First national victory from Bourges I for Olivier Poussart (Vaulx-les-Chimay, BE)!

His yearling hen, christened Lady Bourges after the race, also took the highest speed of the 39,620 pigeons basketed for the first national race of the year!

The Poussart family just after the confirmation of their national victory.

Having the first national announcement while you are racing at the shortest distances in Belgium and finally winning the race at the end: only a few fanciers have had the luck to realise this! For Daniel Poussart, it became a reality last Saturday. However, he was afraid to see another pigeon beating his hen until the end. Because Daniel is racing more or less 150 kilometers less than the longest point of Belgium. Finally, it didn't happen and he very much enjoyed the first national victory of his career, after he won a.o. the 2nd and the 9th national Argenton against 11,223 youngsters in 2014.

Olivier Poussart clocked his winning hen at 14h18''55 over a distance of 359 kilometers, his pigeon taking at the same time the average speed of 1.288 m/min. He won the first place in front of the pigeon from PEC Racing Team ADK (1.268 m/min and winners in the old bird category), Kris & Filip Smits completing the podium (1.256 m/min).


Olivier Poussart (50 years old and a carpenter) has been a pigeon fancier since 1978. At the beginning, he started on the farm of his parents next to his actual address. He raced there up until 1994 when he decided to take a break which lasted until 2002. Olivier has set his sights on the national races for the youngsters. However, his results with the old birds and the yearlings are excellent. He started the season of 2016 with a team of 36 cocks and 24 hens, all raced on a classic widowhood system. For the first time, he decided to race his hens this year and already he has had success! He learnt a lot about the method from his friend Serge Dhondt. The basis of his loft is built around the pigeons of his friend Paul Santens (St-Martens-Latem). Paul has recently decided to stop racing and that's why his breeders moved to Olivier. That way, Paul can still enjoy the performances of his pigeons.

Regarding the daily management of his loft, Olivier has the chance to receive some help from his wife, Marie-France, but mostly from his son, Justin (11 years) who helps him in the whole management of his loft. Olivier can also count on the help of his parents who are taking care of the training before the season. Moreover, Olivier is the brother of Daniel Poussart (well known for his performances in the long distance races) who was present when the winning hen arrived. For the Poussarts, the pigeon sport is a family affair!

Preparation of the pigeons

Before the season, all the racers, cocks as well as hens, were simply paired for a few days in March. There is no breeding before the start of the season, whatever the sex is. When we asked which of the pigeons basketed for Bourges had been specially prepared to the race, Olivier answered that the cocks were shown to the racing hens after their daily training on Wednesday and this for only 2 minutes. A very little time, but apparently enough to get them motivated, this was what probably pushed Lady Bourges to achieve this incredible performance.


Olivier Poussart basketted 14 yearlings for Bourges. After he clocked his winning hen, several others pigeons came home early:

Bourges local (Couvin) - 153 yearlings:
1, 2, 3, 8, 15, 34 (6/14)
Bourges national - 19,889 yearlings:
1, 42, 158, 306, 1185, 3416 (6/14)

Olivier wants to underline the quality of the work from the officials of his club, Couvin, where all the controls were perfectly organized after his national triumph.

- Lady Bourges (BE15-1069465)

1.  Bourges nat. 19,885 p. (highest speed from 39.620 pigeons)
3.  Nanteuil        544 p.
8.  Nanteuil        830 p.
16. Nanteuil      1,182 p.
55. Soissons        491 p.
72. Melun           796 p.
79. Laon            271 p.

A golden line

The winning hen was bred out of the best breeding pair of the Poussart loft. Owned by Paul Santens (Sint-Martens-Latem, BE), this pair already bred the hen who won the 2nd national Argenton against 11,223 youngsters in 2014, but they also bred the 9th national Tulle against 8,621 yearlings, in 2014. The cock of this golden pair was bred out of a crossing between a pigeon from Leen Boers and a hen from Mark Evans, while the hen of this golden pair was bred out of a son from Johnny Boy from Geert Munnik x a hen from Paul Santens.

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Lady Bourges'.

We would like to congratulate the Poussart family on this wonderful national victory and we wish them good luck for the coming races with the youngsters.