René & Etienne Bourlard (Harveng, BE) - interprovincial victory from Libourne against 1,966 pigeons

This father and son partnership from Wallonia is looking ahead each year to the prizes in the national long distance races. This time, one of their racers chose the race from Libourne to shine and he is bred from the same line that gave them the opportunity to win 4 national victories since 2005!

Despite this, the race from of Libourne was not really appropriate for the fanciers of the south of the country. However, the flying conditions were not really as hard as they need it to shine in a national, but a few of them were being classified at the top of the national result. A strange thing when you know that the national winner reached the average speed of 1,646 m/min. Due to some stormy weather on the west side of France, the race was closed after 3 hours which made that race an irregular one. The father and son Bourlard were, however, really glad of their performance. In Harveng, this interprovincial victory was well welcomed as they didn't have the opportunity to clock so early this year at the national level. It must be said that the 2012 season was mainly marked by a tail wind which is not the best conditions to let the best pigeons win.

René & Etienne in front of their 'miracle loft'.

- The 729 (BE 11-9101729)

1st  Libourne - Provincial     623 yearlings
1st  Libourne - Noyau Direct 1.207 yearlings
1st  Libourne - CFW          1.966 yearlings
13th Libourne - National     7.957 yearlings


Father: 399/01 (BE 01-9097399), a super breeder who comes from a great family as he is a son of the pair Blue Xtra x Mimine. His father won 3 x top 100 national with, a.o. the 32th national Brive of 7.168 p. Mimine is in her turn one of the most famous pigeons of the loft as she won the 1st national Orange hens in '05 and as she is daughter of the Gyselbrecht hen, the golden breeding hen who put René and Etienne under the spotlights of the national long distance races!
Talking about the breeding lines, it was not the first race of the 399/01. He is in fact the maternal grand-father of the Super Pedro from Antoine & Rudi Desaer who won the 14th national Souillac 7,045 p. '10 (1.220 m/min), 41th national Brive 17,446 p. '09 (1,086 m/min) & 68th national Montauban 7,203 p. '09 (1,066 m/min), not withstanding being a part of the team who won the long distance national championship of the KBDB in '10. When you know about the actual level of Rudi Desaer (2 national victories in 2 months in 2012), you can be proud of the fact that one of your pigeons was so predominant in this kind of loft!
Mother: 497/09 (BE 09-9107497), daughter of the pair 141/06 x La Perpignan. The 141/06 is a son of Mimine, this time paired with a full brother of Limoges, 1st national Limoges 12,266 pigeons in '05. The Perpignan won the 25th International Perpignan 3,131 p. in '07.
Good blood doesn't lie!

The fact that the Bourlard pigeons know how to perform in other lofts is now a certainty. In addition to the lofts of Ruiselede (at Gyselbrecht-Madeira and at A & R De Saer), a local fancier learned it by himself as well. Olivier Flamand from Noirchain (Frameries), was just put under the national spotlight two weeks ago and after that he won the 2nd national place from Bourges against 14,571 yearlings (2nd highest speed of 58,069 p.) with his Dijon. What gives more lustre to his performance is the fact that this pigeon is a true proven champion:

1st  Dijon   - Provincial          612 p.
1st  Dijon   - Semi-National     1,822 p.
Highest speed Dijon 5,305 pigeons
1st  Bourges - Provincial        1,611 p.
1st  Bourges - Interprovincial   3,387 p.
2nd  Bourges - CFW               5,201 p.
2nd  Bourges - National         14.571 p.
Second highest speed Bourges 58,069 p.
55th Montluçon - Interprovincial 3,250 p.

The mother of this super champion was purchased in Harveng from the Bourlard family (out of a crossing of De Roeck - Manage x Bourlard)! If you were still doubting the quality of their pigeons, here is the proof that they are able to achieve top results everywhere.

René, Etienne, we wish you good luck for the end of the season!