Luc De Roeck (Manage, BE) dominated the national long distance competitions in 2014!

With the classifications of no less than three pigeons into the top 15 of the national long distance ace pigeons KBDB in 2014 (3rd, 5th & 14th), Luc De Roeck booked another great achievement and prooved at the same time that he was one of the best colony of the kingdom!

To see Luc on top of the numerous championships he takes part became something common. It has been more than 20 years that the 'cannibal' from Manage is racing all-round like no one else. Indeed, his birds are able to win top prizes at all distances, from 100 to 1.000 kilometers. If he is considered as a super manager, we can also say he is terrific breeder too. Because he built his stock from his own hands and takes care of his breed since more than 20 years. In Manage, the new purchases are very and the last one he did were done already more than 10 years ago. Luc is able to breed new top pigeons each year and his secret is to almost never sell his best pigeons because he preferes them in his breeding loft. Almost 15 years later, it is still the descendants of his basic pair formed by 'the Daems' x 'the Vanenoo' who are doing the job. The three pigeons classified respectively 3rd, 5th & 14th national ace pigeon are all descendants of this basic pair. This is where you have to go to find the secret of his success!
Retired since a few years, he has now the necessary free time to enjoy his little friends and the results are simply astonishing. The balance of the season 2014 was indeed excellent, almost the same thing each year. In the national long distane classics, races he particularly likes, Luc won two provincial victories (Cahors & Libourne) as well as a zonal victory (Libourne), the 11th we listed since the launching of the game in zone in 2001... probably a record! But what can we say about the demonstration he did in the national long distance ace pigeons! Luc did the hat-trick while classifying 3 pigeons into the top 15 of the best racers from the kingdom!! It was never seen before. To breed and to race an ace pigeon is the dream of each pigeon fancier. Some will even never have the opportunity to live it on their whole career. What he managed to do last year was simply unbelievable and it will stay for a long time of the memories. We dare you to find a bad season in the racing career of the cannibal from Manage! 

- 'The 815'

He is since a few times the very best pigeon of the loft as he never disapointed his boss in five years of racing! The 815 classified himself as 3rd National Long Distance Ace Pigeon KBDB. Being considered during a long time as favourite number one of the final ranking, he finally ended on the last rung of the podium. Basketted on the last national race took into account for the ace pigeon championship, everybody thought he was going to write history as he was the 3rd pigeon clocked in Belgium that day. The result finally gave his word and he ended at the 18th place of the national result against 5.976 pigeons (3rd zonal 1.864 p.), not enough to be the best of the best as he was beatten by Liesl Laremans (0,6281%), closely followed by John Meurysse (0,8036%), Luc's pigeon achieving however a fantastic coefficient of 0,879%. The '815' is also the best old pigeon in 4 long distance races in 2014 in our PIPA rankings with a coefficient of 1,7040%. Don't miss the opportunity to take a look at the performance list of this pigeons:

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Click here and here to check his performance list.

- 'The 121'

Clocked a few times just behing his loftmate, this pigeon will end his season as 5th National Long Distance Ace Pigeon KBDB thanks to a coefficient of 1,3924%.

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This '121' is also the best belgian pigeon on the 2 last editions of Libourne (2013-2014)!
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- 'The 793'

Finally, the third guy who managed to get his place between the long distance elite of Belgium is the 793, 14th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB with 2,8325%.

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Best results in 2014 (national races)

17/05 Vierzon EPR - 2.852 olds:
12, 14, 19, 24, 54, 100, 111, 144, 159, 183, 188, 251, ... (17/24)
31/05 Bourges EPR - 2.822 olds:
30, 50, ... (4/7)
31/05 Limoges EPR - 2.276 olds:
7, 8, 28, 35, 80, 94, 163, 181, ... (8/16)
      Limoges Nat Zone - 5.228 olds:
7, 9, 48, 62, 127, 141, 282, 322 (8/16)
      Limoges Nat - 18.390 olds:
102, 118, 484, 598, ... (6/16)
14/06 Cahors EPR - 1.143 olds:
1, 13, 16, ... (4/8)
      Cahors Zone - 2.667 olds:
1, 16, 22, ... (4/8)
      Cahors Nat - 7.140 olds:
7, 98, 111, ... (4/8)
21/06 Montauban EPR - 834 olds:
4, 84, ... (3/5)
      Montauban Nat Zone - 2.013 olds:
2, 139, 177 (3/5)
      Montauban Nat - 5.935 olds:
37, ... (3/5)
30/06 Guéret EPR - 992 olds: 
3, 42, ... (3/4)
      Guéret Nat - 7.681 olds:
113, 680, ... (3/4)
07/07 Limoges EPR - 925 olds:
11, 21, 34, 38, ... (6/8)
12/07 Libourne EPR - 624 olds:
1, 48, ... (3/6)
      Libourne Nat - 4.589 olds:
9, 372, ... (3/6)
01/08 Tulle EPR - 888 olds:
2, 3, 35, ... (8/11)
      Tulle Nat Zone - 1.864 olds:
3, 4, 43, 152, 153, ... (8/11)
      Tulle Nat - 5.976 olds: 
18, 23, 388, ... (5/11)