Alexandre & Paul Margris (Gennes Ivergny, FR) best loft in the history of the French pigeon sport!

If you didn't already know them, you would think using this title might be a little bit pretentious. However, this is far from being the case! The way this loft built its reputation, the short time it took them to reach such a level, it just is essential for us to say it like this: the Margris loft has the strongest prizes in the French pigeon sport during the 21th century!

Pigeons like Olympic Real de Lou, Olympic Timoko or Turbo Jet helped a lot while building their legendary reputation. The first two pigeons we named comprise a very important part of this reputation: Olympic. This means that their managers had the pleasure to see them representing their country during the recent Olympiads, one of the most prestigious accomplishments for a European pigeon fancier. It became a habit to see the Margris' name as their pigeons are simply the best from their country in their discipline: the race from 400 up until 600 kilometres. And if you say olympic pigeon, it means you are simply talking of ace pigeons, the best racers available on earth, those you can find at the roots of the success achieved by a loft.

About this success, those prizes won by the Margris loft during the last 10 years were many. That's how they were soon to be considered as the best loft of the French pigeon sport history (except the international races). You can have an explanation with facts, not with words. That's why we will let you judge by yourself:

1st National Ace Pigeon +400 km ’13 (Turbo Jet)
2nd National Ace Pigeon +400 km ’13 (Olympic Real de Lou)
3rd National Ace Pigeon +400 km ’15 (Olympic Real de Lou)
3rd National Ace Pigeon Long Distance ‘06
3x 1st General National Champion ('11, '13, '14)
3x 1st National Champion +400 km ('13, '14, '15)
1x 1st National Champion -500 km ('14)
2x 2nd National Champion (General, Long Distance)
3x 3rd National Champion (General, Long Distance, Youngsters)

You have to admit that these are figures set your head spinning! It's simply an overwhelming domination by the Margris loft for about 10 years! Nobody has been able to match the same results! Simply amazing! It is especially the federal competition, races between 400-600 kilometers, that were the scene of this domination. With more or less the same racing area as a Belgian national race (see the chart under), where the amount of pigeon fanciers is the highest in France, the Margris pigeons were simply unbeatable when the racing conditions were favourable for them (heat and head wind). Again, the results are simply amazing with no less than 10 general victories won in an amount of pigeons between 2,500 & 11,000 pigeons! Amazing!

1st Poitiers 10,980 youngsters'11 (449 km)
1st St Junien 8,415 old birds '14 (493 km & highest speed from 11,972 pigeons)
1st Poitiers  7,174 old birds '14
1st Poitiers  6,984 old birds '13 (highest speed from 10,180 pigeons)
1st St Junien 6,815 old birds '15 (highest speed from 10,129 pigeons)
1st Poitiers  3,689 youngsters'14
1st Poitiers  3,541 yearlings '14 (highest speed from 10,715 pigeons)
1st St Junien 3,087 yearlings '12
1st Limoges   2,920 olds      '10 (489 km & highest speed from 9,127 pigeons)
1st St Junien 2,434 youngsters'12 (highest speed from 9,399 pigeons)

Olympic Real De Lou (FR12-306658)

Olympic Pigeon France Cat All-Round Budapest 2015
2nd National Ace Pigeon + 400 km 2013
2nd Europa Cup Yearlings Brno 2014
3rd National Ace Pigeon + 400 km 2015
4th National Ace Pigeon + 400 km 2014
Best French Pigeon + 400 km '13-'14-'15
1.  St Junien 6,815 pigeons (493 km) (highest speed 10.129 p.)
2.  Jarnac    5,082 pigeons (529 km)
2.  Poitiers  3,206 pigeons (497 km)
2.  Bergerac  1,227 pigeons (612 km)
2.  Limoges     756 pigeons (489 km)
3.  Blois       968 pigeons (302 km)
3.  Angoulême   606 pigeons (541 km)
4.  Le Mans     591 pigeons (284 km)
5.  Tulle       539 pigeons (556 km)

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He is simply a fantastic pigeon who has been able to achieve several titles of ace pigeon! In addition, he already achieved his first breeding references as a breeder as he is already father of a promising racers, Giseolo de Lou:

2.  Blois  1,200 pigeons
5.  Le Mans  839 pigeons
9.  Argenton 872 pigeons

Even better, he is already the grandfather of two winners in important amounts of pigeons:

1.  Limoges   1,002 pigeons (highest speed 1,479 pigeons)
1.  Châteauroux 981 pigeons

Despite his young age, Olympic Real de Lou already gained his first breeding references, this while he was still being a part of the racing team in 2015, which means he could only breed 2 youngsters a year. We are convinced he will become a fantastic breeder as well!

Olympic Real de Lou is not the only fantastic pigeon from the Margris colony. In fact, another extraordinary racer achieved some astonishing results as well. He also represented his country in the Olympiads and has some amazing breeding records:

Olympic Timoko (FR11-237561)

Olympic Pigeon France Cat All-Round Nitra 2013
1. St-Junien 8,415 pigeons '14 (highest speed 11,972 p.)
1. St-Junien 3,087 pigeons '12
1. Blois     1,208 pigeons '11
1. Montrichard 401 pigeons '11
5. Chateaudun  315 pigeons '11
6. Poitiers  2,063 pigeons '14 
   10. S-Nat 7,174 pigeons 
8. Poitiers  2,525 pigeons '13
   13. S-Nat 6,984 pigeons
8. Guéret      444 pigeons '12 
   50. S-Nat 2,166 pigeons
9. St-Junien 1,133 pigeons '12
   25. S-Nat 3,576 pigeons
10. Jarnac     799 pigeons '12
   67. S-Nat 3,314 pigeons
16. Chateaudun 784 pigeons '12  
21. Roullet  1,108 pigeons '14
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Olympic Timoko has also some breeding references as well. He is already the father of:

1. Châteauroux 671 pigeons (Brillantissime)
1. Limoges     477 pigeons (highest speed 1,479 pigeons - Brillantissime)
2. Roullet     606 pigeons (Célébrissime)
4. Le Mans     510 pigeons (Célébrissime)
5. Poitiers  3,541 pigeons (Brillantissime)

Another top racer was himself a fantastic racer as well, this before moving to somewhere else. His racing records were simply incredible, he was even better than Olympic Real de Lou!

- Turbo Jet (FR11-237579)

1st National Ace Pigeon + 400 km 2013
1. Poitiers  6,984 pigeons (497 km)
2. Bergerac  2,845 pigeons (612 km) 
4. Limoges   7,601 pigeons (489 km)
4. Jarnac    2,570 pigeons (535 km)
4. Blois     1,208 pigeons (302 km)
8. Poitiers 10,980 pigeons (497 km)
8. Limoges   3,087 pigeons (489 km)

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Alexandre & Paul Margris have taken the decision to auction all their best pigeons, those who made their colony famous and who placed them under the spotlight of the international pigeon scene. Soon, they will be spread around the world. They hope that their future owners will enjoy their benefits as they enjoyed it themselves.
With such physical qualities and such breeding references, both in racing & breeding, we are convinced they will strengthen any loft in the world. Congratulations to both of you and see you soon!