Dean Pallatt (UK) “The New Marathon Venture”

For the past fourty years the loft of Dean Pallatt and his family of Staff Van Reet bloodlines has built a great reputation in the sprint-middle distance races in the UK. He regularly broke all records in the federation by achieving up to fifty first prizes in a season, before moving to a new house and setting up a breeding stud.

There he concentrated on producing top class Staff Van Reet and Michael Van Lint winning bloodlines which excelled all over the world and Dean has also proven himself to be a master breeder. After a few years the love of racing returned once again when his son, Dean junior, decided he would like to race in partnership with his father, only this time they have taken up the challenge of marathon racing.

Dean Pallatt with “Kleine Jade” 1st International Barcelona 2014

They had been following the International results and one name that consistently stood out from the crowd was Jelle Jellema, who is consistently achieving top National/International prizes year after year and more importantly for Dean, his bloodlines are winning for others too. Most of Jelle’s best results can traditionally be attributed to his Barcelona stars, in 2014 1st & 3rd National 5,423b following in 2015 358th National 5,183b with a single entry. In 2016 he was 3rd & 10th National 5,244b, 2017 2nd National 4,504b, 2018 8th National 3,912b and in 2019 he again achieved 3rd National 4,132b. Jelle Jellema has proven his family of pigeons to be one of the most successful Marathon lofts in the world today, so the father and son partnership decided to obtain the very best without regard to cost and have built a team of DNA certified breeders from the very best bred by Jelle Jellema himself.

The Pallatt Racing Breeding Stud now contains 6 direct children of “ZWART GOUD” the foundation sire of the Jellema loft. “LAST SAFFIER” the last breeding son of “SAFFIER” when paired to “Kleine Jade” after winning Int Barcelona 2014. “MISS SAFFIER” 1st Int Hens Pau 2019 and 2 Int Pau 2019 against 12119 pigeons and her grand father. Son of “ORION” who in turn is the son “Zwart Goud” and nest mate to “Saffier”. 10 direct children of “OLYMPIC ROMEE” 1st Olympiad winner marathon Budapest 2015, 1st International marathon racer Europa Cup 2013. 3 children “KLEINE JADE” 1st International Barcelona 2014, 2 children “DIRKE” Sire to “Kleine Jade”, 3 children “SAAR” 2nd Nat & 4th International Barcelona 2017, 4 children “SILVIE” 3rd International Barcelona 2014, 2 children “KLEINE KWEEKSERTJE” mother of “SILVIE”, “SILVIA” & “SILKE”, “WOLTER” Full Brother “OLYMPIC MISS GIJSJE” 1st Olympiad winner Nitra 2013 and mother of Top Jellema super breeder MG 430,  3 children champion No1. breeder “Son Miss Gijsje 430”, “MG666” Full Brother to “Son Miss Gijsje 430”, 3 children champion super breeder “Son Miss Gijsje 898”, 3 children “JILL” 2rd National Perpignan, 4 children “RENA” 1st Ace Pigeon, 8th National Barcelona 2018, 2 children “THE SPECIAL ONE” 1st International Barcelona x dtr Kleine Jade & dtr Saar.

Also children of “ROMAN” super breeder, “SOPHIE” foundation breeder & 3rd National, “SILKE” 2nd International Narbonne, “DAFINE” 3rd National Perpignan.

As you can see they have left no stone unturned in order to obtain the very best and Dean Snr took a special like to the Olympic Marathon birds “Olympic Romee” of Jelle Jellema, also Olympic Miss Gijsje” of A.Beens for their unique high percentage of winners at national level. Consequently Pallatts now own 10 direct children of Romee and the only full brother to Miss Gijise in Europe and also a son of Miss Gijise MG666, 1st Olympiad winner marathon Budapest 2015 , 1st International marathon racer Europa Cup 2013, 1st National Marathon Ace BOTB 2013, 1st Acebird NU great long distance 2013, 3rd National Bergerac 10,237b 2013, 3rd National Orange 4,302b 2013, 3rd NPO St Vincent 1,365b 2013 and 3rd NPO Brive 2,444b 2014. Romee is a granddaughter and great-granddaughter of “Saffier” (a daughter of Zwart Goud x De 02).­­ “Saffier” won in turn a 1st NPO Ruffec in 2013, and she was the fastest in sector 4 against 3285 p. Romee is now proving to be a prolific breeder with children and G children winning many top 10 national and international positions.