Gaie Brothers (La Bouverie, BE): national winners of Bourges category yearlings against 16,442 pigeons

Last year, the Gaie brothers were put in the spotlight after winning the 1st national Châteauroux against 20,139 old birds with the highest speed of the entire convoy of 45,908 pigeons. A little less than one year later (it will be one year in a week's time), they are once more on the highest level of the podium for winning the national race of Bourges in the yearlings category!

'However, the wind was not for us!' explained Gaston, 60 years, the manager of the loft. 'With this east wind, we thought that the two Flanders and the area of Tournai would have beaten us, especially our friend Maurice Casaert. Moreover, he won the national race of the old birds, so I was right!'. This is how we begun our nice discussion. And we can't contradict Gaston: with this east wind, it was normally 'mission impossible' to win the national prize in La Bouverie.

Maybe the heat (the first of the 2012 season) made the race tougher. But what you really need to achieve such a fantastic result, is an extraordinary pigeon in top condition. And with the '009/11', we can say that we are probably talking about the best yearling flying in Belgium today. In fact, he had already won 4 first prizes in 2012 (duplications included), his performance list leaves no doubt about that:

14/04 Soissons local 1/317, General 1/469
05/05 Nanteuil local 4/285, General 9/617
12/05 La Ferté 1/235, 1/529
19/05 Orléans 21/339

 The winner.

In short this pigeon is world class. One thing you must know: the victory from Soissons was won at the speed of 1.189 m/min and La Ferté was won at 1.207 m/min.
But things are getting clearer when you take a look at his pedigree which includes the best lines of Belgium at this time. Take a look:

Sire: '256/10' (BE 10-9017256), purchased as an egg at Casaert-Sénéchal out of the couple Son Ludo x Norberta. Ludo is a direct Eric Limbourg and is one of the best breeders for Casaert-Sénéchal where he is the sire of numerous top 100 national winners. Norberta is a direct hen from Norbert Ally, full daughter of the famous Bolleke, one of the main pigeons of the breeding loft from Aarsele.
Dam: '260/10' (BE 10-9017260), purchased as an egg at Casaert-Sénéchal out of the couple Orane x Capucine. Orane is a direct Limbourg, half-brother of Blue Surprise, 1st national Orange '07 from Limbourg, and the mother of Orane is a full daughter of Lucky 77. Capucine is at her turn half-sister of Mistral, 1st national Brive 7.154 p. in '04 at Casaert M&G and is a direct daughter of Dior, the super breeding hen who is herself a daughter of the Nasdaq!

For Bourges, the Gaie brothers basketed their entire racing team of 32 pigeons (7 old birds & 25 yearlings). They clocked their champion at 12h54 for a distance of 384,425 kilometers, good for an average speed of 1.224 m/min, the second best speed of the entire race from Bourges after the old bird of Maurice & Grégory Casaert.

This victory is really special as the brothers Gaie are great friends of Maurice & Grégory Casaert. If you want to know, the loft of La Bouverie is almost exclusively formed with pigeons of the Casaert family and has been for many years now. Mindful to buy some new material to cross into their breeding loft, Gaston & Jean naturally decided to obtain  pigeons from Sébastien Casaert-Sénéchal from Russeignies. Jean: 'We wanted to stay as close as possible to their blood lines but we needed to bring some new fresh blood. That made by Sébastien seemed to work so our choice was done quickly. I've got two youngsters of 'Ludo' born in 2012. Good blood doesn't lie!'

At a personnal level, I'm happy to struggle against the Gaie brothers each week in my club because I think that this kind of opposition gives you the encouragement to increase your selection and so to improve the level of your own loft. Unfortunately, there will always exist pigeon fanciers who will complain about the fact that they're always beaten by the same people. But these people must look at their own loft and try to correct what's going wrong with them. We are dealing here with two excellent pigeon fanciers who, as they said themselves, are racing to win good prizes. This kind of performance had to happen. But when you are able to do it twice in less than one year, you prove to the world that you are managing one of the best lofts in Belgium!

This brotherhood partnership has been racing for six years now and when you take a look at their prizes, it certainly looks like everything is working out. Now, these two brothers have to their credit two national victories as well as a few interprovincial victories. A strong list of prizes making them at the head of one of the best middle distance lofts in Belgium!

Gaston, Jean, our congratulations and let's go for the 3rd victory !