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Super racing season 2019 for the combination Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) with some new KBDB National Ace Pigeons!

When you end up your racing season with no less than 4 differents rankings in the KBDB national ace pigeons, then you know your season has been a very good one. Jean-Marc Thibaut showed once again his skills as he kept on improving his performance list. He is probably one of the recordmen of the KBDB rankings from the belgian pigeon sport nowadays.

Lots of people are still talking about the super sale heald online in february 2019 when all the pigeons from this loft born before 2017 were spread all over the world. The main pigeons of this team, racers and breeders, were sold in a spectacular auction. Even if this auction had been achieved while keeping at home two entire generations (the 2017 & 2018) and even if a specific breeding had been done partly to keep alive the winning blood, Jean-Marc had a lot of questions before starting the new racing season. His auction has been very successful (the proof of the recognition of his results from the pigeon sport public) but he had to get rid of an entire team of pigeons who contributed to built his reputation. All these years spent to seek for the best pigeons available, to seek for the best pairings possible, to select the results of his breeding, etc ... as a pessimistic man, get rid of such a collection could only lead to a step back in the level of his performances. And yet...

No step back in the performance level

If you followed the results of the Thibaut-Boons combination during the last racing season, you probably came to the conclusion that everything went according to the plan. Since the very first races, the pigeons seemed to be on the right track and they were in a good condition, which is necessary to lead a successful racing season. Then came the first national races where pigeons such as 'Special Vikie' or 'New National Star' came to the fore while booking some top 100 national positions. Then it was the turn of the young generation to be entered to the races, once again with some nice discoveries. Finally, the season came to an end in apotheosis with the release of the national championships of the KBDB. Take a look by yourself: 

5. National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance OB KBDB 
7. National Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance Ybs KBDB
10. National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance OB KBDB
15. National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance OB KBDB

But also :

5. National Champion Small Middle Distance OB & Yls KBDB

So, 4 brand new rankings of national ace pigeons only 8 months after the auction of the main pigeons from this colony. The season was very successful but it also shows the richness of the different breeding lines used in Sombreffe. The ultimate proof that despite a chronical lack of time, Jean-Marc owns quite some ressources regarding the quality of his pigeons, moreover that he is not the only one to get their benefits as several others fanciers were very successful thanks to the impact of the Thibaut-Boons pigeons. Now, let's take a look at the new stars of this loft.

- 'Victoire' (BE17-1143255)

3. National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance Yl KBDB '18
5. National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance OB KBDB '19
1. Bourges provincial -    905 p. '17
   57. Nat Zone       - 12.400 p.
   107. National      - 38.456 p.
1. Gien provincial    -    970 p. '19
1. Sens provincial    -    798 p. '18
1. Sens provincial    -    414 p. '18
2. Gien provincial    -  1.050 p. '18
4. Gien provincial    -  1.839 p. '19
6. Vierzon Iprov      -  1.866 p. '18
6. Moulins Iprov      -  1.546 p. '18
7. Bourges Iprov      -  1.704 p. '19
8. Bourges Iprov      -  1.006 p. '19

Click here to check her pedigree.

- 'Blue Perfection' (BE19-1153716)

7. National Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance Ybs KBDB
1. Dizy régional       -    369 p.
1. Sézanne régional    -    112 p.
3. Argenton provincial -    618 p.
   23. Iprovincial     -  1.416 p.
5. Bourges provincial  -    734 p.
   18. Iprovincial     -  2.010 p.
   387. National       - 28.446 p.
5. Châteauroux prov    -    423 p.
   17. Iprovincial     -  1.023 p.

Click here to check her pedigree.

- 'Special Vikie' (BE17-1143209)

1. Bourges prov    -  1.006 p. '19
   24. National    - 24.055 p.
5. Argenton n zone -  3.487 p. '19
   52. National    - 15.235 p.
3. Gien Iprov      -  2.157 p. '19
48. Bourges Iprov  -  2.053 p. '18
59. Nevers Iprov   -  3.591 p. '18

Click here to check his pedigree.

Why another auction?

Despite the uninterrupted succes we just talked about, the situation took a complicated twist because of an extremly busy professionnal and familial life. If the two daughters of Jean-Marc are now older, the attendance at his shop doesn't stop to climb. Several years ago, Jean-Marc and his wife invested a lot of money in his shop to revitalize the business area. Moreover, it was previously the shop of his parents, which gives an extra emotionnal charge to this. Now, the shop is part of the brand Aveve and, as the business owner, Jean-Marc spent a lot of time in it. It doesn't allow him to spare some time for his favourite hobby. Luckily, he can count on the very enjoyable help of a few friends (Michel Lardinois, Philippe Soetars, Michel Hovens, ...) who are achieving some tasks before, during & after the season ... but what do you want to do when you doesn't even have the time to wait for the arrivals of your pigeons during the weekend? That's the reason why our friend already took the tough decision to reduce the size of his colony last year but he realised that he reached once again his limits during the last season. He is now in a period of his life where he has to take the right decisions as it will have an impact on his old days. That's why he took another tough decision to focus on the long distance races for the coming years, a discipline that requires less involvment from the fancier and, moreover, who has the advantage to schedule the arrival of the races at the end of the day, theorically after the opening time of a shop. That's why exactly eight months after his last auction, this champion present once again an entire collection for sale.

Congratulations to Jean-Marc for all these years of at the top level without interrumption! We wish him all the best for his new goals on the pigeon world and for the new challenge coming on his path.