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Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) and the ace pigeons chronicle

If you follow the Belgian competition closely, it was impossible for you to miss the name of Thibaut-Boons. Since 2005 and their double National title KBDB, this loft achieved brilliant performances leading to several national classificiations in the KBDB championships.

Something new for 2018-2019

The year 2018 represented a big change for the daily life of the Thibaut family: the old familial house has been sold. This is where the story of this fantastic team has been written. This is where Jean-Marc became a well renowned fancier, this is where he has been crowned as a national champion KBDB several times and this is also where he booked his national victory on Argenton in 2017, until this day the most beautiful moment of his career.

The Thibaut’s had the opportunity to build the house of their dreams on a big piece of land, only a few hundreds of meters from the previous one. When this new home was finished and ready at the end of the year 2018, a brand new pigeon loft was already installed one year before. This is where a new chapter began and its very first moments in 2018 were already wonderful but they should be followed by something even better in the future. For Jean-Marc, this new chapter had to start from a radical way: he needed a new challenge and he will probably focus more and more on the long distance races, even if he will never stop to basket his pigeons to the middle distance races, the big love of his life. That’s the reason why he took the decision to sell his entire team of old pigeons (those born before 2017). For him, this decision represented the best solution to start this new chapter because he was free-minded.

Jean-Marc in front of his new accomodations.

The season 2018 (the first one on the new accomodations) was a complete success, mostly thanks to a fantastic 2017 generation who made him enjoying his hobby. This generation will be used of course as a strong basis for his new start and the performances they achieved in 2018 confirmed him he made the right choices. Known for his yearly classifications in the national championships of the KBDB, the moving of his loft had not lead to any change in his victorious mood:

2nd National Champion Small Middle Distance KBDB 2018
3rd National Ace Pigeon SMD Yearlings KBDB 2018 ('Victoire')

By the way, it’s good to know that the 2nd place at the National Championship SMD of the KBDB has been won thanks to a fantastic coefficient of 6,60%, a coefficient that should have been a record in this discipline if the one from the brothers Gaie from La Bouverie has not been even more astonishing (5,63% with 10/10 with the 2 first nominated pigeon, a coefficient that will probably stay unbeaten).

The decision to sell the entire team of old pigeons has been also motivated by the fact that Jean-Marc already experienced an important sale. That auction had been already heald by PIPA in december 2012 and the most important pigeons from that time had been sold online. At the time, only the young pigeons born in 2012 had been kept. Once again, it caused no negative impact on the racing results. Even better: the five years that were going to follow will stay forever as the very best ones from the entire career of Jean-Marc with, at the end, the following performances:

1st Argenton national 21.915 youngsters 2017 (highest speed of 25.927 p.)
1st National Ace Pigeon SMD Old Pigeons KBDB 2014 ('Niko')
1st National Champion Small Middle Distance Old Pigeons KBDB 2014
1st National Champion Small Middle Distance KBDB 2015
1st Olympic Pigeon Cat A Budapest 2015 ('Niko')
1st Olympic Pigeon Cat H Budapest 2015 ('Lola')
1st Olympic Pigeon Cat B Brussels 2017 ('Vikie')
2nd Olympic Pigeon Cat H Budapest 2015 ('373/12')
2nd National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance Old Pigeons KBDB 2016
2nd National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance Old Pigeons KBDB 2017
3rd National Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance Yl KBDB 2015
3rd National Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance Old Pigeons KBDB 2014 ('Lola')
3rd National Champion Great Middle Distance Old Pigeons KBDB 2014
4th National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance Yl KBDB 2013
5th National Champion Small Middle Distance Olds & Yl KBDB 2017
7th National Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance Yl KBDB 2015
9th National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB 2014 
9th National Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance Yl KBDB 2016

The quality of the pigeons is a necessity

Jean-Marc is the independant owner of a pet shop in his hometown. He doesn’t really have enough time in general but it’s even worst during the racing season as his shop is running to the climax. The cares given to the pigeons are not always how they should be, because of a lack of time. Jean-Marc quickly understood that, at his position, the quality of his pigeons would be the key to success. It’s always the case anywhere you go but it’s even more important when a racing team is managed by somebody who doesn’t have enough time. That’s why Jean-Marc always focused his choices on the very best lines available at the moment and he always stayed very active as a buyer, introducing each year something new and valuable to his stock. It has been more than ten years that his attention has been drawed by the Vandenabeele pigeons and he started to introduce them via Deno-Herbots who started to bring a real input since 2010, mostly while being crossed with the descendants of his basic pigeon at the time, the 'Old Pros'. After his auction in 2012, Jean-Marc had the chance to discover a superior breeding hen with 'Audrey' (bought at the total auction of the late Pros Roosen). If the 'Pros' had impacted his colony during the period of the first national titles, 'Audrey' did the same during the period 2012-2018, pushing even more the boundaries. To this stock, Jean-Marc added at the time, always through direct purchases, the Vandenabeele, the Etienne De Rauw, a daughter of the worldfamous 'Wittekop Sylvester' from Bart Geerinckx who was soon to become an extraordinary breeding hen and, finally, the pigeons from the PIPA Elite Center (PEC). Jean-Marc always underlined that these last ones had in no time a large impact in the racing & breeding team, mostly through the fact that only a handful of them had been introduced. As any other craftsman specialized in something, he always thought that the success could be only achieved through using the best products available. And, in the pigeon sport, this was the only solution leading to a colony of a higher level. He wasn’t wrong and his results are proving it. Moreover, he was convinced right from the start that his old base, crossed with the pigeons from Vandenabeele, De Rauw and  PEC, would lead to something successful. All the ace pigeons that he bred over the last few years were all bred thanks to these kind of crossings and this without any exception. Do you want a proof ?

- Thiam: De Rauw x Vandenabeele (1st national Argenton 21.915 p.)
- Niko: old basis x Roosen (1st & 4th National Ace SMD KBDB)
- Sylvie: old basis x Geerinckx (7th National Ace GMD KBDB)
- Lauda: De Rauw x Roosen (2nd National Ace SMD KBDB)
- Max: PEC x old basis (2nd & 9th National Ace National SMD KBDB)
- ...

Here is for what we can say about this loft and its philosophy. Now, it's time to introduce you several birds. We thought it would be much more interesting to talk about the birds who stayed in the shadow of the recent national ace pigeons or Olympic pigeons...

- 'Nancy' (BE16-1161054)

1. Bourges Prov  -  1.228 p. '16
   10. Iprov     -  5.416 p.
   46. National  - 28.078 p.
2. Argenton Prov -  2.009 p. '17
   51. Iprov     -  4.614 p.
   158. National - 22.712 p.
3. Nevers Iprov  -  5.997 p. '17
6. Argenton Prov -    653 p. '16
   696. National - 19.592 p.

Father: 'Son Niko 409/14' (BE14-2343409), direct son of the top pair 'Niko' x 'Lola', so 1st & 4th National Ace Pigeon SMD KBDBB x 3rd National Ace GDF RFCB!
Mother: 'Daughter Witty' (BE14-6049690), direct Van Oeckel and 75% Geerinckx LBJ as granddaughter from 'Zwaarte Diamant' (direct Geerinckx and basic pigeon Van Oeckel), 'Nationaal' (1st national Limoges 11.869 pigeons for Geerinckx) & 'Nationaal Treasure' (2nd national Châteauroux 17.109 pigeons for Geerinckx). Her father is a full brother of 'Miss Poznan', star of the Van Oeckel loft.

Click here to check pedigree.

- 'Miss Vikie' (BE16-1161031)

1. Bourges regional     -    641 p. '17
   5. Iprovincial       -  3.799 p.
2. Argenton regional    -    186 p. '18
   443. National        -  3.322 p.
3. Châteauroux regional -    149 p.
   589. National        -  4.389 p. '17
5. Bourges Provincial   -    543 p. '17
   554. National        - 12.449 p.
6. Gien Iprovincial     -  2.069 p.
6. Argenton regional    -    225 p. '17
   455. National        - 11.506 p.
17. La Souterraine Prov -    407 p. '16
42. Toury regional      -    725 p. '17
52. Nevers Iprovincial  -  5.997 p. '17

Father: 'Lola's Son 514' (BE14-1123514), grandson of two iconic breeding pigeons being 'Audrey' & 'Luna'. His father is a direct son to 'Lola' (3rd National Ace GMD KBDB) and so half-brother of 'Nancy 054/16' (see previous pigeon).
Mother: 'Vikie' (BE14-1011784), star of the Thibaut-Boons loft, 3rd National Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB 2015 and 1st Olympic Pigeon Cat B à Brussels in 2017! In her pedigree, you can find back 'Nels', 'Luna' and so once again the 'Old Pros'.

Click here to check her pedigree.

- 'Solene' (BE16-1161021)

1. Bourges Prov    -    991 p. '18
   2. Iprovincial  -  2.390 p.
3. Bourges Prov    -    543 p. '17
   90. Iprovincial -  3.455 p.
   421. National   - 12.449 p.
4. Nevers Iprov    -  5.997 p. '17
8. Argenton Prov   -    653 p. '16 
   865. National   - 19.592 p.
8. Gien Iprov      -    664 p. '18

Father: 'Father Solene' (BE15-1154113), grandson of 'Olympic Nels' by his father while is mother is a direct Jung-Jupid and daughter 'Asterix', himself son of the famous 'Aladin'.
Mother: 'Sylvie' (BE14-1123569), 7th National Ace GMD KBDB 2015 and granddaughter to the 'Wittekop Sylvester' by his mother, 'Sylver Kannibaaltje'!

Click here to check her pedigree.

- 'Charline' (BE16-1161057)

15th National Ace Pigeon GMD YB's KBDB 2016
1. Argenton Prov    -    500 p. '17
   28. Nat Zone     -  5.991 p.
   42. National     - 22.712 p.
2. Bourges Prov     -  1.228 p. '16
   57. Nat Zone     -  7.858 p.
   78. National     - 28.078 p.
2. La Souterraine   -    407 p. '16
   75. Iprovincial  -  2.645 p.
6. Bourges Prov     -    543 p. '17
   715. National    - 12.449 p.
9. Argenton Prov    -    653 p. '16
   184. Iprovincial -  3.355 p.
11. Argenton Prov   -    225 p. '17
   685. National    - 11.506 p.
28. Nevers Iprov    -  5.997 p. '17

Father: 'Inbred Old Pros' (BE13-9020989), bred by his good friend Michel Hovens who built his success thanks to the Thibaut-Boons pigeons. This one was bred out of the best old breeding lines from Sombreffe as being a grandson of both 'Old Pros' and 'Sebastian' (top breeding cock, himself son of the 'Old Pros').
Mother: 'Nicole' (BE12-8009528). In her pedigree, you can once again find back the best breeding lines of Thibaut-Boons with the 'Old Pros' but also 'Sebastian', 'Kimi', 'Jeanne', etc. Moreover, her mother is a direct daughter of 'Audrey'.

Click here to check her pedigree.

Despite her young age, 'Charline' has already some strong breeding references with 'Max Jr', a direct son of her that came out of the very first eggs layed by 'Charline':

- 'Max Jr' (BE17-1143205)

1st Interprovincial Ace Pigeon GMD Yl 2018 (AWC)
Co-winner 2nd National Champion SMD KBDB 2018
1.  Vierzon Iprov  - 1.866 p. '18
2.  La Ferté Iprov -   592 p. '18
4.  Bourges Prov   -   426 p. '18
7.  Nevers Iprov   - 3.591 p. '18
9.  Sens Iprov     -   798 p. '18
14. Gien Iprov     - 1.050 p. '18

Father: 'Max' (BE15-1154041), a fantastic racer who won a.o. 2nd National Ace Pigeon SMD KBDB 2017 and 9th National Ace Pigeon SMD KBDB 2016 before being sold abroad. His father was received as an egg from the PEC and is a grandson of the worldfamous 'Verbesselt Pair' (New Bak 17 x Miss Joice), a breeding pair who bred several winners in the entire world, especially in the one loft races. His mother is a granddaughter of two iconic pigeons of the belgian pigeon sport: 'Ike' and 'Blauwe Prins'.
Mother: 'Charline' (BE16-1161057), super racing hen crowned as 15th National Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB youngsters in 2016 with a.o. 42th Argenton national 22.712 p. & 78th La Souterraine 28.078 p., etc (for her pedigree, see previous pigeon).

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Max Jr'.

Last but not least, we are going to end this report with the brand new star from the racing loft. We are talking about 'Victoire', a hen born in 2017 that became the real flag-bearer during the last racing season. Once again, this hen is a 100% Thibaut-Boons, a true mix with all the old racing & breeding glories who built the name of Thibaut-Boons on the national scene.

- 'Victoire' (BE17-1143255)

3rd National Ace Pigeon SMD Yl KBDB '18
Co-winner 2nd National Champion SMD KBDB 2018
1. Bourges reg   -    905 p. '17
   2. Provincial -  2.938 p.
   57. Nat. Zone - 12.400 p.
   107. National - 38.456 p.
1. Sens regional -    798 p. '18
1. Gien regional -    251 p. '18
2. Gien Iprov    -  1.050 p. '18
6. Vierzon Iprov -  1.866 p. '18
6. Moulins Prov  -    757 p. '18
7. Fay Iprov     -  1.304 p. '18
8. Bourges Iprov -  1.399 p. '18
   72. Nat. Zone -  3.332 p.
   114. National -  8.974 p.

Father: 'Father Victoire' (BE11-8030585), a pigeon born in 2011 and who has almost never been used up until now but he managed to breed a 3rd National Ace Pigeon. His father ('Fatch') is a son of 'Olympic Nels', Olympic pigeon in Poznan in 2011 and 8th National Ace Pigeon KBDB. He is himself a son of the 'Old Pros', basic pigeon of the loft. His mother is the super 'Wonder 017', one of the stars of the racing loft before the auction of 2012. She won a.o. 1st national zone Gueret against 3.047 youngsters.
Mother: 'Mother Victoire' (FR15-344620), a 100% Thibaut-Boons bred by his good friend Sébastien Cressin who do very good with the Thibaut-Boons pigeons since several years already. This hen is also a mix between several old glories of Thibaut-Boons. You can find back in her pedigree pigeons such as 'Kimi', 'Lewis', 'Jeanne', etc.

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Victoire'.

Jean-Marc Thibaut-Boons proved since many years he was one of the best of his discipline. Over the years, he added some astonishing performances to his name and this doesn't left anything to doubt concerning the quality of his pigeons. Moreover, they are also doing very well in various lofts. We will come back on that topic next week with a report that will list the main references of the Thibaut-Boons pigeons in other lofts. Sometimes, we are wondering how his results would look like if he had more free time to take care of his pigeons. Of course, it's impossible to answer such a question but we are convinced that he will become even stronger. The new challenge that is coming now to him will allow us to have a better picture of his talent. Congratulations Jean-Marc!