Przejdź do treści

A report on the section winners in the North Road Championship Club race from Lerwick

Clocking a pigeon from the tough Lerwick race is every north road fancier's dream. Here we take a look at the section winners in this year's edition of the iconic race.

Ryan Nuttall

Derek Nuttall and son, Ryan of Newstead were the section A winners. Derek is an ex-miner who lives and breathes the pigeon sport and is thrilled that his son now shares his passion. They sent five birds to Lerwick and had them all home on the day, with the first two dropping together after 496 miles. First to time was a three year old, blue white flight hen bred from a cock bought from Rick Hermans' sale at Blackpool and a hen from Dean Skues' Delbar bloodlines. The second on the clock contained Wayne Doonan bloodlines.

John Norris

John Norris of Grantham was first section B. John had been planning on sending half cocks and half hens to Lerwick but looking at the weather forecast he decided to replace some of the hens with cocks as it was expected to be a fast race. His section winner is a two year old cock bird containing Herman Ceusters' bloodlines, one of twelve purchased from John Dixon of Lincolnshire. It was flown on the natural system and sent sitting fifteen day eggs. John had his whole team home on the day.

Graham & Michael Britton

Father and son, Graham and Michael Britton of Peterborough were the section E winners and clocked an extraordinary thirty-five pigeons in race time. The section winner is a two year old, blue chequer hen bred by Terry Winterton off his second open NRCC Lerwick Lady Margaret bloodlines. Second section was a three year old, dark chequer hen which was the partners' fourth bird home in last years King's Cup race.

Steve Rudledge

Steve Rudledge of Norwich was the section F winner. Steve is retiring from the sport at the end of the season and Lerwick was the only race he had not won in his clubs. Steve timed two birds on the day, the first to take the section and one club win and the other to win in his other club, so he can now retire in satisfaction. Steve has bought a cruiser and intends to spend his retirment on the Norfolk Broads.

John Hore

The section H winner is John Hore of Hoddesden with a three year old, dark chequer hen bred down on the one side from pigeons he acquired from the legendary Ken Hine. The other influence in the breeding is Peter Hagland who John met for the first time in 2012 and who immediately offered to breed him two grizzles from his winning family. These gift birds played a major part in the breeding of the Lerwick section winner. It was flown on the natural system and sent sitting eleven days.

Ross Olive

Section I was won by Ross Olive of Wickford with a five year old, blue hen on 1563ypm over a distance of 593 miles. As well as the section winner, Ross had another six pigeons on the open result. The section winner was flown on the natural system and sent sitting twelve days.