quite a few top prizes, including a 1st Sens (391 km) of 2,274 p., a 14th Orléans (498 km) of 964 p., and a 16th Pithivier (446 km) of 1,403 p.

In 2010 Black Power gave not one but three world class descendants: 07274-10-1027 Black Sky, 07274-10-1068 Blue Sky, and 07210-10-995 Black Ocean. Black Ocean did particularly well as a racing bird, winning a 1st Poitiers (671 km) of 360 pigeons, as well as a 2nd National of 8,067 p. He laso wins a 1st Rethel (231 km) of 1,029 p., a 2nd Pithiviers (453 km) of 865 pigeons, etc.

Black Power has been paired to quite a number of top class breeding hens, and he gave very talented youngsters almost every time. It goes without saying that this is an exceptionally talented breeding bird.

Fantastic results in other lofts

The Krüger bloodlines have shown their potential in quite a few other lofts as well, and one of the most renowned is perhaps that of Fuchs und Wolf from Hochheim. They had a wonderful racing cock in their 2018 team with 09623-16-1732, which became 1st best old cock in the Fluggemeinschaft with 12 prizes in 12 races or 1,148.70 ace points. The 1732 was also the best cock in the region with 9 prizes in 9 races and 837.72 ace points, as well as the best cock in Hessen with 10 prizes and 972.73 ace points. This was a great achievement indeed. The sire of the 1732 is Titan B 14-6049018 of Rudi Diels, and the dam is Viola 07274-14-2724 of Hardy Krüger. She stems from Black Soul 07274-09-2100, a son of Black Power. And that brings us back to the invaluable Black Power bloodline.

Click here for the pedigree of Sohn Titan.

Or how about the loft of G.W. & P. Malcaloney from Janefield, Scotland. They had some marvellous results with Denman SU 16 312. He became Champion Racing Cock across all distances. In 2018 alone he wins a 1st of 2,808 p., a 2nd of 952 p. and a 3rd of 4,842 p. He is a grandchild of Macs Power 07274-12-1034 from his mother's side, which is in turn a daughter of none other than Black Power!

Descendants of Black Hardy DV07274-15-1137 have been highly successful in the Czech Republic

Lubomir Kubácek from the Czech Republic has been doing great with the descendants of Black Hardy 07274-15-1137. Racing bird Kat, a son of Black Hardy with ring number 16-1699, became 1st Ace Pigeon 2016 young birds. And he won 14 prizes across 5,319 km in 2018, as the best racing bird in the province. Another son, the 16-1689, wins 11 prizes in 2017, and 14 prizes in 2018: he wins a 1st prize from Krajkova 1 (348 km) of 3,237 p. on 20th of May 2018, and a 6th prize of 3,177 pigeons from Eisenach (529km) on 29th of July 2018.

The 18-1023 is another successful young bird for this team: he wins a 1st prize from Kolin 2 (157 km) of 1,777 pigeons on 19th of August, as well as a 6th of Rakonvnik (260 km) of 1,888 pigeons on 16th of September.

Click here for the pedigree of Black Hardy.

Black Hardy's best references can be found here.

Black Knight was particularly successful in the Victoria Falls One Loft Race

Graham Guy from Wolverhampton sentin a Hardy Krüger hen for the Victoria Falls One Loft Race in Zimbabwe. That hen was his Black Knight GB 17-P34727, and she finished in 4th place in the final race (602 km) in 2018. Her sire is a son of Da Vinci, paired to a daughter of Black Power. The dam of Black Night is a grandchild of that same Black Power.

Click here for the full pedigree.

Incredibly successful

They are incredibly successful across the globe! This is something not too many fanciers can say but it definitely applies to Hardy Krüger. His bloodlines and their descendants have had some fantastic results in numerous lofts, and in one loft races in particular. And Hardy has been very successful himself as well, from an early age. He invested in some top quality bloodlines over the years, which have really paid off here!