Hadrien Marsille (Ophain, BE) booked a fantastic 2019 season

The racing team of Hadrien just booked an astonishing racing season. The best one from his very young career. From 100 to 700 kilometers, his pigeons managed to win almost each week while the young generation proved the worth of the breeding loft from his mentor, Thierry Aerts.

Hadrien & Thierry Aerts.

The less we can say is that the season that Hadrien Marsille just ended was a top one, the best of his career until now. Driven by his passion, this young lad is up for racing in the morning, at noon and until the evening as he likes to race all the racing program. In his area, he was the man to beat during the whole season. We noticed that his performances level is increasing season after season and he probably owes it to the total support of his friend Thierry Aerts (AT Breeding Lofts) who is the owner of a fantastic breeding loft as he introduced the very best breeding lines currently available on the market. As he doesn't have enough free time to take care of a racing team, Thierry Aerts chose to focus on breeding pigeons and most of the youngsters he bred are moving to the Marsille lofts. It is also Hadrien who set up the guidelines regarding the pairings and each decision is taken by both friends. What impressed us this year is that the racing team was struggling for victory each racing weekend and this up until the interprovincial level. From these early prizes, several top positions were booked on the national races while the number of pigeons basketted on these races is very low. Have a look by yourself:

National top 100 positions

43 Nat Châteauroux 20.522 p.
43 Nat Bourges 7.254 p.
47 Nat Issoudun 8.248 p.
47 Nat Bourges 17.969 p.
54 Nat Bourges 28.446 p.
90 Nat Vierzon 20.956 p.
95 Nat Aurillac 3.886 p.
When you know that Hadrien is driven by a high ambition, you can only conclude that this is only the start of a great adventure, moreover that he can now focus 100% on the management of his loft. Well helped by his father Patrick and by Thierry Aerts, official dealer of the cracks made in Ophain, the team is now on the right track and they have a huge potential for the coming years. We will come back more in details on the different breeding lines to be found at the foundation of this loft. Until then, we are going to introduce you the star of the racing team anno 2019:

- 'The 173' (BE18-2120173)

1. Toury 464 p. '19
1. Toury 235 p. '19
2. Orléans 2.133 p. '19
2. Nanteuil 1.061 p. '18
3. Toury 1.083 p. '19
3. Toury 201 p. '19
4. Orléans 1.959 p. '19
4. Toury 204 p. '19
5. St-Soupplets 908 p. '19
5. Toury 871 p. '19
9. Nanteuil 1.186 p. '18
10. Toury 484 p. '19
11. Nanteuil 801 p. '18
Father: 'Beauty Marcel' (BE17-6149216), direct from Marcel Wouters. The father is an inbred on the 'Leeuw' x 'Sister Den Ad' ('Den Ad' won the title of the 1st National Ace Pigeon SMD KBDB '13).
Mother: 'Rudy Gina' (BE16-2299698), daughter of the pairing 'Rudy Star' x 'Gina's Girl', the 'Rudy Star' being a direct son of 'Rudy' from Gaby Vandenabeele x 'Grand-daughter Bliksem'. This pigeon became a leading figure from the AT Breeding Lofts as he is father of several performing racers and breeders, while her mother ('Gina's Girl') is a direct daughter of 'Gina' (1st National Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB '08) when paired up on the 'Black Jack' from Paul Huls (1st Olympic Pigeon All-Round Belgium 2007).

Click here to check her pedigree.

Until the time the championships will release their truth, including the national championships of the KBDB, we would like to congratulates the entire Marsille family as well as Thierry Aerts.

Best results

20/04 Soissons - 557 p.: 1-2-3-4-9-12-13-... (37/74)
05/05 St Soupplets - 1.890 p.: 8-9-10-11-12-13-... (25/38)
18/05 Toury - 2.133 p. : 2-5-6-30-... (16/34)
01/06 Orléans - 1.959 p. : 3-4-5-6-30-49-50-... (13/19)
08/06 Melun - 124 p. : 2-3-12 (3/3)
22/06 Orléans - 1.443 p. : 3-13-24-38-39-49-55-... (13/17)
06/07 St Soupplets - 600 p. : 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-10-11-... (13/33)
06/07 Toury - 1.083 p. : 1-2-3-10-11-28-... (10/12)
21/07 Toury - 402 p. : 1-2 (2/4)
29/07 Toury - 183 p. : 1-2-... (3/3)
29/07 Toury - 328 p. : 1-2-3-5-... (9/19)
10/08 St Soupplets - 1.218 p. : 3-6-7-15-... (8/9)
19/08 Toury - 425 p. : 1-2-3-4-5-10-11-12-13 (9/10)
19/08 St Soupplets - 794 p. : 1-2-4-9-14-20-21-25-26-27-... (15/31)