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Depasse-Lardenoye, "The jewel in his crown" "1st Ace Pigeon KBDB 'Extreme Long Distance' with 'Di Stephano' "

Stéphane Depasse and Jo Lardenoye, St Amand-Fleurus 

In the early part of this year we headlined “A small one among the great”! What do we have to say this year considering the impressive achievement of Stéphane who has won 21 prizes out of 28 in the international Barcelona race and he got this jewel in his crown: the much desired title of Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB.
Sports lies within Stéphane’s nature and he has a temperament from which great champions originate. It’s difficult to temper the will and patience of ambitious and sportive young people.
This young "fleurusien" (inhabitant of the city of Fleurus) has only ONE secret: PATIENCE.

Apart from the important advice he got at the start of his collaboration with expert Lardenoye from the master himself, Stéphane is managing his loft completely independently.

After a check-up by the vet, the entire colony is treated with an anti tricho cure during 5 days. They get a reminder twice during June and July and that’s it. During the season, the pigeons receive fruit vinegar, tea, brewer’s yeast, garlic oil and most of all: lots of electrolytes when they return from a race. Stéphane never gives them vitamins outside the season.

The future widowers are coupled on the 20th of April. They are put on widowhood around the 20th of May upon their return from Sens. On the other hand, the hens that have to race are coupled to have a youngster of about 7 days when they leave for the Barcelona race.
The yearlings fly the programme of the ‘Club de Fond de Wallonie’ which means: Bourges till Limoges and the first St-Vincent for hens. The two-year-olds fly races from the Rhone valley and the remaining pigeons fly the Barcelona and Perpignan race only at the age of three. The hens that obtained good results in the St-Vincent race later-on proved once more what they were worth in the Barcelona race.

The secret: the breed, the way of breeding, racing, selecting and much, much PATIENCE.

List of achievements: see pictures: facts tell more than a long speech !

"Di Stefano" 1st Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance RFCB 2006

Pedigree :
The father is a half brother of the 1st Nat. Barcelona, who is in his turn the grandson of "23" of Jo Lardenoye who is the father of the 1st National Barcelona 95. This famous "23" is the great-grandfather of the 1st int. Narbonne 2005 at Streel’s.
The mother is the granddaughter of "16" Simons from Maaseik ! The other grandfather is the 1st Int. Barcelona 87; an other one: 1st Nat. Barcelona 82 and also a 1st Nat. Dax in 93 and he is a great-grandson of "Limoges" Carteus. We must admit: when we take a look at the pedigree of this ace pigeon, we notice no less than 6 national winners in his noble blood.

Top Pigeons of the Depasse-Lardenoye loft