André Allemeersch (Pottes, BE): Star of the longer middle distance with a zonal victory in 2012!

Year in, year out, André is one of the best pigeon fancier in the country when it's about racing the longer middle distance competitions. That's why he makes sure to win several top prizes in large amount of pigeons each year.

Kai Er visiting Pottes...

However, it wasn't easy to shine at the national level during the 2012 season, due to the flying weather for his area. Living a few steps from Flanders, André had simply no chance with the tail wind which occured too often during the last summer. Consequently, most of the national victories were won in Antwerp or in the Limburg province, that's why only a very few victories went to zone A. However, his racers were often clocked ahead of the result in his area, it only confirmed what we already know: this citizen of Pottes owns a very powerful strain for the longer middle distance national races, a strain of which the Supercrack 324 is the major pillar. In fact, the best racers from the loft are all descendants of this awesome breeder. In 2012, the Allemeersch colony classified herself no less than 8 times into the zonal or national top 50 :

1st  Bourges II Nat Zone -  3,409 yearlings  (Le Mannequin)
3rd  Bourges II Nat Zone - 11,003 youngsters (Ecaillée Bourges)
10th Argenton Nat Zone   - 10,695 youngsters (Judith)
11th Argenton National   - 25,949 youngsters (Judith)
30th Bourges Nat Zone    - 11,003 youngsters (Judith)
31th Bourges II Nat Zone -  5,193 yearlings  (Le Bourges)
41th Bourges I Nat Zone  -  6,402 olds       (Jonge Picanol)
48th Bourges II National - 16,859 yearlings  (Le Bourges)
64th Bourges I National  - 20,589 olds       (Jonge Picanol)

A balance relatively excellent harvested on the very rare occasions when André had the chance to make the talent of his racers talk. In addition, you must know that the Allemeersch pigeons are also racing well in other lofts, as it is at Adrien Mirabelle where a grandson of the Supercrack 324 became the father of Nicky who won a semi-national victory from Nevers (390 km) against 1,212 youngsters struggling against the north wind and also reaching the second highest speed of the convoy formed by 5,245 pigeons! 
Let's now have a look at the best racers of the last season:

- The Mannequin (BE 11-9063043)

30th  Collégien           -    114 pigeons
13th  Argenton (Tournai)  -    418 pigeons
27th  Provincial          -  1,069 pigeons
54th  Interprov           -  1,700 pigeons
307th CFW                 -  5,912 pigeons
450th Nat Zone            -  8.476 pigeons
68th  Bourges             -    235 pigeons
363th Provincial          -  1,358 pigeons
1st   Bourges II Nat Zone -  3,409 pigeons
593th National            - 14,598 pigeons

Father: Blue Ace '08 (BE 08-9042292), 2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB '08, with a.o. 123th Bourges nat. of more than 42,000 pigeons, 74th La Souterraine zone 7,112 pigeons, 6th Guéret provincial 769 pigeons. Crossing between the old lines of the Allemeersch loft with the pigeons from Verschelde M. (Zulte), Verheye M. (Oeselgem), etc.
Mother: Laat Superke (BE 10-9040192), directly placed to the breeding loft as she is a daughter of the Supercrack 324, the basis pigeon of the loft, coupled here with the 2154/06, daughter of the Olympiade from René Saintage (FR) who represented the France during the Olympiad of Porto in 2005.

Now, let's talk about the biggest sensation of the youngsters, a hen who successfully classified herself twice at the top of the national races for youngsters:

- Judith (BE 12-9101237)

3rd Aces of Aces youngsters LCB 2012
3rd Ace National middle distance youngsters LCB 2012
1st  Argenton¨      -    605 pigeons
3rd  Provincial     -  1,873 pigeons
3rd  CFW            –  5,930 pigeons
10th Zonal          - 10,695 pigeons
11th National       – 25,949 pigeons
3rd  Toury          –    436 pigeons
4th  Bourges        –    792 pigeons
16th Provincial     -  1,323 pigeons
19th Interprov      –  1,959 pigeons
30th Zonal          - 11,003 pigeons
10th Orléans        –    625 pigeons
12th Nanteuil       –    494 pigeons
14th Soissons       –    145 pigeons
76th Soissons       –    469 pigeons
89th La Souterraine –    341 pigeons

Father: Bliksem (BE 07-9017277), excellent racer now on the breeding loft, he won a.o. 18th Argenton nat 10,549 pigeons, 52th Châteauroux CFW 4,706 pigeons, etc. He is a grandson of the Steeroog, one of the best breeder of the loft as he is the father of T'gueretje (17th Guéret nat 10.670 p.) and he can be found back on the pedigree of a.o. the Favoriet (3rd National Ace Heavy Middle Distance KBDB '10 / 3rd Bourges nat 10,593 p.)
Mother: La Flèche (BE 08-4176418), direct from the association Dierickx-Vischers from Zele (national winner Argenton 2012) where she is one of the best breeding hens. Her pedigree and her breeding references were however not communicated by the fancier.

André, congratulations on this wonderful season and we wish you a lot of success for the newcoming season... with (why not) a national victory?