A report on the section winners in the North Road Championship Club race from Fraserburgh 2019

Returns were good for the North Road Championship Club race from Fraserburgh despite the strong south-west wind making it a difficult fly for the pigeons. Here we highlight the section winners and their excellent performances.

Joe Salvador

The section B winner was Portuguese fancier Joe Salvador, who now lives in Spalding in Lincolnshire. Joe clocked six of his eleven entries and the section winner is a two year old, Jan Aarden hen, raced on the roundabout system and now named Lady Rose. Joe moved to Spalding twelve years ago and had always keep birds, but not pigeons. That all changed when a stray found its way to his house about five years ago. This sparked Joe's fascination with keeping racing pigeons as unlike his other birds, these could have their liberty and fly around home. Since then he has studied the sport, learning all that he can and in last year's young bird season he took thirty club positions with the Tulips Flying Club in Spalding.

John Lensen

John Lensen of Long Sutton was the section C winner and took third open, whilst his second pigeon was fourth section and sixteenth open. The section winner is a four year old chequer widowhood cock bird containing Van Loon x Soontjen bloodlines and which was eighth open from Perth earlier in the season. The sire of the section winner is a cock from his good friend Dave Maddison from Hartlepool, whilst the dam is from his family of Soontjens.

The section E winner was Brian Manning from Syston. Brian also took sixth, eighth and eleventh section. The section winner was a three year old, dark Busschaert cock that was flown on the natural system and sent sitting ten days.

Nick Barran

Nick Barran of Drayton won first and second section F, fourth and fifth open. Flying on the widowhood section, the winner was a dark chequer Vandenabeele yearling cock bird bred by Chris Hickman. Second section was a mealy yearling hen containing Paul Janssen bloodlines and bred by Jimmy Bamling from Durham.

Bryan Cowan

With the strong south-west wind there were no day birds into London but at five thirty the next morning Bryan Cowan from Enfield timed a three year old, blue, roundabout hen to take first section H. The section winner is bred off a Bruce McAllister cock bird paired to a red hen from Terry Robins. It has also flown Dunbar and Perth this season.

The Reason family

Finally, Ronnie Reason from Manningtree was the section I winner and also twenty-second open. Ronnie timed a three year old, widowhood hen that has been in form all season, having scored second club from Boston (beaten by a loft mate) and fourth section NRCC Perth after nine hours on the wing. Both the sire and the dam were excellent racers for Ronnie. Ronnie was also second section and had three out of four of his Fraserburgh entries home.