Dany Dusausoit, Beloeil won the 1st national Châteauroux yearlings from 24.769 pigeons

Two national victories in two years, three zone victories in three years : this is the balance of the colony Dusausoit over the last few years.

After the first big national showdown from Bourges last week, the program of the national races started its course.  Whilst the pigeons enjoyed nice climatic conditions during the race of the Cher, this saturday the pigeons came back home via their feet ! Real 'pigeon weather', for the pigeons made of iron and steel. For the pigeons in order.


Released at 6h45, the pigeons had to fight against hot temperatures combined with a strong wind from the north sector which, even if it was lower than during the week, contributed to dividing the group of pigeons. There was those who choose to struggle against the wind, 'get into it', and the others. Clocked at 13h02 from 430 kilometres under tropical warmth, the old bird from the Gaie brothers was the fastest of the whole package of 44.908 pigeons with, at the end, the national victory against 20.139 old birds with a speed of 1.139 m/min.
Approximately 10 minutes later,  it was the yearling from Dany Dusausoit which was clocked from 440 kilometres with a speed of 1.137 m/min. This was the second national victory in 2 years for the bicycle specialist. We can rightly ask the following question: is he the new master of the heavy middle distance in Belgium ?

‘A latecomer from Orléans’
Whilst my grandfather attended to the victory of the Gaie brothers, your servant was on his way to Beloeil to attend the arrivals from Châteauroux. I had the good idea to phone him, just to ask the temperatures before the arrival. ‘Still nothing', that's what he answered. And he followed with ‘Here is a latecomer from Orléans… wait… no it's a Châteauroux !’. Fifteen minutes before the expected hour. A pigeon from the right direction which was flying as if the devil was behind him for the last few metres which separated him from his trap. This was a good omen. A dream finally come true. It was then the second national victory in the career of Dany Dusausoit after Argenton youngsters in 2009.
Addicted to the 'hard arrivals', Dany was also 30th national with his second clocked pigeon. After the superb result from Bourges last week (3, 5, 19, 42,… 9/10 from 1.825 yearlings at the noyau 1000), the racers were in good shape during the week and Dany predicted a nice result if the climatic forecast was good. This was the case and he was right. Two weeks ago, the crack of the colony, ‘Raoul’, flew the 3rd interprovincial Vierzon from 11.073 old birds. Evidence that the colony was curved upward and that the 'form fairy' had made her apparition !

The ‘Prince de Beloeil’, winner of the 1st national Châteauroux 24.769 yearlings

The winner, baptized ‘Prince de Beloeil’ (BE 10-9050479) is a pigeon coming directly from Joost De Smeyter, Melden, official deliverer of superior pigeons for the Dusausoit colony. It's a product out of a crossing Van Lancker x De Clercq. He was purchassed as an egg. A pigeon which was not on his first 'bang' :

17-04-11 Noyon 97/468
01-05-11 Pont 105/531
07-05-11 Dourdan 208/1267
17-05-11 Toury 1/1175
25-05-11 Viezon 8/106
28-05-11 Angervile 72/778


Father : ‘Gris Charles’ (BE 05-4247454), a direct Charles Van Lancker, son of the ‘126/03’ which won 1/5.130 Argenton, 3/322 Dourdan, 4/2.220 Argenton but also grandfather of the ‘VIP’, 1st National Ace pigeon middle distance RFCB from Luc Crucke. The ‘126/03’ is a son of the ‘777/94’, 1st Argenton 7.263 p.
Mother : ‘Sister Inter’ (BE 06-4208442), the name speaks for itself, a sister of the famous ‘Inter’ which won 1/2.953 Châteauroux, 1/171 Dourdan, 2/284 Dourdan, 4/5.261 La souteraine, 4/879 Dourdan, 4/275 Ecouen, etc. Out of the ‘Vijver’ x ‘Mother Inter’ from Robert De Clercq.  
As you can see, his nestbrother, the '478/10', already flew this year the 1st Pont from 411 pigeons. A real champion family !

10-04-11 ST Quentin 105/373
17-04-11 Noyon 12/468
24-04-11 Pont 1/411
07-05-11 Dourdan 130/1267
17-05-11 Toury 327/1175
25-05-11 Orléans 20/861
28-05-11 Bourges 29/141

A powerful team of yearlings
The least we can say is that the yearlings from Dany are far from dumb this year. Each week, they answer to the call. And we are just at the begining of the season !

10/04/2011 St Quentin 384 Yearlings: 2-3-5-6-10-14-16-34-47-48-50-87-93-105-121 (15/29)
17/04/2011 Noyon 114 Yearlings: 1-3-11-12-20-24-26-34-35-37 (10/28)
24/04/2011 Pont 411 Yearlings: 1-4-5-6-10-14-19-23-30-32-36-42-76-95-98-102-124 (17/28)
01/05/2011 Pont 165 Yearlings: 2-12-15-18-26-30-38 (8/28)
07/05/2011 Dourdan 1267 Yearlings :10-13-28-29-66-67-130-133-170-177-208-221-287-337-361-367-
387-414 (18/28)
14/05/2011 Toury 1175 Yearlings: 1-2-6-11-22-27-51-70-72-88-132-300-327-360 (14/28)
21/05/2011 Orléans 861 Yearlings: 2-3-16-17-20-63-64-94-146-181 (10/10)
21/05/2011 Vierzon 106 Yearlings: 1-2-5-5 (ex)-8-12-28-36 (8/12)
28/05/2011 Angerville 778 Yearlings :29-72-73-100-106-107-162-209 (8/12)
28/05/2011 Bourges 141 Yearlings :1-2-3-6-17-18-23-29-30 (9/10)

Is there a new banging performance to the bill ?
Bourges zonal youngsters in ’08, Argenton national youngsters ’09 and now Châteauroux yearlings ’11.
Three great victories 4 years in a row and this from a large number of pigeons. 
The Dusausoit colony is now part of the leading colonies of our country, it's undeniable.
But how did this evolution come about? We can conclude that, and Dany also thinks the same, the colony made a big step forward after the introduction of the first De Smeyter pigeon at the end of 2007. Eager to turn his colony to the longer distances, he offered as a gift a bunch of his best breeders for middle distance to Dany. And, since then, the name of Dusausoit is now well-know over the entire world.

Secondly, Dany has adopted the right system compared to the race he likes to play. You can say what you want, over the last years, the majority of the great victories in the heavy middle distance races were won by pigeons raced in total widowhood. It's the same case now. It is not a sine qua non condition but the proportion of victories won with this system which is really significant. Dany was right about it. The medical side and care, mostly at the level of the recovery, have improved. The pigeons need resources and energy if they want to follow the rythm imposed by the boss.

Let's have a look at the best pigeon of the colony:
'Raoul' (BE 09-9020486)

10/04 St Quentin - 10/571
17/04 Noyon - 4/582
24/04 Pont - 44/522
01/05 Pont - 5/425
07/05 Angerville - 93/1.807
14/05 Toury - 1/1.630
21/05 Vierzon - 3/11.065
2009 :
04/07 Toury 9/218
08/07 Orléans 29/376
25/07 Bourges 1/197, 8/977, 9/1.905, 752/37.357 National
01/08 Lorris 13/430
2010 :
17/04 Pont 78/535
08/05 Toury 7/974
15/05 Orléans 1/830
22/05 Bourges 1/142, 1/1.540, 6/4.906 CFW, 5/7.942 Zone b, 7/17.138 Nat
12/06 Châteauroux 34/157
04/07 Pont 19/268
10/07 Bourges 9/249
17/07 Orléans 1/263
24/07 Bourges 1/146, 15/1.128, 51/4.903 CFW, 63/5.139 Zone b, 147/14.145 National

Father : ‘203/06’ (BE 06-9001203), a full brother of ‘Bourgeske’ De Smeyter, and so son of the coupling ‘King Charles’ x ‘Queen Charles’ from Vanlencker, also grandparents of the ‘La petite rousse’
Mother : ‘La blanche tête’ (NL 08-5820913), a direct Harm Vredeveld, full sister to the 1st Arras NPO 11.406. She's a daughter of ‘Silversun 069/04’, a son of ‘Silverman’ coupled with the hen of his super pair. ‘Silversun’ was coupled to the ‘112/04’, mother of the 1st NPO Arras, and herself daughter of the ‘269/99’ which won 1st Chimay 2.860 & 1st Chantilly 2.559.

Dany, you now belong to the major colonies of our country. We have nothing more to add, maybe to wish you a good continuation... something which won't please your opponents.