Kevin Saudoyez (Tertre, BE) - 2017, the year of the confirmation

Achieving two racing campaigns & ending them twice with a national victory at the end is not an easy task. However, the 29 years old Kevin Saudoyez achieved it while most of the fanciers can't even dream about it. It makes of him one of the most promising fanciers of the Belgian pigeon sport.

Everybody still remembers the performances achieved by the Saudoyez pigeons in 2016 (click here to read the report published after the season). Those who knew him and who believed in him were not surprised, others who already knew him thought it will be only a one-shot and then, those who didn't know him tried to know about this young lad who had just booked a national victory in one of the biggest classics of the racing calendar (Argenton national) while ending the season with a 2nd national ace pigeon longer middle distance KBDB. Some were still thinking that it won't last but when it was time to make the resume of the season 2017, they could see a second national victory as well as five interprovincial victories won in the longer middle distance races. Kévin definately proved he was there to win.

Second national victory from Châteauroux III

On the 14th of August 2017, Kévin booked the second national victory of his career, the second two years in a row and against 4,391 yearlings (click here to read the report published at the time). After a delay of two days, the pigeons were finally released on Monday and, even if the average speed of the winners was just under the 1,400 m/min, the flying conditions were difficult. ''Only the strong survive'', like the quote says. His small dark hen, Blacky was this kind of pigeon and she finally won the national vicrtor in the yearlings category with the 7th highest speed of the whole package of a little bit less than 30,000 pigeons. Of course, everybody talked about this brand new national victory which was booked at the end of the season and everybody almost forgot that the Saudoyez racing team booked 5 interprovincial victory at the end of the racing season. These pigeons showed us that the racing team is under constant pressure during the whole racing season, from the very first until the very last race of longer middle distance and that's the reason why we are going to present them.

Interprovincial victory on Montluçon

The 15th of July, the French speaking part of Belgium sent 6,062 pigeons to Montluçon for a semi-national race. It is a pigeon from the Saudoyez loft who won the victory against 3,196 yearlings, being also the pigeon with the second highest speed from the whole convoy. The winner is an egg received from his friend Adrien Mirabelle and which is a descendant from his very best lines.

- The Montluçon (BE16-1066730)

1th Montluçon Iprov -  3,196 p. '17
5th Pont regional   -    903 p. '17
9th Bourges Iprov   -  1,556 p. '17
    79th Nat. Zone  -  7,364 p.
    348th National  - 20,759 p.
48th Argenton Iprov -  2,009 p. '17
    367. Nat. Zone  -  7,332 p.

Click here to check his pedigree.

Châteauroux I

On the second big classic of the national calendar, Châteauroux I, the Saudoyez racing team had a fantastic result with the 1st interprovincial against 2,126 yearlings and 7 pigeons in the 17th prize (total of 16 x per 10 & 18 prizes from 43 basketed). Once again, it's a cock who won the victory

- The Châteauroux 85 (BE16-1066685)

1st Châteauroux Iprov - 2,126 p. '17
    64th Nat. Zone    - 8,584 p.
3rd Toury regional    -   246 p. '17
22nd St-Soupplets reg -   751 p. '17
60th St-Soupplets reg -   785 p. '17

Click here to check his pedigree.

Finally, let's end this report with one of the best discoveries from the generation of 2017, proof that the future of this loft will be bright. With the discovery of U-93 (4 prizes from 4 basketing on the national in 2017), Kévin probably discovered his future top pigeon.

- The U-93 (BE17-1023093)

1st Châteauroux Iprov   -  1,071 p. '17
    83th Nat. Zone      -  4,936 p.
    245th National      - 18,499 p.
6th Bourges Iprovincial -  2,938 p. '17
50th Châteauroux Iprov  -    789 p. '17

His pedigree is really interesting because it's a direct grandson from Ambre, 2nd national ace pigeon longer middle distance KBDB 2016. The U-93 is one of the first descendants of Ambre to be put under the spotlight, which also shows that the good pigeons come from the good pigeons.
Click here to check his pedigree.

Last word

For us, as reporters, it would be useless to end this report with a sentence like ''Kévin is on the right track, ...'' as it's clearly evident that this is the case. With his feet well on the ground, Kévin keeps on the same way with the same ambition, well aware that, if his results are good, he also can improve them in the future. As a fancier, you can always find happiness in the results you are booking but, sometimes, you can also find it in your percentage of progression. It's up to you to see which one brings you the most happiness. Kévin, congratulations on these astonishing performances. Good luck for the 2018 season.