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Jean-Marc Thibaut-Boons (Sombreffe, BE) - 'Sebastian', worthy successor to the 'Pros' !

This champion from the Namur area was put under the spotlight in 2005 when he won two titles in the national championships of the KBDB. This year, he just experienced a sucessful season.. Jean-Marc has won a few provincial victories and he's probably holding the record in the province of Namur !

The people who know this colony have probably already heard about her N°1 genitor, in fact a world class breeder, the 'Pros'. This pigeon was born in the loft of the late Pros Roosen. J-M purchased him via a voucher he bought for a youngster in the legend of Kermt. It was in 2001. He was directly put into the breeding loft and the leasdt we can say is that he found his right place there. In 2005, the combination Thibaut-Boons (wife of J-M) climbed twice on the highest rung of the podium in Ostend. They were first in the national Ace Pigeon middle distance and first in the national championship for the Yearlings. The mother of the National Ace pigeon, 'Kimi' (who was also the most important for the title with the yearlings), is a direct daughter of this 'Pros', a pigeon which was not so old at the time (5 years). Jean-Marc directly knew that he now owned something that he should take the greatest care of. He noticed that the descendants were better in second, third and fourth generation. He decided then to purchase better breeding material to cross with his new find. It was really because he didn't own what he needed at the time, no. Jean-Marc simply wanted to cross a level, to improve the quality of his loft and that's why he went in search of royal origins! He bought pigeons out of the best lines from Deno-Herbots, for example 'Beckham', 'Blauwe Bliksem', or Koen Minderhoud, the dutch firm of Gaby Vandenabeele with direct descendants of the 'Wittenbuik', 'James Bond', etc. A common point between these two lofts? The Vandenabeele of course! For Jean-Marc, the pigeons from the master of Dentergem are perfect for crossing with his pigeons. The result was astonishing: a level was simply crossed! It can't really be seen in the improvement of the results (which were already good). Jean-Marc was simply sucessful in maintaining the performance of his loft at the same level. You can make your own conclusion!

We are now ten years further since this golden purchase, the 'Pros' just had his jubilee before breathing his last gasp at the beginning of 2012. He died of a sort of cancer (which is the diagnosis established by the Dr. Henk de Weerd). Unfortunately, the hens he was paired to didn't produce any fertile eggs since 2010. After having tried everything, it's a new chapter that needs to be written in Sombreffe. Pros had been housed in a box since 3 years so J-M fortunately had enough time to breed a few descendants from his top breeder. So the legend continues... Because J-M found a successor to this exceptional breeder. He is called 'Sebastian' and he is a... direct son of the 'Pros'! Poor racer (he is a late breed from 2007 which was raced a few times in 2008), 'Sebastian' seems to own the same gift as his father: he has the ability to transmit his superior genes to his youngsters. Jean-Marc's observation was right. As long as the generations succeed themselves, the descendants of the 'Pros' are better! We just want to give you the proof of what we said.


- ‘The Super 58’ (BE 10-8016058)

1st  Provincial Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB 2010
2nd  Ace Pigeonneaux Demi-Fond LCB 2010
3rd  'As des As' national LCB 2010 
1st  Bourges Provincial        562 pigeons
2nd  Bourges I.prov.         3.595 pigeons
13th Bourges Zonal           9.512 pigeons
50th Bourges National       30.748 pigeons 
2nd  Guéret Zonal            3.047 pigeons
28th Guéret National        13.885 pigeons
8th  La Souterraine Provincial 258 pigeons
63th La Souterraine I.prov.  1.640 pigeons

With these prizes, a lot of people showed interest in her and she was finally sold in China at the end of 2010. But Jean-Marc knew that he has 'something behind'. Her nest brother is in fact a superior racer:

- 'Red Bull' (BE 10-8016059)

2nd  Provincial Ace pigeon Yearling
3rd  Ace pigeon Yearling 'Club du Jeudi'
3rd  Ace pigeon Yearling 'Fond Club Namurois'
10th Ace pigeon Master Award 2011 Cat 1
17/04 4th  Soissons   440 pigeons
24/04 1st  La Ferté   443 pigeons
01/05 3rd  Melun      379 pigeons
21/05 24th Orléans  1.186 pigeons
28/05 5th  Toury    1.335 pigeons
04/06 18th Toury    1.411 pigeons
02/07 21th Toury      693 pigeons
16/07 12th Orléans    464 pigeons
30/07 4th  Bourges  1.021 pigeons
      13th Zonal    5.141 pigeons
      17th CFW      4.281 pigeons
      6th  Noyau    2.221 pigeons
      62th Nat     12.607 pigeons
06/08 1st  Toury      174 pigeons

Father: 'Sebastian' (BE 07-8002375), the new super breeder of the loft, son of the 'Pros' x 'Chimen', the same pair that bred 'Nels', 8th National Ace Pigeon midde distance as well as Olympic Pigeon in Poznan category B in '11. This 'Nels' was at his turn put in the breeding loft in 2010 and he has already showed a lot of talent! 'Chimen', their mother, is a super breeding hen coming from the own sorts. She is mother of the 6th National Ace Pigeon Sprint '04.
Mother: 'Jeanne' (NL 07-1772619), direct Geenens-Peeters, already mother of 'Jade', 1st 'As des As' youngsters LCB '09, 23th best youngster on the 4 nationals '09 (PiPa ranking). She was sold last year on PiPa! 'Jeanne' is an inbred product on the 'Lowieke' from Jan Van de Pasch (NL), his N°1 breeder. He is in fact father of 3 different Olympic pigeons as well as a National Ace Pigeon WHZB.

- 'Kenza' (BE 09-8005661)

She raced the 4 nationals as a youngster but didn't came home from Guéret. She was classified 7th Ace Pigeon Master Award Belgium 2009.

25/07/09 -  6th Bourges          617 pigeons
08/08/09 - 35th Argenton       1.236 pigeons
22/08/09 -  6th La Souterraine 2.280 pigeons

Father: 'Sebastian'!
Mother: 'Anne So', an excellent racing hen that deserves interest! See below. 

As you can see, this 'Sebastian' has more than one reference to his name! His descendants have already shown some class in the breeding loft as two of his children are confirmed breeders by Jean-Jacques Baleau! 

- 'Anne So' (BE 08-8003083)

1st   Bourges        - Inteprov   4.756 pigeons ‘08
2nd   Bourges        – Semi-Nat  10.995 pigeons ‘08
1st   Guéret         – Provincial   586 pigeons ‘10
2nd   Guéret         – Zonal      1.221 pigeons '10
14e   Guéret         – National   2.953 pigeons ‘10
1st   Montluçon      - Provincial   509 pigeons ‘09
3rd   Ecouen         - Local        288 pigeons ‘09
5th   Ecouen         – Provincial 1.070 pigeons ‘09
4th   Lorris         - Local        207 pigeons ‘09
5th   Argenton       – Local        218 pigeons ‘10
40th  Argenton       – Provincial 1.349 pigeons ‘10
7th   Lorris         - Local        214 pigeons ‘09
8th   Châteauroux    – Provincial 1.082 pigeons ‘10
60th  Châteauroux    – Noyau 1000 2.825 pigeons ‘10
113th Châteauroux    – Zonal      5.993 pigeons ‘10
9th   Guéret         – Local        202 pigeons ‘09
17th  Châteauroux    – Interprov  1.009 pigeons '09
75th  Châteauroux    – CFW        3.517 pigeons '09
191th Châteauroux    – Semi-Nat  10.719 pigeons '09
17th  Châteauroux    – Provincial   956 pigeons '10
223th Châteauroux    – Zonal      4.706 pigeons ‘10
17th  La Souterraine – Provincial   392 pigeons ‘08
78th  Moulin         – Provincial 1.177 pigeons ‘10
76th  Vierzon        – Provincial 1.108 pigeons ‘10

Father: 'Blue Eijerkamp' (NL 05-2109395), a 100% Vandenabeele cock purchased from the Eijerkamp family. He's a grandchild of the 'Jonge Wittenbuik', best breeder from the Vandenabeele strain by Eijerkamp and (grand)father of nothing less than three different NPO winners ! This pigeon is a son of the famous 'Wittenbuik'...
Mother: 'Semi-sister Kimi' (BE 03-8036702),'Kimi' is the superior crack which won 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance '05 (via the mother,daughter of the 'Pros') and her father is the '860/99', full brother to the father of 'Kimi' !

A hen of high value. After a great career in the racing loft, she was placed to the breeding section in 2011 and she is already mother of two promising yearlings which are in the racing team for 2012 (if you want to see the pedigree, click here).

- 'Wonder 17' (BE 10-80616017)

1st  Bourges        – Club             262 pigeons ‘10
1st  Bourges        – Provincial        486 pigeons ‘10
3th  Bourges        – Interprov       2.485 pigeons ‘10
1st  Guéret         – Provincial        215 pigeons ‘10
1st  Guéret         – Interprov         736 pigeons ‘10
1st  Guéret         – Noyau 1000      1.218 pigeons ‘10
1st  Guéret         – CFW             3.413 pigeons ‘10
1st  Guéret         – Zonal           3.047 pigeons ‘10
16th Guéret         – National       13.885 pigeons ‘10
5th  Orléans        – Club             355 pigeons ‘11
11th Orléans        – Provincial      1.186 pigeons ‘11
62th Orléans        – Interprovincial 2.452 pigeons ‘11
5th  La Souterraine – Provincial        311 pigeons ‘10
18th La Souterraine – Inteprov          868 pigeons ‘10
89th La Souterraine – Zonal           2.020 pigeons ‘10
6th  La Ferté       – Club             443 pigeons ‘11
11th Melun          – Club             379 pigeons ‘11

Father: 'Blue Deno' (BE 09-2100694), son of the '255/04' who is a half-brother of the best Deno-Herbots pigeons so as ''Beckham', 'Kleinen 798' or 'Blauwe Princess'. He was bred from the basis pair 'Blauwe Bliksem' x 'Golden Wittenbuik' or the golden pair at Deno-Herbots!
Mother: 'Sister Kimi' (BE 06-8014007), a name that speaks for itself. Daughter of the pair '660/98' x '185/02' (daughter of the 'Pros')

If you want to check her pedigree, click here.

- 'Zoé' (BE 08-8003009)


6th Provincial Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance 2008
1st  Orléans     – Provincial   552 pigeons ‘10
1st  Orléans     – Interprov  1.874 pigeons ‘10
3th  Orléans     – Interprov  2.797 pigeons ‘10
1st  Châteauroux – Provincial   452 pigeons ‘10
1st  Châteauroux – Interprov  1.082 pigeons ‘10
18th Châteauroux – Noyau 1000 2.825 pigeons ‘10
1st  Guéret      – Interprov    296 pigeons '09
1stGuéret      – CFW        1.131 pigeons ‘09
3th  Guéret      – Zonal      1.265 pigeons ‘09
3th  Guéret      – National   2.636 pigeons ‘09
4th  La Ferté    – Club        286 pigeons ‘09
9th  Bourges     – Provincial   505 pigeons ‘09
11th Vichy       – Provincial   291 pigeons ‘09
13th Toury       – Club        257 pigeons ‘10
18th Toury       – Provincial   587 pigeons ‘10
29th Moulin      – Interprov    303 pigeons ‘10

Father: 'Son Kimi' (BE 04-8034791), son of the phenomenal 'Kimi' and inbred to the 'Pros'. After his title, 'Kimi' stayed a few months in Sombreffe where Jean-Marc tried to obtain the maximum from him. Apparently, it was done sucessfully! He was coupled here to 'Cristale', one of the best breeding hens at the time. 'Cristale' is mother of the '166/10', 12th national Bourges 30.748 pigeons, grand-mother of 'Jade', etc. Pigeons with astonishing  performance lists! And guess what, 'Cristale' is a daughter of the 'Pros'!
Mother: 'Brad Girl' (BE 06-2259306), daughter of 'Brad Pitt' who was an Olympic Pigeon in Lièvin for the Herbots brothers. He was coupled to a daughter of the 'Fenomenale' from Kamiel Nuyens, 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB '02 and 4x 1st provincial!

If you want to check her pedigree, click here.

Right after new year's eve, the racing season is coming in sight! Over 3 months the first sprint races will take place. We will keep you in touch regarding the results of this colony.
And I think that we will have many surprises in Sombreffe.... Jean-Marc, congratulations and good luck for 2012!