Albert Jamaigne (Les Bulles, BE) win the 1st international Narbonne olds!

The traditionnal race of Narbonne, one of the last international competition of the calendar, had been particularly tough for our pigeons. This time, the international victory was won in Belgium in the beautiful province of Luxemburg, next to the borders of France and Luxemburg.

Albert Jamaigne, very happy with his international victory.

Hard but fair

Postponed of one day seeing the bad weather in France scheduled for the journey of friday, the Narbonne 2014 edition was quite difficult for the most unexperimented pigeons as you can notive it while checking the result of the yearlings. For the old pigeons, it was much more regular but it wasn't an easy game neither. This year, the early pigeons were to be found in the east flying line. And the international winner fall in Les Bulles, a small town next to the city of Virton, the shortest distance possible from Belgium. The pigeon made at the same time the highest speed of the whole package olds & yearlings, so 20.888 pigeons in total.

Clocked at 19h21''23 after a flying trip of 752 kilometers, the international winner reached at the same time the average speed of 1.027,35 m/min, so an advance of a little bit more than 10 m/min on the surprising pigeon of Raoul Bronckaert from Grâce-Hollogne (1.017,67 m/min), a pigeon aged of 8 years in top condition and who had to fly 100 kilometers more than the winner. The international podium was completed by the french national winner, the pigeon of Gérard Aderholt from Forbach (1.010,44 m/min). Actually, we still don't know how many pigeons were basketted for the old results at the international level as the amount of german and dutch pigeons basketted is still unknow. 

An international victory in the province of Luxemburg

Albert Jamaigne (71 years, retired from the private belgian firm Belgacom) never thought he could make such an exploit. Saturday in the begining of the evening, he was really surprised when his dark cock came back like a bullet to win the international victory. One must say that the fanciers from the Luxemburg area doesn't have the habbits to book such a top performance. They race at 99% of the time against the massa, the wind and moreover. The international triumph are quite rare in the area, even if Frank Rohen (Bivange, Luxemburg) prooved the opposite in the 90's. As his wife was gone to her hollidays, Albert could spent all his time on his pigeons. Saturday around 19h00, he was ready to attempt to the arrivals of his pigeons. However, he was a little bit hungry and decided to go to the kitchen to eat something. When he came back to his garden, he heard a pigeon coming at high speed but didn't had the time to see him arrive. When he entered his loft, his pigeon already got in and was clocked with the electronical system.  

The man

Born in Herstal in the province of Liège, it has been over twenty years that Albert Jamaigne deciced to moove in Les Bulles. He bought the old mill of the village and had to built him back slowly. Being a pigeon fanciers since his twenty, he reserved him of course a space to house pigeons. And as it is often the case, the pigeons loft were finished before the house. If you want to know more about his result, you must know that he is famous in the area for his results won in the national races for young birds. He has won several national top 100 positions as well as the 7th national La Souteraine and the 12th national Bourges against 30.748 young birds in 2010. A great performance seeing his geographic situation! In his province, he is considered as the number one specialist of the young birds races. Actually, his loft consist of 28 cocks raced in widowhood and a dozain of breeding/feeding pairs. The young generation is composed of 100 head. Albert likes to race his birds at all distances but he definately preferes the national races. 

Management of the colony

Concerning this, the method used in Les Bulles is far to be common. During the whole year, the racers can see their hens only a couple of times. Coupled around the 1st of january at the same time than the breeding team, they can raise a couple of youngsters before being separated until... the end of the season! During the whole season, they never see their hen, before the basketting or after the race! Albert explain: 'The reason is simple: im getting old! It became hard and boring for me to catch the hens in the aviaries and then bring them upstairs to the racing loft. Now, it's much more easier and enjoyable for me.' If you thought you will have learnt something about motivation, you are wrong ! Though...

'This year, i've did it like i used to do for the previous seasons: the cocks never saw their hen and their breeding plate is always on the back in the closed half of their box. Before the basketting, they can't even go into it. But for Narbonne, i said to myself that it was maybe time to try something as it was the last race of the season for this team. Maybe was it usefull to help them find some motivation. That's why i choosed to do not present them their hens. However, i've decided to present them their breeding plate during five minutes. Apparently, it worked out!' It's the less we can say!

Albert also controled the rising of the form of his racing team thanks to a velux placed in each racing section. In front of these velux, an opaque veil was placed so the racers were in half obscurity. As a fine fancier, he added some light day after day to reach the maximum before Narbonne. The result you know it.
After the season, all the pigeons are placed into the big aviaries to follow a spartian diet. A lot of oxygen and only a barley mixture as food. That's all!

The winner

Raced on classic widowhood, this superb dark chequered cock found his motivation while seeing his breeding plate for the very first time of the season. Enough to achieve such a top performance. What a great class! 

The international winner in the hand of his owner.

Father: BE08-7006095
GF: BE05-9033440, from the late Frédéric Fernand (Bléharies) via Marcel Lekeuche (Maubray)
GM: BE07-7008181, daughter of the 341/06 Leonard (Athus) x 914/01 Desmet x Nibus
Mother: NL06-1046234, direct Klip-Verhaegen, inbred product of a coupling brother x sister. 
NL05-1371645 'Son Super Pair', NL96-585 'Fransie' x NL97-342 (half-sister 'Super 09', 2x top 100 national Pau). During his career, the 'Fransie' from Frans Smeets won 1st Chantilly 10.108 p, 11th Creil 3.298 p, 14th Châteauroux 9.353 p, 75th Pau 2.493 p as well as the 95th Bourges 2.275 p. 
NL11-1862160 'Shana', daughter Super Pair, sister of the previous one. Won 2nd prov Marseille, 47th Nat Marseille 8.730 p, 152th Pau international 8.438 p, 184th Marseille national 3.679 p.

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Albert, congratulations for this superb international victory!