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The partnership Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) breeder of the best pigeon from Argenton 2013-2015 (4 prizes)!

We already knew the partnership Thibaut-Boons for the fantastic performances they achieved throughout the years, mostly in the national championships of the KBDB. But what we didn't know was their ability to breed ace pigeons. It's quite extraordinary when you know that their best pigeons were sold in a total auction held in December 2012.

Des titres, des titres & encore des titres!

It was again proved with the publication of the final results of the various PIPA Rankings. The Thibaut-Boons loft won no less than 2 titles of ace pigeons: Best old pigeon from Argenton with 4 prizes between 2013 & 2015 (won by Lola) and Best Yearling from Bourges with 2 prizes between 2014 & 2015 (won by Vikie). This last one has been already introduced to our readers in our previous report published right after the season 2015 of this national champion loft (click here to check the previous report). That's why we will only talk about Lola in this report. It's a remarkable fact to see her win this title as she wasn't raced in 2015. No Belgian pigeon had been able to do better than her! She owes this title thanks to her incredible season in 2014 where she was crowned as 3rd National Ace Pigeon Greater Middle Distance old pigeons KBDB with 4 prizes into the national top 75! Let us introduce you to this champion hen:

- Lola (BE12-8009438)

1. Provincial Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance KBDB '14
3. National Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance KBDB '14
Best Old Pigeon on Argenton with 4 prizes 2013-2015 (PIPA Rankings)
12. Bourges national   - 8,005 p. 
12. Argenton national  - 3,671 p. 
38. Argenton national  - 7,691 p. 
74. La Souterraine nat - 7,176 p. 
11. Montluçon prov     - 1,035 p. 
1. Nanteuil regional   -   335 p.
2. Laon regional       -   223 p.

Click here to check her pedigree.

Concerning her pedigree, she was bred out of the best lines of this loft crossed with pigeons directly purchased at Deno-Herbots, a regular crossing for the partnership of Thibaut-Boons which allowed them to discover several champion pigeons.

Father: Gson James Bond, direct Deno-Herbots and grandson of the 1st national Bourges '02 from Gaby Vandenabeele, victory won against 13,166 pigeons.
Mother: Luna, an excellent breeding hen and full sister of Kimi, 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB '05, himself a top breeder. The grandmother of Vikie (see above) is a direct daughter of Luna.


This season will forever stay as one of the best in the career of Jean-Marc with a title of National Champion in Shorter Middle Distance KBDB and 2 others ranking in the National Ace Pigeon Greater Middle Distance Yearlings (3rd and 7th). In the championships of La Colombophilie Belge (LCB), Jean-Marc is also the eye catcher:

1st Ace of Aces National Old birds & Yearlings (Vikie)
1st Ace Yearling (Vikie)
1st Ace Middle Distance (Sylvie)
1st Middle Distance Champion 
2nd Ace Middle Distance (Sylvie)
3rd Ace Yearling (Sylvie)
4th Ace of Aces National Old birds & Yearlings (Sylvie)
4th Ace Yearling (505/14)
4th Ace Middle Distance (505/14)
5th Ace Middle Distance (567/14)
6th Ace Yearling (567/14)
9th General Champ Reg Wal

Jean-Marc, congratulations once again and keep up the good work!