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The partnership of Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) at the top of the Belgian pigeon sport!

The season achieved in 2014 by this loft based in Sombreffe was probably the best ever since they started during the 90s. A double title of national champion, an Olympic pigeon (and what a pigeon), nothing was able to stop this winning loft on its march to national and international top prizes!

The Thibaut family on the highest rung of the podium.

Before going further, let's take a look at the most important titles won in 2014:

National championships KBDB

1st National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance Old Pigeons KBDB (Niko)
1st National Champion Shorter Middle Distance Old Pigeons KBDB
3rd National Champion Longer Middle Distance Old Pigeons KBDB 
4th National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Old Pigeons KBDB (Lola)
9th National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB (424/13 - son of Niko)

Olympiads Budapest 2015

1st Olympic Pigeon Cat A (Niko)
1st Olympic Pigeon Cat H (Lola)
2nd Olympic Pigeon Cat H (373/12)

Championships LCB

1st Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance (Niko)
2nd Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance (Lola)
3rd Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance (424/13 - brother to Niko)
3rd Champion Longer Middle Distance
5th Champion Shorter Middle Distance
6th Ace of Aces National (Lola)

What a demonstration of excellence! Only a few Belgian lofts are able to show a similar list of titles. The domination was complete, it's the least we can say. It's the result of a hard work during the whole year, 365 days a year, 7 days out of 7. And when we think about the fact that the best racing & breeding pigeons were sold at the end of 2012, we are simply astonished. Less than two years later, the Thibaut-Boons loft climbed twice onto the highest rung of the national podium. When most of the fanciers will never get back to that level after proceeding with a total auction, it seems that this loft is even better than before. Even this serious disadvantage had no influence on the racing prospects of Jean-Marc. It is only possible with two things: a very serious management system and pigeons with exceptional qualities.  

However, the season started very badly, indeed, during the 3rd week of April, Jean-Marc decided to start his season with a race from La Ferté. The transporters took the pigeons and were on the liberation site. During the night, there was a theft from the truck and a few baskets were opened, some pigeons went out of the baskets during the night. Some of them came back home, some never will. In the end, Jean-Marc lost a few pigeons. Those who got back home after they had been released during the night would never find the same condition during the rest of the season. To be clear: the best pigeons of the season, like Niko and Lola, were in the baskets that day, Fortunately, they were not part of those who were released. A tragic happening, but it could have been worse!

Niko & Kimi, 9 years later 

What can we say about those famous ace pigeons, pigeons that most of fanciers are already considering as top valuable breeders even before they entered a single breeding loft. These are pigeons that every fancier dreams about and they made their owner the happiest of men. The satisfaction of winning a national title of ace pigeon is probably the biggest possible. When the national winners are achieving a freak result once in a lifetime, some after a brilliant career, some without, the ace pigeons are the opposite and are considered as the best of their peers as they were the strongest in 3, 4, 5 or 6 races (following their discipline), and this during the same year. The joy then is less intensive and less sudden than a national victory because you can think about it week after week. But it's more pleasurable. Mainly for Jean-Marc as Niko won his fifth and last necessary prize for his title during the very last race authorized for the championship! What suspense!
It's already the second title of national ace pigeon for Jean-Marc after the title won by Kimi in 2005! After his national triumph, Kimi became a brilliant breeder, being the ancestor of an Olympic pigeon for the Herbots family. Despite his very young age and the fact that he was still in the racing loft less than one year ago, Niko is already proving he can become a top breeder as well. You will notice it at the end of this report. But let's introduce you to this pigeon:

Niko (BE12-8009313)

It's a true racing phenomenon that won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance Old Pigeons KBDB. In fact, the Super 13, rechristened since then as Niko, was already classified as 4th National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB last year, missing the national podium by only a few points. He already achieved an exceptional performance list with no less than 2 victories and 6 times into the top 10. But what can we say about 2014! His racing domination was simply unbelievable. He was out of reach during the whole season, the best of the best! His performance list in 2014:

10/05 Lorris 10/1,040 p.
17/05 Gien      2/856 p. (*)
24/05 Gien      9/572 p.
31/05 Gien    2/1,286 p. (*)
14/06 Salbris 1/1,166 p. (*)
21/06 Lorris    1/814 p. (*)
28/06 Gien     20/734 p.
26/07 Lorris    1/325 p. (*)
(*) = races entered for the national champ
1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance KBDB
3rd Ace Pigeon Europa Cup Brno
4th National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance KBDB
12/05 Jouy       2/353 p.
01/06 Gien       5/784 p. (*)
08/06 La Ferté   1/922 p. (*)
15/06 Gien      33/574 p. (*)
22/06 Gien       2/712 p. (*)
06/07 Gien       2/676 p. (*)
13/07 Pithiviers 1/220 p.
Click here to check his pedigree.

With a total coefficient of 0.907%, not far from the very lowest coefficient ever. With his two years of presence at the top, Niko was of course able to acheive an Olympic classification. And it finally happened as he represented Belgium as 1st Olympic Pigeon for the Category A. Another supreme achievement, both for the owner and the pigeon, even if the owner had started to become a true specialist as it is the third time in a row that he has acheived a classification for the Olympiad, after Poznan, Nitra and now Budapest. Awesome! If the racing performances of this ace pigeon are quite remarkable, his breeding references are also incredible as well! It didn't take much time for Niko to prove his genetic superiority. Let's have a look: 

 424/13 (son of Niko)

9. National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB
3.  Gien         1,438 p.
4.  Lorris         837 p.
4.  Nanteuil       219 p.
4.  Lorris         199 p.
6.  Lorris         354 p.
10. Gien           449 p.
11. Gien         1,275 p.
12. Gien           546 p.
15. Salbris      1,288 p.
59. Bourges nat 10,141 p.

From the shorter to the longer middle distance

After Niko, it's Lola who was the second best pigeon of the Thibaut-Boons racing team. Bred out of two pigeons sold during the total auction from 2012, this fantastic hen ended her season brilliantly being classified as 4th National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Old Pigeons KBDB. In her pedigree, we find Kimi, as her mother is a full sister of this fantastic pigeon. The apple never falls far from the tree!

Lola (BE12-8009438)

Her best results in 2014

1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB
4th National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB
12 Bourges nat        - 8,005 p. (*)
12 Argenton nat       - 3,671 p. (*)
38 Argenton nat       - 7,691 p. (*)
74 La Souterraine nat - 7,176 p. (*)
11 Montluçon prov     - 1,035 p. (*)
1  Nanteuil 335 p.
2  Laon 223 p.
(*) = races entered for the national champ

Click here to check her pedigree.

Finally, how could we end this report without talking about Audrey. She is the mother of Niko. In addition to her fantastic son, this five star breeding hen, bought during the total auction of the late Pros Roosen, bred several other top pigeons. She is a grand-daughter of two of the most legendary pigeons of Pros, being Flits and the world famous Freddy. Since her arrival in Sombreffe, this hen has shown her fantastic class. She bred Niko but also several other high class pigeons! 

'Audrey', a five star breeding hen.

The 403 is a pigeon bred out of the same pair as Niko. As his brother, he is also a fantastic racer:

- The 403 (BE12-8009403)

04/05 Gien      28/1,390 p.
31/05 Gien       1/1,286 p.
14/06 Salbris   11/1,166 p.
21/06 Lorris       2/814 p.
30/06 Gien        21/734 p.
02/08 Bourges     14/603 p.
      National 447/8,005 p.

But Audrey produced other top pigeons with another cock. Two nest brothers born in 2013 showed what they were made of in 2014:

- The 410 (BE13-8021410)

2.  Gien    1,438 p.
3.  Salbris 1,288 p.
6.  Lorris    199 p.
22. Gien    1,114 p.
57. Gien    1,275 p.

- The 409 (BE13-8021409)

3.  Gien      792 p.
10. Gien    1,438 p.
13. Salbris 1,288 p.
49. Lorris    837 p.


2014, a golden year

As you noticed, the season in 2014 was truely unbelievable. The pigeons of this loft gained loads of success on their own but 2014 will also stay as the year of the first great references for this loft's racing abilities. Racing as true champions for many years, the pigeons of Jean-Marc are well rated and several top fanciers decided to purchase his pigeons to strengthen their own lofts. One enjoyable detail: these lofts are situated everywhere in Belgium, not only in the area of the fancier. Here are a few examples: 

- Hugo Vlaeminck: the man with numerous provincial victories in Eastern Flanders. In 2014, he won the 1st national zone/2nd national Poitiers with a 50% Thibaut-Boons as the father of his pigeon, a full brother of Jade’ was bought during the total auction of the Thibaut-Boons colony in 2012.

- Michel Hovens: as a close friend of Jean-Marc, Michel decided to become a young bird specialist. His loft is mainly formed around the Thibaut-Boons pigeons (mostly around the line of the Pros) and he just won two classifications in the national championships of 2014 with the 7th National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB as well as the 7th place in the National Championship Sprint Youngsters KBDB

- Monseu-Miller: In 2014, this Luxembourg based loft won the 6th National Ace Pigeon Sprint Youngsters KBDB with a 50% Thibaut-Boons. The mother of this pigeon is a direct daughter of the Pros.

- Goemare José & Gustave: The two brothers won last year the 5th National Ace Pigeon Sprint Yearlings KBDB in 2014. The father, who is a direct Thibaut-Boons, was one of the best racers of the loft a few years ago as he won 5 first prizes. Placed in the breeding loft after his racing career, he is already showing he can become a good breeder. Last year, his son won 5 single first prizes as well in races between 102 and 598 pigeons. That's how he became 5th National Ace Pigeon. Another 50% Thibaut-Boons pigeon won in his turn 13 different top 10 positions in 2014.

- Adrien Mirabelle: The mother of his 10th National Ace Pigeon Shorter Middle Distance yearling is a direct Thibaut-Boons. Several other racers who achieved some victories or top prizes were also descendents of pigeons obtained at Thibaut-Boons. 

Best results in 2014

07/06 Châteauroux prov – 454 old birdss : 1, 3, 5, 8, 27, 41 (6/8)
Iprov – 775 p. : 1, 3, 5, 8, 30, 47 (6/8)
21/06 Montluçon prov – 695 yl : 1, 3, 23, 46, 80, 102 (6/8)
Iprov – 1,371 yl : 1, 3, 26, 115, 152 (6/8)
19/07 Bourges Iprov – 722 yl : 1, 17 (2/2)
02/08 Bourges Iprov – 603 old birds : 1, 2, 4, 14, 24, 29, 51, 56, 65, 129 (10/11)
02/08 Bourges Iprov – 1,015 youngsters : 1, 73, 92, 128, 161, 176, 203, 276, 297 (9/15)
16/08 Argenton  Iprov – 440 old birds : 1, 12, 19, 47, 57, 147 (6/8)
16/08 Argenton Iprov – 783 youngsters : 1, 14, 32, 33, 65, 67, 68, 110, 177 (9/16)
28/08 La Souterraine Iprov – 694 youngsters : 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 17, 25, 49, 87, 90, 110, 180 (12/14)
07/09 Guéret  Iprov – 197 old birds : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 14, 15, 16, 24, 28 (11/13)

National top 100 

5.  Guéret 2,429 old birds
12. Bourges 8,005 old birds
12. Argenton 3,671 old birds
21. Guéret 2,429 old birds
27. Guéret 2,429 old birds
38. Argenton 7,691 old birds
39. Guéret 2,429 old birds
46. Guéret 2,429 old birds
56. Guéret 2,429 old birds
59. Bourges 10,141 yearlings
65. Bourges 30,180 youngsters
74. La Souterraine 7,176 old birds
78. Bourges 8,005 old birds

After he had been the subject of criticism, Jean-Marc stayed focused on his philosophy and answered his critics with his best weapon: his racing team. During the winter, people are always talking here and there. But once the days are lasting longer, the winter champions disappear and leave their places to those who are focused on their results. Jean-Marc is part of this last category. From his characteristic modesty, our friend remains grounded and continues to be the man he has always been: affable, calm and generous. In short, a great representative of the very greatest champions. Congratulations Jean-Marc!