Rémy Vantorre, Virelles (BE) – 1st national Tarbes out of 4,877 pigeons

After a few highlights in the nationals, Rémy Vantorre is now crowned with a national victory. A well deserved victory !

Released four days after the scheduled liberation, the progress of the race of Tarbes was more or less regular with the first arrivals after 16 hours at the French short distance. The pigeons received good cares, but you can’t deny that a few pigeons will be missing here and there. We won’t come back on that topic but the mais les organizers had no choice if you take a look at the climatics conditions.
A dozain of pigeons were clocked before 17 hours whose pigeon of the belgian national winner, Rémy Vantorre from Virelles, clocked at 16h57 for 710,470 kilometers. The pigeon of Rémy realized an average speed of 1.298, 85 mpm… good for the national victory, the first of his happy owner !
For the international result, he is beatten by the cock of the french Mickael Mascart from Bruille St Amand, untouchable that day with the average speed of 1.333,96 mpm, the only pigeon who flew further than the 1.300 mpm !

Rémy with his wife Rosa and his french friend, Olivier

Born in Heule in the Flanders, Rémy Vantorre came to live in Virelles since 9 years, close from the well know city Chimay. After having booked great success in Heule, with the ‘cup of the king’ in 1999, he decided to move in a calm area, in Virelles, with his wife Rosa. You got to know that in Heule, he lived at about 50 meters from the train station and the industrial zoning was not so far himself. It was a very noisy environment. In the province of Hainaut, he found peace and serenity, inspired by the landscape around him. He built his house in 2002 and… the pigeon lofts were finished before the house ! There, he housed a round of youngsters to be back on track. But there was a problem, because malicious people decided to cause damage: all the pigeons were stolen during a night. Only two pigeons were left, certainly those who spent the night on the ground. These two pigeons became very good racers.
Rémy took then one year of delay.

If the area of Chimay if not well know for her ‘fancier density’, it’s a large ground of champions. From Monin to Regnier through Lernout, who contributed to build the name of their area in the map of the world, we passed actually to Nihoul father & son, to the Regnier through Daniel Poussart, and we must count now on Rémy Vantorre. Except his fresh national victory on Tarbes, the ‘lion of Chimay’ build himself, during the years, a very good prize list. We found :

8th nat Orange 4587 p.
11th nat Marseille 4000 p.
19th nat Limoges 17456 p.
26th nat Béziers 6191 p.
29th nat Souillac 5985 p.
31th nat Limoges 21929 p.
58th nat Carcassonne 5911 p.
77th nat Limoges 17456 p.
81th nat Narbonne 5051 p.
87th nat Albi 11760 p.
94th nat Barcelona 11484 p. 

Various citations in the championships were also harvested here and there with especially the title of best 'Rhône pigeon' on two consecutive seasons (2009-2010) with the 'BE 3201701/05'. Here is his prize list:

08/06/09 Montélimar 422/8.232 Nat
28/06/09 Orange 59/3.173 Zone C
20/07/09 Marseille 48/3.586 Nat
05/06/10 Montélimar 36/3.923 Zone C
26/06/10 Orange 149/2.506 Zone C
18/07/10 Marseille 11/3.340 Nat

The native from Heule was directly focused on the long distance races even if he race on all the flight line. Due to his geographic position, he particularly likes the races of the 'Road of the Rhône'. He is at the head of a colony of 34 widows (23 olds and 11 yearlings) and of 9 breeding pairs who are closely apparented to the basis pigeon, the ‘Piet de Koning’, who won the cup of the king in ‘99. This pigeon is still breeding actually at the age of 15. For the origins, Rémy still trust the old stock he already owned when he lived in Flanders. These are principaly pigeons coming from Roger Vereecke from Deerlijk and Georges Bolle from Kortemark. Let us add the Collard from Marbaix-la-tour from which the mother of the winner is coming from. He buys 50 rings each year. The youngsters are only basketted on 4 to 5 races, principaly Soissons and La Ferté. He doesn't give any importance to the results of the young generation. They are selected with their physic, with the feeling but the manager take also a look to their strain.
The preparation of the racers is really simple : they are coupled around the 25th of December and they raise a youngster. They are then coupled again at the end of march and, after three days of brooding, they go directly in widowhood. For the basketting, they are never shown their hen but the cup is given during a few minutes.
Finally, the racers are threated against tricho each 3 weeks.
We should add that Rémy isn't a maniac of the hygien. At this subject, he took his inspiration from Georges Bolle. The pigeons are drinking rain water and the troughs are never cleaned. ‘After all, our pigeons are still animals. I want to stay as close as possible from the nature.'                   

The national laureat was clocked at 16h57 when he landed on the trap of the loft in Virelles.

‘I was in the kitchen because it was raining a lot. My national winner went straight on the trap… where he lost three good minutes. He tried to drink the drops that rolled down the hatch. That’s why i grabbed his hen to put her in front of him and thats what made him getting in.’
On Tarbes, Rémy basketted 3 pigeons. The second pigeon was clocked the tomorrow but he was out of the price in the club of Froidchapelle. ‘The third pigeon is still mising… and he can stay where he is !’


Father : ‘737/01’ (BE 01-3266737), a son of the basis cock, the ‘Piet de Koning’ (BE 96-4433950), who won the ‘cup of the King’ on Limoges in ’99, coupled with the ‘551/94’ (BE 94-3355551), coming directly from Roger Vereecke from Deerlijk, niece of his ‘Pétrus’.
Mother : ‘ 091/05’ (BE 05-9051091), hen received as a gift from his friend François Collard from Marbaix-la-tour, out of a crossing ‘Hendrick x daughter old Cahors’ x a full sister of the legendary ‘Kleine Didi’ from Etienne Devos.

The basis cock, 'Piet de Koning', still fertile !



Soissons 38/199
Nanteuil 12/150
Lorris 7/164
Montluçon 214/1.830
Gien 15/387
Gien 458/1.436
Lorris 32/145
Montluçon 14/303
Limoges 5/187
Lorris 350/1.283
Bourges 7/212
Châteauroux 22/185
Montluçon 6/396
Limoges 44/140
Souillac 36/251
Lorris 3/262
Bourges 10/185
Cahors 20/110
Tarbes 5/52
La Ferté 73/263
Lorris 46/233
Gien 25/266
Limoges 26/117 &
Cahors 29/910, 132/1.710 & 201/2.529
Tarbes 1st national 4.877 & 2nd international 10.675

Rémy, congratulations and… good luck on Narbonne ! Proficiat.