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The Thibaut-Boons pigeons also responsible for super results in other lofts!

What's better to judge the quality of a pigeon strain than checking the results they book in other lofts? The Thibaut-Boons auction that is currently running now gave us the opportunity to put the spotlight on several exceptional references won by these pigeons in various lofts.

The report we published last week showed the efficient qualities of the Thibaut-Boons pigeons, a loft rich of numerous national ace pigeons as well as some pigeons able to shine on the national races. But what is even more remarkable is how the Thibaut-Boons pigeons allowed several other fanciers to book the same kind of results, once again with national ace pigeons and early prizes on the national races. We made a small balance of the main references booked in various lofts thanks to the Thibaut-Boons pigeons:

Patrick Dupuis (Belgium)

In june 2018, Patrick Dupuis won the 4th national Châteauroux I against 27,081 p. (2nd national zone 6,511 p.). The father of this pigeon is an original Thibaut-Boons, bred from a brother of 'Jade' ('Volare' x 'Jeanne') coupled on ‘Mother Thiam’ (original G. Vandenabeele), in fact the mother of 'Thiam’ who won in 2015 the 1st national Argenton against 21,915 p. (highest speed from 25,927 p.).

Eric Cnudde (Belgium)

Won in 2018 the 1st national Libourne against 2,887 yearlings. The father of the national winner is an original Thibaut-Boons, out of a crossing Vieux Pros x Blauwe Bliksem x De Rauw, the ideal crossing from the very start of the Thibaut-Boons combination.

Vincent Devleeschauwer (Belgium)

Won in 2018 the 18th national Bourges against 20,284 pigeons with a 75% Thibaut-Boons ! (crossing 'Jade' x 'Sister La 12') !

Sébastien Cressin (France)

Running one of the best pigeon loft from the north of France and this mainly thanks to the Thibaut-Boons pigeons. In 2018, he booked an incredible season winning a.o. 2nd National Champion Middle Distance, 6th National Ace Great Middle Distance, 8th National Ace Small Middle Distance, ... everytime with the origins of the Thibaut-Boons.
Voici quelques exemples des principaux descendants:

- FR16-15002 (grandson of BE13-8021534 - in auction):

1. Vierzon   999 p. '18
1. Lorris    879 p. '18
1. Andrezel  558 p. '17
1. Le Mesnil 393 p. '18
2. Gien    1.254 p. '18
2. Gien    1.089 p. '17
2. Gien      727 p. '18
2. Ecouen    453 p. '17
3. Lorris  1.350 p. '17

- FR16-200081 (granddaughter of BE13-8021487 - in auction):

1. Lorris  1.350 p. '17
1. Andrezel  328 p. '18
2. Le Mesnil 764 p. '18
3. Lorris    879 p. '18
6. Gien    1.254 p. '18
8. Vierzon   999 p. '18

Ulrich Lemmens (Belgium)

During the total auction of Thibaut-Boons in 2012, he bought ‘Olympic Alpha’ (already father of ‘Rihanna’, Olympic Pigeon Nitra 2013). This ‘Olympic Alpha’ became then one of the best & current breeding cock at Lemmens, father of ao. 5th national La Souteraine against 3,167 p. & 6th national zone Tulle and also grandfather of ‘949/16’, 6th best youngster of Belgium on 4 national races in 2016.
The descendants of ‘Olympic Alpha’ performed also well in one loft races all over the world.

Don Riedel / Jim Gabler (USA)

‘Canelle’, original Thibaut-Boons hen (from old basic lines), became mother of ‘Sigi’, probably the best one loft race breeding pigeon in USA.
‘Sigi’ is mother to ao :

‘LG-1’ : 1st Prize Final Hoosier Classic One Loft Race USA 2014
‘Bonds Girl’ : 1st Prize Final Hoosier Classic One Loft Race USA 2015
‘Sigi’ is grandmother to ao. :
‘AU-987’ : 1st Prize Grain Belt Classic – Omaha USA

Adrien Mirabelle (Belgium)

An original Thibaut-Boons hen (granddaughter ‘Vieux Pros’) became mother of the 5th National Ace Pigeon SMD KBDB 2016 & of the 10th National Ace Pigeon SMD KBDB 2016.
Another original Thibaut-Boons hen (nestsister BE11-8006279 – in auction) bred from the pair 'Son Blauwe Bliksem' x 'Cristale' (a daughter of the ‘Vieux Pros’) became grandmother of ‘Shogun’, 2x 8e As Pigeon National PDF RFCB in 2016 & in 2017.
The same hen is grandmother ‘Connor’, winner of ao. 14th national Limoges 15,789 p. in 2018.

Verspreet-Cosse (Belgium)

The hen of their golden pair is an original Thibaut-Boons. This pair bred the following winners :

1st Provincial Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB
4th national Châteauroux 22,254 p.
6th national zone Bourges 4,381 p.
30th semi-national Nevers 5,997 p.

André Arnould (Belgium)

In 2018, his '059/17' won ao. the 1st interprovincial Nevers against 3.591 pigeons as well as the 34th interprovincial Bourges 3.519 pigeons. This pigeon is a grandson of two pigeons actually offered online: BE15-3025180 x BE12-8009367, being a son of 'Flash Bliksem' (original G. Vandenabeele) x 'Daughter La 12'.

Pierson-Bavay (Belgium)

This combination was really successful after the introduction of the Thibaut-Boons pigeons.
Their ‘906/12’ (bred from the line of 'Kimi') won 3x 1st provincial during his racing career and his father is a direct Thibaut-Boons. This ‘906/12’ became this year grandfather of the ‘603/16’ who won last year the 1st provincial Valence 2018.
The ‘905/12’ (nestbrother of the ‘906/12’) is at his turn father of the ‘686/13’, 1st provincial Bourges 2014.

Hugo Vlaeminck (Belgium)

In 2014, he won the 1st national zone/2nd national Poitiers against 14.094 pigeons with a 50% Thibaut-Boons as the father of his pigeon, a full brother of 'Jade’ was bought during the total auction of the Thibaut-Boons colony in 2012.

Monseu-Miller (Belgium)

In 2014, this Luxembourg based loft won the 6th National Ace Pigeon Sprint Youngsters KBDB with a 50% Thibaut-Boons. The mother of this pigeon is a direct daughter of the Pros (former basic cock Thibaut-Boons).

Michel Hovens (Belgium)

His loft is mainly built around the Thibaut-Boons pigeons (mostly the line of the 'Vieux Pros'). Since several years, Michel is regularly classified in the national championships of the KBDB, always thanks to the influence of the Thibaut-Boons pigeons:

6th National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2015 ('Paris')
8th National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2014 ('Ander')
11th National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2015 ('Diesel')

'Paris' is a grandson of the pair 'Nels' x 'La 12', two of the most emblematic pigeons before the total auction of 2012. 'Diesel' is a direct son of 'Victor' x '132/09', which make of him a full brother of'Vikie', 3rd National Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB & Olympic Pigeon Cat B Brussels 2017. Concerning 'Ander', his mother is a granddaughter of 'Kimi', 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2005.

Goemare Brothers (Belgium)

The two brothers won the 5th National Ace Pigeon Sprint Yearlings KBDB in 2014. The father, who is a direct Thibaut-Boons, was one of the best racers of the loft a few years ago as he won 5 first prizes. Placed in the breeding loft after his racing career, he is already showing he can become a good breeder.

Jean d'Haeseleer (Belgium)

Ex manager of the Deno-Herbots team, Jean has always been a close friend of Jean-Marc. He own a super breeding cock which is a grandson of 'Nels' and he gave several of his descendants to his friends, especially to Clément De Mesmaeker where two brothers won ao. 1st provincial, 67th national Châteauroux 8.640 p., 70th national Argenton 11.506 p., 108th national Châteauroux 26.695 p., 296th national Châteauroux 14.955 p., 383th national Châteauroux 18.799 p., etc.

Hensen-Mentior (Belgium)

Via Michel Hovens (loft mainly built on the Thibaut-Boons pigeons), they purchased several descendants of the line of 'Vieux Pros' (former basic pigeon at Thibaut-Boons). In 2018, a granddaughter of the pair 'Sebastian' x 'Jeanne' became mother of 'As 14', a young cock who won the title of 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Sprint Youngsters KBDB as well as 17th National Ace Pigeon Sprint Youngsters KBDB. By the way, this 'As 14' played a leading role in the classification of 2nd National Champion Sprint Youngsters KBDB!
Another interesting fact is that a full brother of the mother of 'As 14' became father of the '674/16' a hen who won in 2018 the 1st interprovincial Vierzon.

Bruno Javeaux (Belgium)

The '197/11', nestbrother of the '196/11' (mother of 'Nafi', 3rd national Argenton 21.915 p.) is father of two exceptionnal racing brothers:

- 'BE16-736'

1. Montluçon 1.389 p.
1. Sézanne     493 p.
1. Sourdun     247 p.
1. Trélou      204 p.
2. Fay       1.863 p.
2. Momignies   270 p.
4. Trélou      675 p.

- 'BE16-750'

9.  Dizy        910 p.
10. Bourges     487 p.
29. Montluçon 1.389 p.
35. Bourges   2.390 p.

By the way, their grandfather (father side) is 'Lewis', a son of the top pair 'Vieux Pros' x 'Mother Kimi' (1st National Ace Middle Distance KBDB 2005).