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Thibaut-Boons - Sombreffe (BE)

Thibaut-Boons - Sombreffe (BE) 3rd national champion middle distance – 8th ace pigeon national middle distance.

For a few years now, the combination Thibaut-Boons haven't ceased to grow and they are now, without any doubt, the best racers of their area. Jean-Marc has a busy post and he is the manager of the association. For a living, he is the owner of the shop ‘Le pigeon d’or’ also in Sombreffe.
His wife Anne-Sophie helps him to take care of the colony. In 2000, they were already winner of the semi national race from Jarnac. Since then, the association stabilized, having lots of success in their club and have made a few appearence at the press championships. In 2005, they realised their dream  : winning a national title ! Their incredible cock ‘Kimi’ has won the title Ace pigeon national middle distance. But, because a surprise never comes alone, they are also number 1 in the yearling category ! At this moment, the opposition will have to struggle even more ! The victories follow each other, week after week, year after year and the combination reap, here and there, a few top 100. We are today at the dawn of the 2010 season and they are getting ready to climb the national podium in Ostende with their magnificent third place.
And this with also winning the 8th place in the national ace pigeon middle distance with the contribution of the 321/07.

Owner of a shop, Jean-Marc has to devote a lot of time to his job. He starts the day early in order to take care of his pigeons. They are practicing total widowhood so, during the season, he has to train the racers, cocks & hens. His wife takes care of the youngsters. The pigeons are coupled on the 15th of December and the eggs of the breeders are directly put under the widowers, so they can raise two rounds of youngsters in a short space of time, and therefore have a greater number of youngsters during the same period, these being the totality of the team. The racers are then recoupled around the first of april and separated on the 15th. The widowhood begins at this time and the training races are held during 3 weeks in the sprint, in order to be ready for the middle distance.
The cocks race the whole small middle distance programme, the hens are basketted alternately in small & extreme middle distance, by team, and this for the entire programme.
Those who study the results knows that Jean-Marc performs very well with the youngsters, especially in the 4 national races. Needless to say that they are darkened. Something we can specify is that he insists on the fact that his youngsters have to be coupled, if possible with a nest, so they are coupled with each other and this is a motivation for later in the season. They can hatch during the beginning of the races and are only separated after Bourges national and then raced with the sliding door method. This is possibly the explanation for the results from La Souteraine & Gueret. At this moment, Jean-Marc is simply stronger. Black point : the marking is not really good because the youngsters who performed well before are not the same anymore. At the medical level, the veterinary surgeon is visited before the racing season and futher only if there are any problems during the season. Every 3 weeks they are given a cure for canker. Jean-Marc puts his trust  in Henk De Weerd.

The breeding loft consists of 24 couples from Deno-Herbots, Gheenens-Peeters & Pros Roosen. The best breeder came by the way from Pros Roosen. This cock, called ‘the pros’, is like one of the best kept secrets of our kingdom. He is from 2001 and  never ceased to produce crack pigeon, on the first or second generation, since 2005. However, success is more important on the second generation, when his children are coupled with the Deno.
5025754/01 'le pros', a truly world class breeder !
His father is 'de muis' from 95, out of the 'Orleans 2' x 'Elf penderke'.
His mother is a granddaughter of the famous 'late tom', father of incredible racers so as
'Computer 1' (1st nat Bourges,etc).
Since he was bought by Thibaut, he became his best breeder!
Here is a list of his best performing descendants :

- The 8008110/04 'Kimi' is a grandson of the 'pros' and was proclamed in 2005 1st nat ace pigeon KBDB small middle distance.
He achieved results so as : 3/643, 3/1285, 2/1125, 4/992, 1/244.
In 2005, Thibaut was also National champion with the yearlings. 3 Racers were victorius
including 'Kimi'. Bought by the Herbots family...

- 8002412/07 'la 12', a direct daughter of the 'pros' actually the best hen in loft of thibaut.
2007 : Bourges 103/1282, Argenton 86/2562, La souteraine 35/2089, Gueret 15/1269
2008 : Gien 5/312, Montluçon 1/3304 & 30th semi nat, Argenton 6/454, Orleans 2/601, Argenton 8/580, La souteraine 2/1022, Gueret
3/116 & 9/268.
2009 : Melun 1/313, Chateauroux 7/520, 7/918, 29/3854, 26/3408, 39/5230 & 51th semi nat 10198..
Gien 2/1159, Lorris 2/825, Vierzon 1/133, 2/176, 4/966, 8/1090, 32/1463.. Bourges 3/352, 77/3031, 59/2730.. Gueret 7/589, 7/636, 34/1131
Guess that there is not all the preliminary results for the national races, it is even bigger..

- 8002321/07 is a son of the 'pros', has won in 2009 the title of 8th national ace pigeon small middle distance & 1st belgian master award.
La ferté 4/314, La ferté 6/436, Gien 20/2181, Gien 1/340, Lorris 56/1182, Gien 4/1034, Lorris 1/825, Gien 5/472.

- 4158773/05 is a son of 'le pros', 2009: melun 5/313, La ferté 2/436, Gien 31/1404, Lorris 87/1182, Gien 29/1034, Gien 13/1159, Lorris 5/825...

- 8003083/08 'Anne so', great granddaughter of the 'pros'. won in 08 the 22th nat Bourges 41783, 2nd zone c 10995, ahead
of the preliminary results (fcw, noyau 1000, etc... each time more than 4000 birds)
In 2009, she won the 50th semi nat Montluçon 9350, 30/5192, 5/3490, 9/3881, 5/904, 3/640.

- 8000324/05 is a granddaughter of the 'pros'.won in 2005 the title of provincial as pigeon heavy long distance with prices such as
Bourges 4/1076, Argenton 5/2685, La souteraine 11/1942, vichy 10/350.

- 8003003/08 'Camille' is a grand daughter of the 'pros'. She won in 2008 melun 2/273, melun 2/592,
Bourges 14/619, Argenton 10/1271, La souteraine 19/344, Gueret 8/272.
Winning the 2nd place provincial ace pigeon extreme middle distance, 4th ace pigeon in the belgian master, 7th as des as in
la colombophilie belge & 10th as pigeoneaux at la colombophilie belge.

- 8005664/09 granddaughter the 'pros'... won the 20th nat Gueret from 14245 this year with 1/313, 3/968, 2/1925, 2/1548 & 10/4200...

- 8005674/09 great granddaughter 'le pros', has won this year the 92th zone c Argenton 6984 with 2/415, 4/1236, 24/3207, 8/2734, 96/6647.
Gueret 5/313, 9/968, 15/1925, 8/1548, 53/4200 & 101th national from 14245

- 8005676/09 granddaughter 'le pros', has won argenton 1/415, 1/1236,  9/3217, 2/2734, 29/6647 & 89th national of 23921.

- 8005723/09 is a granddaughter of 'le pros', has won gueret 2/968, 1/1925, 1/1548, 7/4200 & 11th national from 14245.

- 8005661/09 granddaughter 'le pros', has won the 7th price at the master award.

- 8005651/09 great granddaughter 'le pros', has won in 2009 the title of 1st as pigeoneau lcb !!!

Breeding strategy : as you can see, most of them are grand children. Due to the fact that for 3 years, the direct children are put aside to breed.
They are now crossed most of the time with direct Deno (out of the Vandenabeele line) and we can say that it looks like it is working !
The direct children are an extraordinary breeding material to cross on other lines, it should give good stuff then...

Quote : 5 prices in the top 100 on the four national races for youngsters this year were won by grandchildren of him and this with racing in the Namur area !!!

National championship
National as pigeon middle distance
- Gien 20/2181
- Gien 1/340
- Gien 4/1034
- Lorris 1/825
- Gien 5/472.
Coefficient : 2,7784
National championship small middle distance
- 23/5 Gien 340 p    : 7 & 1
- 06/06 Gien 1034 p  : 29 & 4
- 13/06 Gien 1159 p  : 41 & 13
- 27/06 Lorris 825 p : 1 & 5
- 04/07 Gien 861 p   : 26 & 29
Coefficient : 17,3187

It was a real pleasure for me to meet Jean-Marc at his house and I am glad he made me visit the loft accommodations but mostly to have his birds in my hands. I am convinced that he is only at the beginning of his racing career, even if it looks already successful. A national victory could be the next surprise, because it is really the undeclared objective of all those rising colonies. For the final point, Jean-Marc would like to take this opportunity to thank Jean-Jacques Baleau for his help, Henk de Weerd for his availability and his knowledge, and Jean Dhaeseleire for his precious advice.