Alexandre and Paul Margris (Gennes-Ivergny, FR) crowned as General National Champions of France All Categories 2013

Does Alexandre and Paul Margris, the best French middle distance loft, race with some of the best pigeons of western Europe? Yes, probably. We are going to introduce them to you.

Poitiers youngsters 2011

Alexandre and Paul Margris are living in the north of France, only a few kilometres from Belgium, and they are the undefeated leaders of the French federal races from the famous association ALC-CALC. These federal races are reserved for the people of the north of France, a territory as large as Belgium and where you can find the biggest concentration of pigeon fanciers in France. The races from the ALC-CALC are each of about 3,000 to 15,000 pigeons. They are without any doubt the most renowned races from the country. The Margris family is known to be one of the all time best pigeon lofts in France, specialising, like the most famous lofts in Europe, at the middle distance. The fanciers who want to attack the throne of the Margris must be warned. It will be difficult to fight against them and they might be knocked out. Only a very few number of lofts can struggle against the Margris colony.

A visit to the PEC: Alexandre Margris (left), Nicholas Van den Berghe (middle) main coordinator editorial office,
and Sam Bostoen, grandson of the late Rémy Gyselbrecht and care taker of the PEC

30th of July 2011, the young bird team from Alexandre and Paul Margris is basketed for Poitiers for a small trip of 427 kilometers. The wind is blowing from the north and the sun is rising and it's getting warm! This race is going to be an awesome demonstration of strength and all the opponents will be knocked back. At the basketing club after the race, everybody is amazed. The Margris beat all the opposition who entered their birds to Poitiers. It was their race. The champions are always there or thereabouts during the biggest races. They overcome everyone. The masters of the French middle distance races recorded an astonishing result racing against a territory as large as Belgium. Against 10,980 youngsters, they won:1-2-4-5-8-74-97-107-110-...

Middle distance champions

The Margris loft is often producing champions, mainly on a yearly basis. A new season, a big race with a large number of pigeons, good flying conditions with warm weather and the Margris family are getting in the field. They know their game plan perfectly. They are entering a pigeon who will change things. For their opponents, they are like monsters who own all the middle distance races of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais area. This domination has lasted for many years and nobody has won a decent championship since they have been there. The 2013 season is another demonstration of their mastership. It's also the discovery of two exceptional racers. We talk about Turbo Jet and Real De Lou. Thanks to them, their bosses will climb again on to the highest rung of the podium, crowned as Général National Champions of France All Categories with the title of 1st & 2nd National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance! The Margris colony is too strong!

The champion Turbo Jet (FR11-237579):

1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance (+400 km) 2013
1st Poitiers (497 km) from  6,984 pigeons
2nd Bergerac (612 km) from  2,845 pigeons
4th Limoges  (489 km) from  7,601 pigeons
4th Jarnac   (535 km) from  2,570 pigeons
4th Blois    (302 km) from  1,208 pigeons
8th Poitiers (497 km) from 10,980 pigeons
8th Limoges  (489 km) from  3,087 pigeons

- Real De Lou (FR12-306658)

2nd National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance (+400 km) 2013
2nd Poitiers  (497 km) from 3,206 pigeons
2nd Bergerac  (612 km) from 1,227 pigeons
2nd Limoges   (489 km) from   756 pigeons
3rd Angoulème (541 km) from   606 pigeons
4th Le Mans   (284 km) from   591 pigeons
5th Tulle     (556 km) from   539 pigeons

- Timoko (FR11-237561)

1st  Limoges     (489 km) from 3,087 pigeons
1st  Blois       (302 km) from 1,208 pigeons
1st  Montrichard (331 km) from   401 pigeons
13th Poitiers    (497 km) from 6,984 pigeons
25th Limoges     (489 km) from 3,576 pigeons
52th Guéret      (455 km) from 4,732 pigeons

- Phénoméne (FR04-57378)

4th  Argenton  (410 km) from 5,023 pigeons
4th  Brive     (568 km) from 3,279 pigeons
13th Angoulème (541 km) from 6,918 pigeons
23th Limoges   (489 km) from 5,900 pigeons
25th Tulle     (556 km) from 3,751 pigeons
34th Angoulème (541 km) from 4,063 pigeons

The season 2013: an extraordinary one

05/05 CHATEAUDUN (247km) Combine - 2,426 old birds: 1°,8°,11°,12°,13°,14°,15°,19°, 20°,23°
05/05 CHATEAUDUN (247km) Combine - 1,205 yearlings: 2°, 3°, 5°, 6°, 8°
Highest speed from 3,631 pigeons (1277,208 m/min)
12/05 BLOIS (302km) Combine - 2,059 old birds: 11°, 12°, 13°
18/05 POITIERS (427km) Federal - 6,984 old birds: 1°, 13°, 37°, 54°
18/05 POITIERS (427km) Federal - 3,206 yearlings: 2°, 21°
Highest speed from 10,190 pigeons (1153,989 m/min)
26/05 CHATEAUROUX (383km) Combine - 1,038 old birds: 1°, 2°
26/05 CHATEAUROUX (383km) Combine - 401 yearlings: 3°
The 2 highest speed from 1,439 pigeons (1147,769 m/min)
01/06 ST JUNIEN (493km) Federal - 7,601 old birds: 4°, 25°, 28°
01/06 ST JUNIEN (493km) Federal - 756 yearlings: 2°, 6°
02/06 BLOIS (302km) Combine - 1,007 old birds: 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 6°, 7°, 8°
02/06 BLOIS (302km) Combine - 729 yearlings: 1°, 2°, 3°
The 7 highest speed from 1,736 pigeons (1130,842 m/min)
15/06 JARNAC (535km) Federal - 3,178 yearlings: 5°
15/06 JARNAC (535km) Federal - 2,570 old birds: 4°, 13°, 23°
16/06 CHATEAUDUN (247km) Combine - 994 old birds: 3°, 4°, 7°
16/06 CHATEAUDUN (247km) Combine - 716 yearlings: 2°, 4°, 6°
30/06 GIEN (287km) Combine - 746 yearlings: 5°, 6°, 7°
30/06 GIEN (287km) Combine - 409 youngsters: 2°, 4°
30/06 COGNAC (539km) Federal - 5071 old birds: 29°
07/07 CHATEAUDUN (247km) Combine - 785 old birds: 6°
07/07 CHATEAUDUN (247km) Combine - 1,683 youngsters: 3°, 11°, 12°, 15°
12/07 BERGERAC (612km) Federal - 2,845 olds: 2°, 8°, 17°
12/07 BERGERAC (612km) Federal - 1,227 yearlings: 2°
20/07 BOURGES (357km) Combine - 830 youngsters: 5°, 7°
28/07 LE MANS (284km) Combine - 786 old birds: 7°
28/07 LE MANS (284km) Combine - 591 yearlings: 4°
28/07 LE MANS (284km) Combine - 836 youngsters: 3°, 4°, 5°, 6°,8°
10/02 COGNAC (539km) Federal - 600 old birds: 3°
03/08 POITIERS (427km) Combine - 676 youngsters: 1°
11/08 CHATEAUDUN (247km) Combine - 870 old birds: 4°, 8°
11/08 CHATEAUDUN (247km) Combine - 502 yearlings: 3°
24/08 LIMOGES (489km) Federal - 304 youngsters: 1°

On the step of Verkerk, Veenstra and Koopman

A few years ago, Alexandre was close to getting rid of all his pigeons, to finiah his favourite hobby. It was too hard to race at such a level while working and having a normal family life. Most of the people would have prefered to stop. Not Alexandre. He is still here. Alexandre and Paul managed to achieve an impressing performance list. They already won 5 federal victories in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais area: 1st Poitiers from 10,980 pigeons, 1st and 2nd Limoges from 2,434 pigeons (highest speed from 9,399 pigeons), 1st Poitiers from 6,984 old birds, 1st Limoges yearlings from 3,087 pigeons, 1st Limoges from 2,920 old birds. 25 times into the top 10 in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais federal races. They also won three national championships as well as one title of national ace pigeon. To achieve such results, you must know your pigeons perfectly. Alexandre goes often to Flanders and can speak Dutch. He has a good contact with Jean-Pierre Duchatel, engineer, and the veterinary Ferdi Vandersanden, owner of the BIFS. They both helped him to know more about the pigeons. People are now looking at him with interest and he is also under contract with the firm Beyers. Actually, his loft is mainly built with pigeons from Gérard and Bas Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL). In the coming months, he plans to purchase pigeons from Koopman and Veenstra.

The French pigeon sport has grown to be one of the best countries in the international races nowadays. However, Alexandre admited that he will never race the international races. His favourite will always be the middle distance races. He is the boss of the French middle distance competitions. Congratulations.