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A report on the section winners in the North Road Championship Club race from Perth

One hundred and seventy-five members sent one thousand, eight hundred and twenty-seven pigeons to Perth with the North Road Championship Club. The overall winners were Richard Mamwell and his grandson, Tom. The following is a report on the individual section winners.

Roger Hallsworth

The section A winner was Roger Hallsworth from Selston. Roger timed a two year old, blue widowhood cock which was third section from Perth as a yearling last season. It is one of a kit of six youngsters Roger purchased from Johan Van Herck at the Doncaster show. Another of the six youngsters won the north Road Championship Club young bird race in 2017. The section winner was fourteen minutes clear of the next pigeon to Roger's loft, but Roger had his whole team of fourteen home by the end of the day.

The Walton Brothers of Ollerton were first section B with a two year old chequer, widowhood cock. Rob sent six pigeons in total and the section winner was a full twenty-five minutes ahead of his next arrival. In 2009 Rob won the King's Cup from Lerwick and his current family of pigeons is closely descended from that winning pigeon.

G and M Britton

Father and son, Graham and Michael Britton from Peterborough were the section E winners and have provisionally taken the first six places in the section. First to time was a three year old blue bar cock containing Deweerdt x Brockamp bloodlines. It was bred from a grandson of Geoff and Catherine Cooper's Farm Boy, when paired to a daughter of the partner's Thurso winner, Thurso Queen. Second to time was another Deweerdt x Brockamp cock.  

Kevin Batch & Andy Woods

Woods and Batch of Norwich were the section F winners with a German bred, two year old, blue widowhood cock, a consistent racer to the loft. Kevin bought two German youngsters at the Dutch show in 2017, a cock and a hen and whilst the cock spent some time away from the loft as a youngster, since then it has not put a foot wrong and has now paid back Kevin's patience. The hen of the pair was third back to the loft in the NRCC young bird race when Kevin won first and second section.

Eddie Emms

Eddie Emms of Walthamstow was the section H winner having sent six and got all six on the day, despite the south-west wind. The section winner is a chequer pied, widowhood cock bred by his former neighbour Bernie McDermott. Eddie is a porter at Spitalfields Market and he competes in the East London North Road Federation.

Mr & Mrs Laws' grandson, Dexter, with the section winner

Lastly, the section I winners were Mr and Mrs Barry Laws flying a distance of 354 miles. They timed one of their own family of pigeons, a widowhood cock containing Van Reet cross bloodlines. A blue in colour it has some grizzle mysteriously appearing in its feathering.

That concludes the report on the section winners in the North Road Championship Club race from Perth.