André Allemeersch true showman in the national classics for youngsters... thanks to the line of his 'Supercrack' !

One month ago, we already made up a balance of the first part of the season fwith the old pigeons. After having some trouble with the form at the begining of the season, André was rewarded for his efforts and his old team won a top result from La Châtre.

 Since then, a lot of water has passed under the bridge and he entered three national races dedicated to the young birds. From Bourges, Argenton & La souterraine, the Allemeersch pigeons showed clear signs of superiority.

And it's not the least we can say ! The well known flemish master of the discipline was really partying this year with the recurrent West wind, and the opposition could do nothing but bow down to the master of Pottes.
André clocks his pigeons like a machine gun from his favourite races. After Bourges, his young ladies have to fly an extreme middle distance race each week and this until the end of the season, when they are basketted for Guéret. 'When possible, I put the best of them into the breeding loft. This seems to be the right method if you want to see what they are worth. And after a few years of selecting, there is hardly any waste.' These are the words of the Dadizele native. After having raced formidably during the 2010 season and after  recovering from his troubles at the begining of the season, Allemeersch is moving into a new leading role and he is known as a top loft from the south of our country. Since the race from La Châtre, his pigeons win top prizes every week and we wouldn't be surprised if he had more tricks up his sleeve, in Guéret for example, a national race where he already booked some success in the past.
Anyway ! I would like to let you check the following results :

30/07  Bourges national            9.781 old birds : 76, 164, 274, 386, 726, ... etc 
       (10 basketed)
       Bourges Zone A              2.108 old birds : 29, 72, 116, etc
30/07  Bourges national      12.607 yearlings : 11, ..., etc (4 basketed)
       Bourges Zone A         2.884 yearlings : 8, ... etc
30/07  Bourges national     32.719 youngsters : 14, 212, 442, 518, ... etc (18 basketed)
       Bourges Zone A        9.480 youngsters : 11, 119, 261, ... etc
11/08  Argenton National    20.383 youngsters : 14, 457, ... etc (21 basketed) 
       Argenton Zone A       X.XXX youngsters : 2, ..., etc
       Argenton Provincial   1.539 youngsters : 1, 16, 62, 81, ... & 12/21
18/08  Blois Derby Hainaut     918 youngsters : 5, 13, 17, 21, 22, 67, 78, 85, ... & 16/23
27/08  La souterraine Zone A 6.010 youngsters : 8, 9, 20, 58, 60, 140, 179, 236, 279,
                                                 326, 422, .. & 12/16
       La souterraine Derby Hainaut 917 youngsters : 7, 8, 14, 27, 28, 59,
                                                 74, 88, ... & 13/16

From Bourges, the traditional national opening race for the youngsters, more than 55.000 pigeons were basketed. André had a world class result because he had his pigeon in the national top 100 of all categories. A hat-trick that only a few lofts are able to do and this with tough flying conditions with only a few pigeons racing above the 1.100 m/min. In Pottes, this is how we do it.
Two weeks later, André had another good performance when he was 14th national Argenton and this with a strong west wind (the opposite of what he needs). To win a top 15 national position, his hen, christened 'Eléna', had to fly to alone. In La Souterraine, he did it again. But this time, André had planed to clock 'sharper' and no less than 5 pigeons were clocked into the zonal top 60, against 6.010 pigeons. An important detail, the 3 first nominated were clocked by the 60th prize. If you are still doubting the knowledge of our man, you are wrong. 

The 'Supercrack'
In his lofts, André owns a very special specimen : the 'Supercrack 324/01', an exceptionnal pigeon which, after a very rich career, turned out to be a wonder breeder, let me even say a world class breeding pigeon. This pigeon has all the necessary qualities to play his role : flexible muscles, a silky feathering with a very well drawn wing, bright eyes with an expressive look... and this little 'plus' that helps him to stand out from the normal pigeon : an unique intelligence as well as a strong character that ensures his will to get back home as fast as possible. This character is transmitted from generation to generation. The references are already very long at André's but she is growing year after year by all the smart men who have already discovered that there was something special here in Pottes. That's why they decided to introduce this line in their own lofts. In this report, we will introduce you to four pigeons, they are in fact the three early pigeons clocked from Bourges and the fourth is 'Eléna', the hen from Argenton. Needless to say, the 'Supercrack' is present in the pedigree of each of these pigeons.

At the risk of repeating ourselves: André Allemeersch did an incredible job the 30th July during the race from Bourges. He classified a pigeon of his loft into the national top 100 position in each category : olds, yearlings & youngsters. This is not possible everywhere. Let's start with the first old pigeon, the 'Small blue 261/09' (BE 09-9060261).

30/07 4th Bourges Local        189 pigeons
      9th Derby Hainaut        966 pigeons
      7th DH Prov              570 pigeons
     31th CFW                3.672 pigeons
     12th Prov               1.091 pigeons
     29th Zone A             2.108 pigeons
     76th National           9.871 pigeons

Palmarès :
La Ferté 80/245
Lorris 12/374
Lorris 100/344
Lorris 3/280
La souterraine loc 12/584, DH 16/1.109, CFW 119/5.154, Prov 10/1.187, Nat 547/17.814
Guéret loc 17/389, DH 75/628, DH Prov 38/326, CFW 999/4.200, Prov 33/660
La Ferté 126/376
Toury 102/550
Châteauroux 155/513
La Châtre Zone A 518/5.481
Argenton Prov 211/1.017
Argenton Prov 58/400 & 600/3.498 National


Father : The 'Steroog 596/02' (BE 02-9069596), a super breeder out of the couple 'Bourgi x t'Orleanske'. The 'Steroog' is one of the best breeders of the Allemeersch colony. He is father of the two sisters 't'favoritje 011/06' & 't'Gueretje 012/06', which respectively won the 17th (+1/3200 Interprov) and 50th national Guéret 10.670 pigeons. He is also the grandfather of the 2nd national Tulle '07, of the 'Bleken' (44th national Bourges 14.145 p.)
Mother : The 'Big blue 696/05' (BE 05-90199), daughter of the 'Limoges x Andréa', out of the lines Yskout x Casaert. His father, the 'Limoges 775/02' was a specialist in the race  holding his name. Her mother, 'Andréa 301/99' is nothing less than the mother of the 'Supercrack 324/01'. The 'Small blue' is an own nephew of the N°1 pigeon of Allemeersch !

The first yearling clocked from Bourges was the 'New favoriet 189/10' (BE 10-9040189). His performances are very special to André because he is one and only son of the 'Favoriet' which is still entered for the races. To recall, this pigeon was on the national podium last year when he won the 3rd Nat Ace pigeon extreme middle distance KBDB '10 after winning the 3rd national Bourges 10.593 p., 21st national Bourges 21.505 p., 33rd national Argenton 10.549 p. & the 65th national Argenton 5.763 p. This pigeon, living now under the rising sun, was a grandson of the 'Supercrack 324/01'. The proof that this line is just exceptionnal.

30/07 1st  Bourges Local   176 pigeons
       2nd Derby Hainaut 1.086 pigeons
       2nd DH Prov         658 pigeons
       2nd CFW           4.281 pigeons
       2nd Prov          1.099 pigeons
       8th Zone A        2.884 pigeons
      11th National     12.607 pigeons      

19/06 La Ferté 1/269
03/07 Nanteuil 1/276
10/07 Toury 3/452
31/07 Toury 103/410
07/08 Toury 95/369
16/04 Soissons 12/405
23/04 Nanteuil 160/480
30/04 La Ferté 38/337
07/05 Angerville 1/525
14/05 Toury 51/384
04/06 Châteauroux loc 28/543, DH 122/1.815, DH Prov 68/942, Prov 82/1.566, CFW 308/5.441,
Zone A 667/10.587 & National 1.226/25.263
02/07 Argenton loc 11/349, DH 32/1.283, DH Prov 58/942, CFW 147/4.722, National 599/19.782
30/07 Bourges loc 1/176, DH 2/1.086, DH Prov 2/658, Prov 2/1.099, CFW 2/4.281,


Father : 'The Favoriet 228/07' (BE 07-9017228), 3rd Nat Ace pigeon extreme middle distance KBDB '10. He is a son of the 'Blue 045/06', which is already father of the 15th national La souterraine 18.973 p. coupled with the '043/06', a daughter of the 'Supercrack' coupled with 'De Zachte'.
Mother : 'The 028' (BE 06-9092028), a daughter of the 'Dikken 348/01' x 'Marie-Jeanne 311/03'. The 'Dikken' is a super breeder. He is the father of 'Filou 127/10' (88th national Bourges 30.742 p. '10, 7th Zonal La Châtre 7.487 '11), of the 'Rakket 747/04' (6x Top 10), of 'Justine 147/10' (111th Bourges Zonal 9.491 p., 333rd national Argenton 22.492 p.,) but also of 'Blue Diamant 033/11', the new golden pepite of 2011 which this year won:

30/07 2nd Bourges local   626 pigeons
      2nd Derby Hainaut 1.772 pigeons
      2nd DH Prov       1.046 pigeons
      2nd Prov          2.237 pigeons
      3rd CFW           9.071 pigeons
     11th Zone A        9.480 pigeons
     14th national     31.642 pigeons

The rest of her prizes:
04/06 Soissons 20/630
11/06 Nanteuil 134/773
18/06 La Ferté 7/578
02/07 Soissons 38/611
09/07 Toury 14/558
13/08 Argenton Prov 404/1.539
20/08 Blois local 2/260, Derby Hainaut 5/918 & DH Prov 1/434
27/08 La souterraine loc 7/389, DH 28/917, DH Prov 20/528, Prov 21/928, Zone A 60/6.010, 


Father : The 'Dikken 348/01', already introduced above.
Mother : 'Star 09' (BE 09-9060220), or the hen which is now reveaing herself as the N°1 breeding hen over the last two years, she is the mother of 'Filou' and now of 'Blue Diamant'. She is a daughter of the 'Laten 999/03', a son of the 'Supercrack 324/01' coupled with the '776/02', nest sister of the 'Limoges 775/02' introduced above. 'Star 09' is a sister of 'Justine', 1st Provincial Ace extreme middle distance '10. 'Star 09' is herself a super racing hen because she won:

1st  Toury  497 pigeons
1st  Toury  349 pigeons
1st  Toury  257 pigeons
2nd  Guéret 381 pigeons
2nd  Tours  140 pigeons
6th  As des As LCB '09

From Argenton, André hit hard when he clocked his hen into the top national position and this with an unfavourable wind. When he reported his pigeon, everybody in the area was wondering how he managed to achieve this exploit. It was the work of 'Eléna 004/11' (BE 11-9063004). At the begining of the season, this hen was lost and that's how why she doesn't have an impressive honours list. Take a look:

13/08 1st Argenton local  468 pigeons
      1st Derby Hainaut 1.102 pigeons
      1st DH Prov         709 pigeons
      1st Provincial    1.539 pigeons
      7th CFW           6.567 pigeons
      2nd Zone A        X.XXX pigeons
     14th National     20.383 pigeons

27/08 17th La souterraine    389 pigeons
      59th Derby Hainaut     917 pigeons
      34th DH Prov           528 pigeons  
      36th Provincial        928 pigeons
     140th Zone A          6.010 pigeons

Father : 'Young Picanol 283/09' (BE 09-9060283), son of the 'Picanol 137/01' from Antoine & Rudi Desaer. The 'Young Picanol' is an excellent racing pigeon by André. In 2011, he won:

 25th Soissons       470 pigeons  
  5th Angerville     719 pigeons
 68th Châteauroux 20.517 pigeons
159th La Châtre    5.481 pigeons
470th Argenton    11.001 pigeons
274th Bourges      9.781 pigeons
327th Argenton     3.498 pigeons

Mother : '015/06' (BE 06-9092015), a sister of the 'Tours 014/06' which won, a.o., 1st Tours 114 p., 9th prov 1799 p., 3rd Toury 290 p., 4th Tours 228 p., 46th Intprov 2.737 p., 5th Toury 351 p., etc. She is a daughter of the 'Small blue 497/02' from the pedigree Casaert x René Simon coupled with the 'Rakket 747/04' self an own daughter of the 'Dikken 348/01' x 'Marie-Jeanne 311/03'.

André, there is only a few days left before Gueret so... we wish you good luck and we hope that you will win something special in this race although you have already been very successfull!
Our congratulations on your entire season!