Fantastic start to the season for Alexandre Margris (Gennes-Ivergny, FR)!

After he won practically everything that had to be won in France, the ambition of Alexandre Margris is still rising up. This excellent pigeon fancier is still fascinated by the same thing: his wish for victory.

The performance list of the Margris loft is already very huge but if you take a look at it, you will notice that these fanciers really like the longer middle distance races of 400 & 600 kilometres. The pigeons are always prepared to be entered in these races in the best conditions possible and all the preparation is oriented for this purpose.
This year, the first big race of the season was scheduled on the 19th of May from Châteauroux, a race where no less than 22,000 pigeons were basketed and in which the pigeons had to face a north wind with hot temperatures. The Margris Team won this fantastic result:

19/05 Châteauroux (383 km) Zone - 6,279 old birds:
31-38-55-58-62-68-70-84-89-114-140-171-194-210-270-288-323-341, ... (22/26)
19/05 Châteauroux (383 km) Federal - 14,811 old birds:
40-50-78-83-87-94-91-122-130-165-200-247-282-309-394-422-482-513-1094-1103-1213-1402, ... (23/26)
19/05 Châteauroux (383 km) Zone - 2,289 yearlings:
8-10-12-15-17-22-27-29-44-45-50-58-67-126-140-146-171 (17/25)
19/05 Châteauroux (383 km) Federal - 7,723 yearlings:
12-23-29-35-38-44-57-61-94-94-104-119-144-302-322-337-402, ... (18/25)

The next week, the Margris Team entered their birds into one of their most favourite races: St-Junien (organized by the most famous French organisation, the CALC), a race which traditionnally attracts several thousands of pigeons and which has been already won by the Margris several times.

26/05 St-Junien (493 km) Zone - 2,182 old birds:
6-18-29-33-43-46-87-107-181-190-196, ... (17/27)
26/05 St-Junien (493 km) CALC - 5,360 old birds:
14-43-72-81-97-103-177-221-401-424-440, ... (18/27)
26/05 St-Junien (493 km) Zone - 839 yearlings:
1-3-4-5-8-9-11-15-18-25-35-54-82, ... (15/24)
26/05 St-Junien (493 km) CALC - 2,324 yearlings:
1-3-4-5-8-9-12-18-22-39-59-107-160, ... (15/24)

On this race of St-Junien, several direct descendants of the current basic pigeons (the best pigeons from this loft had been sold during the winter 2015) came under the spotlight. It was for example the case of the winner from the yearling category, Dreed, a pigeon that we will introduce to you later on in this report. One pigeon in particular seems to have become the star of the stock loft. His name: Olympic Timoko. Like his name suggests, this pigeon became an Olympic pigeon at the end of his career after he achieved a brilliant career. But his second life started when he became a breeder. Since then, many references have been booked with his own descendants.

- Olympic Timoko (FR11-237561)

Click here to check the pedigree from Olympic Timoko.
You can take a look at his performance list on his picture & that's why we will only limit ourselves to his results in the breeding loft. Only in 2018, this is how it looks:

- Olympic Timoko is father of:

1. Blois Provincial - 1,771 p. (Dreamoko Girl)
3. St-Junien CALC   - 2,324 p. (Frédérica)
6. Chateaudun Prov  -   997 p. (Inspecteur Harry)
12. Chateaudun Prov - 2,090 p. (Dreamoko Girl)
14. St-Junien CALC  - 5,360 p. (Célébrissime)
15. Chateaudun Prov - 2,090 p. (Célébrissime)

- Olympic Timoko is (great)grandfather of:

1. St-Junien CALC  - 2,324 p. (Dreed)
2. Blois prov      - 1,771 p. (Twister Bi)
2. Blois prov      -   852 p. (Realko)
4. Chateaudun prov -   997 p. (Dreed)
5. St-Junien CALC  - 2,324 p. (Holly)
6. Chateaudun prov - 2,090 p. (Brillantine)
6. Pontoise reg    - 1,006 p. (Realko)
7. Blois prov      -   852 p. (Urfée Moko)
8. Pontoise reg    - 1,006 p. (Francine)
9. St-Junien CALC  - 2,324 p. (Readly Express)
9. Chateaudun prov - 2,090 p. (Twister Bi)
12. St-Junien CALC - 2,324 p. (Géantissime)
18. St-Junien CALC - 2,324 p. (Bob)

- Dreed (FR17-42297)

1. Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance YBs '17
1. St-Junien CALC  - 2,324 p. '18
2. Guéret Zone     - 1,367 p. '17
   29. Federal     - 3,992 p.
4. Chateaudun Zone -   997 p. '17
5. Blois Zone      -   635 p. '17

'Dreed was in fact bred from a crossing between the two most important breeding lines from Alexandre Margris: Olympic Timoko & Olympic Real de Lou.
Click here to check his pedigree.

The second yearling clocked on this race was bred out of a coupling between Olympic Timoko & New Freddy Girl (direct daughter of the famous New Freddy):

- Frédérica (FR17-395439)

3. St-Junien CALC - 2,324 p. '18
3. Saran regional -   813 p. '17

The mother of Frédérica (New Freddy Girl) was bought during the winter 2016-2017 and it's a direct daughter from the fantastic New Freddy. Coupled with the best cocks from Margris (in this case, Olympic Timoko), she has been used since then to share her incredible genetic heritage to her descendants in order to improve the quality of the racing team. Frédérica was the first racing pigeon being bred from this hen and the least we can say is that the first results are promising. Will New Freddy Girl become a proven breeding hen in the coming years? We think the answer is yes!
Click here to check her pedigree.

Best results from 2018

22/04 Pontoise (128 km) Provincial - 1,006 yearlings:
1-2-4-6-7-8-9-15-16-17-19-23-25-67-96, ... (24/39)
06/05 Chateaudun (248 km) Provincial - 2,090 old birds:
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-11-12-13-14-14-16-22-23-24-26-27-29-33-34-46-48-81-92-97-98-113-119-122,... (39/43)
06/05 Chateaudun (248 km) Provincial - 997 yearlings:
1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-12-14-17-19-20-21-22-23-25-27-36-37-52-54-61-76-88-97, ... (32/39)
13/05 Blois (303 km) Provincial - 1,771 old birds:
1-2-3-25-26-28-29-38-43-45-47-53-56-88-89-91-122-151-162-168, ... (28/42)
13/05 Blois (303 km) Provincial - 852 yearlings:
2-3-7-9-12-13-14-18-19-20-21-26-37-38-39-41-42-47-54-70-83-85, ... (34/36)

Until now (beginning of June), the racing team won early prizes on each week of competition and the prize percentage is almost perfect with more or less 70% average & several prize per 100. We hope that the Margris pigeons will continue to fly like this during the rest of the season, booking here and there some victories in large amounts of pigeons. We would like to congratulate the entire Margris family for this fantastic start of the season and we hope that the next results will be the same quality.