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Thibaut - Boons, "1st National Champion KBDB Yearlings. 1st Acepigeon Short middle distance KBDB. (2005)"

Jean-Marc obtained his first pigeons back in 1981 at the age of 11. His uncle, Ruphin Henneau, was a pigeon fancier. Jean-Marc got married in 1996 and he and his wife moved to their present residence in Rue de la Buse in 1997. The team possesses a loft which is about 11 metres long and which was built the very same day they moved into the house. Mrs Thibaut is mainly occupied with the youngsters.

Method :
Old pigeons and yearlings are raced on widowhood. During the first part of the racing season the hens are shown to the cocks upon their arrival. During the second part, the hens are also shown before the cocks get basketted and repeatedly for a longer period of time. The youngsters are raced open door and some yearling-hens are raced on the nest. Widows as well as pigeons on the nest and yearlings get the same mixture. 5 to 7 meals before a race they get a concoction of 3 different mixtures that are available on the market to which 20% of maize and 20% of oleaginous grain has been added. At the start of he week they are fed a purification mixture supplemented with some maize.

Medical aspects :
His favourites are being checked up regularly. Treatment only happens if really necessary, cures are never administered without first examining the pigeons. Vitamins are given when the two-nights-basket races have begun and then they get vitamins every week, preferably together with grain. To strengthen their immune system, all pigeons receive two different preparations when in moult and during winter. The mixtures are based on plants and minerals and are prepared by Jean-Marc’s brother, who is a pharmacist. One of these preparations has disinfecting qualities, the other one is used to strengthen their airways and to keep them clear. Antibiotics are administered only if prescribed by a veterinary surgeon.

"KIMI" 1st Acepigeon KBDB
Short middle distance 2005

Pedigree "Kimi" : Click here

"Kimi" is a rather small pigeon with yellow eyes and silky, glittering feathers. He is of the wriggling type and very difficult to handle. But he certainly is not shy in the loft. "Kimi" is very attached to his box and faithful to his hen. When keeping him in hand, he seems to be bloated, with a rather wide front and hard muscles.

"Kimi" was raced about 8 times till Sens as a young pigeon.
In 2005, the season started on April 15 with two speed races, then he went on weekly until the short middle distance races started with two nights in the basket. To win the yearlings’ championship, "Kimi" always left as firstly clocked for the 7 races. The second nominated was 8008163(04) for three races and 8008147(04) for the four last ones.
Apart from the classical widowhood there is no particular motivation.

Prizes obtained by "Kimi" to get the title of
" National Acepigeon Short middle distance".
Date Race Number of pigeons Prize obtained Distance
07/05 Sens 643 3 275,304 km.
14/05 Lorris 1285 3 330,802 km.
28/05 Orléans 1125 2 349,528 km.
11/06 Lorris 992 4 330,802 km.
06/08 Lorris 244 1 330,802 km.


Results of "Kimi" in 2005
01/05 La Ferté 1st - 151 Yls.
07/05 Sens 3rd 643 Yls Fond Club Namur - 1st 146 Yls Club du Jeudi.
14/05 Lorris 3rd 1285 oude Fond Club Namur - 1st 145 oude Club du Jeudi.
28/05 Orléans 2nd 1125 old.
11/06 Lorris 4th 992 Yls.
18/06 Gien 12th 407 Yls. Club du Jeudi - 31st 768 Yls Fond Club Namur.
22/06 Orléans 9th 226 Yls.
16/07 Gien 1st 160 Yls. Club du Jeudi. - 7th 407 old Fond Club Namur.
23/07 Orléans 30th 368 Yls.
06/08 Lorris 1st 244 old.

Some nice achievements in 2005
66th and 80th Nat. hens on Barcelona category old 60th semi Nat. Jarnac category old.
160th Nat. Narbonne category old
CFW 2nd National champion.

Strains :
Remy Hoebrecht ; Eugène Simon, Pros Roosen directly and through Armand Schoolmeesters, Alain Thonon, Loppe en Zoon, Dauphin André ; Herbots Bros.

A little word of thanks :
Jean-Marc would like to thank everybody who has been advising and assisting him during many years, more in particular :
- Pierre Loppe who has been helping me during 5 years with selecting and composing the breeding couples.
- André Dauphin who is regularly giving me a hand. He helped me to improve the lofts, especially with a view to ventilation and he gave me various suggestions about nourishing the pigeons (we had many discussions about these subjects),
- Pros Roosen and Armand Schoolmeesters who gave good advice and who provided me with good pigeons.

Participation in the National championship yearlings
Date Race Number of pigeons Prize
1st nominated
2nd nominated
01/05 La Ferté 151 1 3 205,853 km.
06/05 Sens 643 3 5 275,304 km.
14/05 Lorris 591 2 10 330,802 km.
28/05 Orléans 908 2 1 349,528 km.
25/06 Orléans 226 9 5 349,528 km.
16/07 Gien 160 1 2 345,256 km.
06/08 Lorris 218 1 4 330,802 km.

Father of the national acepigeon Short middle distance 2005