Alexandre Margris (Gennes-Ivergny, FR), 1st General National & 1st National Champion Long Distance in France

It's one of the most titled lofts in France and she honored its status throughout the racing season 2019: after several years of racing at top level and a big sale, the colony of Alexandre Margris continues to go ahead on various competitions in his country.

Alexandre & Paul Margris.

The 2019 season was a major success for the Margris loft who successfuly improved his performance list as two majors titles were booked: 1st National General Champion France (all distances), 1st National Champion Long Distance France (500-750 km) & 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance (300-500 km with 'Viktoria'). More specifically, the Margris loft also won the first place of the podium from the Super Prestige des ALC-CALC championship, one of the hardest championships to catch in France as it is to be won in the long distance and extreme long distance races with only prizes per 10 to be won with the 3 first nominated from the 3 categories (old birds, yearlings & youngsters), so 28 prizes possible while Margris booked 22. It's the fourth time that the loft wins this championship as they already won it in 2012, 2014 & 2015.

It's useless to say that to book such kind of results, you need to get all the right ingredients and invest a minimum of your time to make it work. Alexandre is a real master in the art of the preparation, a workaholic who pushes the details to their maximum. And of course, he also owns a very strong strain of pigeons he is working with since many years now. Despite a big sale in early 2016, the quality of his results has been kept on the same level and he could go ahead on his successful march. Nowadays, there is a special pigeon acting as the leading figure of the loft: 'Olympic Timoko', a pigeon that was a super racer winning ao. 1. Olympic Pigeon All-Round France in 2013 (Nitra) before he became an even better breeder.

'Olympic Timoko', leading figure of the loft.

He is now father or grandfather of the following first prizes winners:

1. Blois 1.771 p. ('Dreamoko Girl')
1. St-Junien 1.621 p. ('Hirosaka')
1. Guéret 1.367 p. & plus rapide 2.267 p. ('Geantissime')
1. Brive 1.089 p. & plus rapide 1.634 p. ('Brillantine')
1. Châteauroux 671 p. ('Brillantissime')
1. Châteauroux 578 p. ('Brillantine')
1. Langeais 511 p. ('Dreamoko Girl')
1. Limoges 477 p. & plus rapide 1.479 p. ('Brillantissime')
1. Brive 467 p. ('Brillantine')
1. Chateaudun 452 p. ('Brillantine')
1. Guéret 350 p. ('Geantissime')
1. Brive 313 p. ('Brillantine')
1. Blois 301 p. ('Dreamoko Girl')

Nowadays, the current stars of the racing team are the following pigeons:

- 'Olympic Mo Cuishle' (FR16-21822)

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- 'Olympic Lenina Huxley' (FR17-42271)

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- 'Dreed' (FR17-42297)

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- 'Readly Express' (FR17-42246)

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- 'Viktoria' (FR18-36166)

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MAPP System

Since several years, Alexandre launched his own gamma of products with his own management system. This gamma has been developped in partnership with the pigeon vet Jean-Pierre Duchatel. In fact, it's a program of management of the condition and the form of the pigeons. This system is made with natural products that respect and improve the metabolism of the pigeon. It was developped after several years of brainstorming. The experiences with and the development of each of these products have been tested in real conditions so that they could get the maximum out of the benefits from the plants. The main goal is to maintain a good natural health and a good level of performances. Since the gamma has been launched, several top lofts from France and Belgium are now racing with the guidance of these products. It's useless to say that Alexandre uses his own products 365 days a year. With a very efficient guidance and several classy pigeons, the future looks definitely bright.