SG Hagedorn & Becker (Lüdinghausen, DE) is remarkably successful with Leo Heremans pigeons

A considerable number of breeders in the current team of SG Hagedorn-Becker are pigeons of Leo Heremans (formerly Heremans-Ceusters). René and Frank visited the loft of Leo Heremans & Karel Ceusters for the first time in February 2002, and they were genuinely impressed with the level of quality in their pigeon collection.
The two fanciers quickly agreed that they should obtain descendants from these pigeons. They got their hands on a round of late youngsters.

René Becker (left) and Frank Hagedorn

SG Hagedorn & Becker

We introduce you to the pigeon loft of Hagedorn & Becker. One fancier lives in Lüdinghausen, the other in Nordkirchen. Our story begins with the fancier from Nordkirchen, the 46 year old René Becker. He has a veterinary practice in Nordkirchen, which is specialized in racing pigeons, or what did you expect? René Becker is a very successful veterinary surgeon but he has one handicap: due to a pigeon allergy he always has to wear a protective mask whenever he gets in contact with pigeons.

Frank Hagedorn, the other fancier in the team, lives in Lüdinghausen. This is where the pigeon lofts of this combination are located. Frank Hagedorn is 52 years old, and the pigeon loft was founded in 1998. The two fanciers have been winning many top prizes since. This is partly thanks to the proficiency of the two fanciers but also thanks to the level of quality of their pigeon collection.

In the early 1990s Frank Hagedorn, a metal worker, built a large pigeon loft in his garden, which was expanded and finetuned when the combination was founded. There is now a different section for young birds and a breeding loft with an adjacent aviary, besides the three widower lofts. In other words, there is plenty of room for the pigeon collection of the two fanciers.

All pigeons are kept in Frank Hagedorn's loft in Lüdinghausen, and Frank is also responsible for the caretaking and maintenance. As a veterinary surgeon, René Becker is unsurprisingly responsible for the health of the pigeon collection. They are clearly a complimentary team.

Breeding birds: only the best is good enough!

René Becker is a dedicated and ambitious pigeon fancier, which explains why he is always looking for the very best pigeons on the market. He wants every pigeon in his collection to be bred from the best breeding pairs and by the most renowned fanciers. He is always trying to find better pigeons, and he will not hesitate to invest in expensive pigeons if they can increase the quality of his existing breed. Over the years he has been in touch with numerous outstanding fanciers both at home and abroad, and quite a number of his pigeons originate from the breed of Leo Heremans (formerly Heremans-Ceusters).

René and Frank visited the loft of Heremans-Ceusters for the first time in February 2002, and they were really impressed with their pigeon collection. They stood out with their exceptional class and excellent form. René and Frank quickly agreed that they should really get their hands on a number of these descendants, and they promptly obained a round of late youngsters. They also purchased youngsters from Olympiade, Goudklompje, Euro 426, 166, Blauw Kampioentje and Wonderaske later on. This was the start of a new era for the Hagedorn-Becker combination. They managed to increase their level of performance significantly, becoming one of the top lofts in Germany. An additional group of Heremans-Ceusters was obtained in their 2007 auction.

They were obviously interested in other top class pigeons as well, which explains why many other bloodlines from famous lofts can be found in Lüdinghausen. They invested in a daughter of Gerard's Favoriet and a daughter of Mr. Ermerveen from the loft of C&G Koopman. A son of Ermerveen's Hope has been particularly valuable here. Youngsters of pigeons of Horst & Frank Sander were introduced as wel and combined really well with their Heremans pigeons. Pigeons from Wolfgang Roeper and from his stock hen 1241 in particular have been a great addition to the Hagedorn & Becker collection as well.

Only the very best is good enough for these two fanciers. They have been breeding from nothing but great pigeons, and this is why Team Becker & Hagedorn has been so successful.

The very best

The Hagedorn-Becker combination has really managed to step up their game with the Heremans pigeons. Let's take a closer look at these invaluable breeding pigeons that were obtained from Heremans-Ceusters, and which have become increasingly difficult to find. Over the years several auctions have taken place, in which pigeons were sold for record prices. Heremans pigeons are now being used everywhere in the world, and fanciers that have been working with these pigeons are not willing to sell them again. A few individual pigeons might be offered for sale here and there but it is no longer possible to obtain the type of pigeons that Frank Hagedorn and René Becker purchased after their first visit to Vorselaar.

Der Verkehrte B 03-6292562, the number one breeder

This is the number one breeder for this combination, since his descendants have been winning an endless list of top prizes. It would be difficult to describe how important this breeder has been for Hagedorn & Becker. He is not young anymore but he is still fertile. We were particularly interested in his origins. Der Verkehrte is a son of the world famous Olympiade 003 B 01-6455003 of Heremans-Ceusters, which represented Belgium in the 2002 Olympiad in Levin, France. He was also 2nd National Ace Pigeon in the short distance old birds that year. Olympiade 003 was paired to Blauw Kampioentje B 00-6440232 of Jan Diels.

Der Verkehrte bred the 06134-06-825 in 2006, which won 11 prizes in 13 races in 2008, including a first prize. He also bred the 707, which also won 11 prizes in 13 races in 2008, including a first and fourth prize. Der Verkehrte is also the sire of the 706, winner of 9 prizes in 13 races in 2008, including a 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th. He won an additional 11 prizes one year later. 2009 was a particularly successful season for him as a breeder: he bred The 819, which won 10 prizes in 2010 (including a 2nd, 2nd, 4th, 4th and 10th prize), and 11 prizes in 2011 (including a 1st and 6th). One year later he added another 11 prizes to his palmares. Five descendants of Der Verkehrte proved really talented racing birds between 2010 and 2013. He also bred the 06134-11-228, which won 10 prizes in 13 races in 2014, including a 2nd against 8,873 p., a 4th against 1,242 pigeons, a 6th against 6,553 pigeons, a 7th against 1,248 p. and a 10th against 6,874 pigeons. This pigeon also won 11 prizes in 12 races in 2015, winning 732.01 ace points. One of his brothers did even better: the 304 won 11 prizes in 12 races in 2014, and became 4th Best Yearling Cock in the region, while winning 11 prizes in 13 races with 837.22 ace points.

Keep in mind his grandchildren and great-grandchildren have been equally successful in the racing loft.

Bruder Hugo, B 08-6385208

We take a look at another super class breeder in this loft, Bruder Hugo. He is another son of Olympiade 003, paired to Daughter Jan B 07-6369526. His best daughter from 2011 is probably the 06134-11-179, which has won 11 prizes in 12 races in 2012, including a 1st, 1st and 6th. She also became best hen and best one year old hen in the RV. She went on to win 12 prizes in 13 races in 2014, while being the 2nd best hen in the region. In 2015 she wins 12 prizes in 13 races with 899.63 ace points. She was again the 2nd best hen in the RV as well.

Bruder Euro, B 05-6449954

A third top class pigeon in the Hagedorn & Becker pigeon collection is Bruder Euro, a full brother of Euro of Leo Heremans. He proved exceptionally talented in the breeding loft as well, having bred many outstanding racing birds and breeders. He is the sire of such racing birds as 223, 191, 192, 521, 844 and 1045. He is also the grandfather of the 06134-13-377, which was the best one year old cock in the RV in 2014, a,d winner of 12 prizes in 13 races in 2015, winning 901 ace points.

We have introduced you to some of the best breeding pigeons of Hagedorn-Becker, which are related to the top class pigeons of Leo Heremans. It goes without saying that only the very best original hens are paired to these breeders, since these pairings are guaranteed to give great results.

Best results of 2014

1st Champion RV with 56 prizes over 2,097 km
1st Champion hens RV, 33 prizes over 12,240 km
1st Yearlings' champion RV, 41 prizes over 14,018 km
1st Union Champion in the RV, 30 prizes with 2.701.80 points
1st Championship „Die Brieftaube“, 40 prizes over 3,635.40 km
3rd and 4th best cock in the RV
3rd, 5th and 6th Best Cock in the RV
1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th best one year old cock in the RV
2nd Best yearling in the RV
Championships in Region 409
2nd Regional championship (intern), 41 prizes over 17,217 km
4th Ragional championship Union, 27 prizes and 2,271.20 ace points.
2nd Regional chamionship hens, 34 prizes over 14,412 km
2nd Best Hen in the region with 03038-12-435 of Mathilde Herzog
1st Ace Cock in Union 409
7th Ace Cock at national level
Hagemann & Becker won thre regional first prizes in 2014
1st regional Wiesentheid (305 km) against 9,504 p.
1st regional Osterhofen (527 km) against 5,532 p.,
They won several more prizes in this race: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 11th, 13th (8 RVs / 253 lofts)
1st region Parsberg  (423 km) against 4,866 p.
Gouden Duif: Superstar of the year long distance
             Superstar long distance june
             Superstar middle distance June

Best results of 2015

1st Union championship in the RV
2nd RV championship intern, 58 prizes over 20,116 km
1st Yearlings' championship RV
2nd Hen's championship RV
1st Championship „Die Brieftaube“ magazine
1st Young birds' championship RV
4th and 5th best cock in the RV
2nd, 5th, 7th best hen in the RV
1st, 4th, 5th, 6th best one year old cock in the RV
3rd, 9th bestes jähriges Weibchen der RV
2nd, 3rd, 6th Ace Hen in the RV
1st, 4th, 5th, 9th best young bird in the RV
Championships in Region 409
1st Championship region intern
1st Union championship in the region
1st Championship Hens in the region
1st Championship young birds in the region
8th and 9th best young bird in the union
3rd and 4th best hen in the union
1st Westfalen championship in the region (4th Championship Westfalen against 4,000 breeders)